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  • Alauddin

    Indomitable Alauddin

    Thanks to his indomitable spirit, a physically challenged man overcame all obstacles and achieved financial independence at Baishari in Naikkhongchhari upazilla.
  • Myanmar Border: BGB, BGP start joint patrols

    Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Border Guard Police (BGP) of Myanmar have jointly conducted a patrol along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border yesterday morning.
  • Tambru Border: Myanmar troops building bunkers, barbed-wire fences

    The Myanmar army continues to build bunkers and barbed-wire fences as well as to patrol along the border opposite Tambru under Naikkhangchhari in Bandarban, Bangladesh Border Guard officials said.
  • 7 Chak families driven out of homes in Bandarban

    Seven indigenous families have recently left their homes in Bandarban's Naikkhyangchhari upazila after some unidentified people had allegedly threatened them with life if they failed to pay them money.
  • Brick kilns polluting air, destroying farmland

    With the start of the brick-making season, dozens of illegal brick kilns have started operation inside the forests and near many schools in Bandarban, polluting environment in the hills.