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  • An opposite day for a motorcyclist

    I was being a law-abiding citizen with my motorbike on the left side of the lane. It's only after the nice old man on the footpath called me the son of a certain animal did I realise my nawaabi instinct got the best of me. I was proceeding on the footpath with my bike and my rear view mirrors caught a myriad of souvenirs – the one sando genji from the vendor which I'm sure was tried on by at least three different people, a genuine, authentic ADIBAS backpack, and some bootleg Goraemon stickers.
  • The best Far Cry game in a while

    When we think about Ubisoft titles, a few preconceived notions pop up. Some people refer to them as “tower climbing simulators.” Some people think the vast open worlds are just filled up with mundane activities. Well, suffice to say, Far Cry 5 not only puts those concerns to rest, but it also serves up some of the most organic emergent gameplay ever found in a sandbox shooter.
  • Siege and zombies Does it make sense?

    March 6, 2018 saw the release of Operation Chimera, the latest expansion of the popular online tactical shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. Along with a whole new game mode, the expansion brought with it two new Attacker operators that are immensely meta-breaking. So how does Chimera fit into the established formula of Siege?
  • Black Book

    There it is again —the pitch black void that I am so accustomed to. How many times has it been? Sixty? Six hundred? I can't remember. But this all feels so familiar, almost like a part of my soul that's been with me since I was born. I could never tell what happened prior to this, only flashes of a wrecked boat on a stray rock and a violent storm. I can only imagine I was traversing the vast expanse of water only to be shipwrecked. The muffled thunder roars above me. The storm is raging on.
  • The social impact of technology

    Those of us who have been keeping up with the tech scene in major countries like USA, know the frustration associated with the snail-pace at which our country adopts technology.