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  • Shamsul Bari

    The writer is the Chairman of Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB) and a former Director of UNHCR.

  • How RTI can help elect the best candidates

    Political tension mount in most countries during election year. In Bangladesh, tension has already gripped the people and is likely to intensify before the general elections scheduled for December 2018.
  • Making police accountable

    At his investiture last month, the new police chief of Bangladesh committed to making each police station truly a centre for welfare of the people.
  • RTI vs RTP: Is there a contradiction?

    The disclosure of information on people's race or ethnicity during World War II caused one of the worst tragedies known to mankind. It led to secret denunciations and seizures, sending millions of friends and neighbours to labour and concentration camps and eventually to gas chambers.
  • From right to information to right to data

    In late 1840s, London was hit by a vicious cholera epidemic. Health officials struggled to curb the spread until Dr John Snow painstakingly collected data on the location and history of each case and traced the source to specific water supplies in the city.
  • Bangladesh's neighbours must find a durable solution

    Each refugee exodus looks different—in the numbers of human beings and the duration of their journey, in the acts of violence and atrocity, in the intensity of human suffering.