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12:00 AM, October 03, 2017 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, October 03, 2017

Winter is coming: know your hair care

Hair management is always a problem in our side of the world. During the warm periods of the year we try to take anti-frizz steps, but that is much better than the cost of winter. Our hair falls like autumn leaves in winter. Hair shedding is a part of seasonal hair cycle that's not skippable, but treatable with heaps of effort, and product. And it's definitely not a myth. 

The science behind winter hair fall

During this season, hair loss is caused purely by physical damage to the structure of the hair. The dry air of winter scratches off the cuticle layer of the hair. The cuticle is the final layer that protects the cortex and medulla. When this important layer is distorted, loss of moisture occurs. This makes the hair dry and flaky and causes weakness in the roots, leading to hair fall.

Winter is also the time when the scalp is most prone to fungal infections that can host a bunch of problems that look like dandruff. The microbes that thrive in the fungal infections are the devils that cause the bad hair season.

Winter hair care

Deep conditioning is made necessary by winter. This hair treatment is a must for the dry air season. One can visit the salon for a luxurious fix. You can also get products from stores or DIY some natural hair packs. 

Meena Herbal produces a variety of hair packs that are super affordable. When you want to use a hair mask from the market, look for specific ingredients. Aloe Vera juice, stimulating rosemary oil and avocado are some labels you want to keep an eye out for. 

Avocado is highly potent with protein and hosts a good number of essential vitamins such as A, B6 and potassium. Masks with such powerful ingredients require at least two sessions a month to repair the damages strands and make the hair stronger.

If you are looking to really lock in the moisture in your strands and roots, you want to use mask creams with Shea butter, it is one of the thicker emollients. You can go on for a week without worrying about drying out your hair.

You also want to remember that oil cocktails to any kind of hair treatment is a good idea. Argan oil should always be a component of the mixture as it promotes the hair's elasticity. 

To make your own hair packs at home, you can make honey based ones. Honey adds shine to your hair. Mix it with natural emollients such as jojoba and olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. The essential oils help the healing process of the scratched cuticle layer and the honey results in glossy and shiny hair.

Precautions for oil use

Oil treatments in the winter season should be done before the wash. It is best to not leave the house with oil on your hair as dust and dirt will definitely stick to your hair. Especially at micro levels, the kind you do not think exists. Oiling your hair to go out only worsen the situation. Oil should be left over night or half an hour before wash. This does not add to the dryness of the scalp or cuticle, thus helps your hair stay rooted. 

Cut down on hair washes and other drying products like hairspray and even shampoo. Dry shampoo can be your best friend. It comes in pocket sizes and saves you from you from using water. Dry shampoo can also replace a blow dry as it adds a nice amount of volume to the hair.

Ever wonder why there are so many different types of shampoo under one brand? It works the same as how there are so many hair types. Every changing season also needs a specific kind of shampoo formula for hair care.

There is no better remedy than regular trim visits to the salon, and even better full on haircuts every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the length of the hair. Dry and dull split ends weigh the hair down. 

Take care of your hair this winter to tackle the shedding season. Our hair is among our best fashion accessories, and taking care of yourself never runs out style.  

By Sanumkia Siddiqui

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