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  • The never-ending gridlock

    Many visitors to Bangkok have described it to be one of the most congested cities due to its traffic situation. Even CNN and BBC have rated this city as the most horrible to travellers. But I would beg to differ.

  • Insanely Stuck: How do traffic jams affect our state of mind?

    My five-year-old niece and I were practising drawing. She drew a sun and a moon and extended the rays of the sun a little further than necessary. I asked her what the rays were falling on and she drew a street.

  • 6 tips to save your soul if you choose to walk home

    Tired of the traffic jam? So you have taken up walking instead of waiting for hours on end on sardine-packed roads? Good idea. But before you start walking to your destinations, here are 6 important tips that may even save your life.

  • HC presses for road safety

    The High Court (HC) ordered the government to implement 28 guidelines by a seven-member expert committee formed under a court order...

  • Living with half-truths

    The journey of a nation must be a holistic one. We must all collectively remember that promises need to be balanced with pragmatic route maps; plans need to be properly conveyed; regrets need to be coupled with hope.