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  • Pritom Hasan

    In conversation with the sensational Pritom

    I would probably be in the army, if I were not composing music. War movies have always fascinated me and I have always had a lot of respect for army personnel. So yes, if I was not into music, I would definitely have tried becoming an army officer.

  • N Korea summit could still happen on June 12

    US President Donald Trump, a day after his cancellation of a high-stakes summit with North Korea, said yesterday that the meeting with Kim Jong Un could still go ahead.

  • The Forbidden Fruit?

    Besides sending a strong message to shady traders, the picture of RAB destroying 40 tonnes of chemically ripened mangoes felt as if the fruit was on the verge of taking the baton of the “forbidden fruit” from the “infamous” apple. Mango lovers fervently hope that this batch would be a drop in the ocean and that the overwhelming proportion of the harvest would instead bring back the smile on our faces.

  • Malaysia 1mdb Scandal Probe: $28m seized in raids linked to ex-PM Najib

    Malaysian police said yesterday that cash worth 114 million ringgit ($28.6 million) and over 400 luxury handbags were seized from several apartments as part of an anti-graft probe into a state fund founded by former prime minister Najib Razak.

  • Fifth grader 'gang-raped' in Manikganj

    A primary school student was gang-raped in Ghior upazila when she was attending a puja on Tuesday night.

  • Bangladesh High Court

    Article 70 of Constitution: It's a safeguard for democracy

    Article 70 of the constitution, which deals with the cancellation of membership of parliament members for voting against their political party, works as a safeguard for democracy, the High Court has observed.

  • The violent men around us

    Over the last six months I've had conversations with various people about what to do with all the violent men around us. This is perhaps my current burning question, because we are having to contend with the fact that more than just a handful of men around us have committed acts of violence—if not against us, then against people we know, or people we know of. We no longer have to read the news to gauge how pervasive violence is. It is out there for all to see. Unless your eyes are closed.

  • Rebuilding South Sudan

    Bangladeshi peacekeepers have been working relentlessly to restore normalcy to the war-torn South Sudanese capital Juba and other parts of the country four times the size of Bangladesh.

  • 'Shootouts' claim 10 more

    An alleged drug peddler was killed in a “shootout” with Rab in the capital yesterday, the first such incident in the city since the beginning of a countrywide anti-narcotics drive by the elite force on May 4.

  • Evening Walk

    As dusk settles in I am out in the park for a walk. The exercise clears my head and recharges my soul and, of course, gives me an excuse to be outdoors.