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Toru: Builders of an Innovative Nation
Star Youth

Toru: Builders of an Innovative Nation

Bangladesh stands at a turning point in its history. Our nation will no longer hold any association with the term “least developed country” as we are graduating to become a developing nation by 2024. At the onset of this lies the convergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and socio-economic development.

  • "Pajore Chandroban" Set for Theatre Olympics in India

    Time and again theatre has proved itself to be a powerful platform to explore the stories of human life. On March 9, 2018, the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy was transformed into a space that depicted the stories of the refugees, forceful migration, murders, ethnic conflicts, as well as stories of corruption in our society and worldwide. The young graduate students of Theatre and Performance Studies Department, Dhaka

  • Battle of The Brush 3.0

    JCI Dhaka West in partnership with Kiron is hosting an art competition titled “Battle of the Brush 3.0” on March 17, 2018.

  • Jims Tech-BUP 1st National Quiz Festival 2018

    Quizzers Society of Bangladesh University of Professionals (QSBUP) is going to organise its very first “Jims Tech-BUP 1st National Quiz Festival 2018” from March 14 to 16, 2018, at the university premises located in Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka.

  • Spark* Bangladesh Accelerator 2018

    Fifth Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme

  • Lily: Vision in the making

    Women of this country often hesitate and feel unsafe on the thought of using a motorbike ride-sharing service because the rider was a male. Some of us might have thought, “What if there were female riders?” For them, there is good news.

  • Buried Sorrows

    You come to this world

  • Winter Wonderland Au Revoir Winter !

    Winter is known to be the most favourite season for many of us. However, for some of us, this year's bitter-cold winter experience may not have been delightful, since 2018 marks the lowest temperature of Bangladesh.

  • Youth Opportunities

    “Not Her Fault” is a seminar on women empowerment for the youth, which addresses the patriarchal stigma, victim blaming, rape culture and gender disparity in Bangladesh.

  • Numu and Jojo

    In the amazing world of Numu and Jojo

    When his mother was killed, Jojo was too young to take care of himself. Numu brought Jojo to foster, but soon, she fell in love with her four-legged best friend and decided to adopt him. Thus, the amazing journey of Numu and Jojo began.

  • Back with a blast!

    Helping the youth become more enthusiastic towards science and technology