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  • Mizan R Khan

  • The Gordian Knot of Dhaka city governance

    We have managed to turn a serene, rustic, romantic Dhaka into a dishevelled, messy concrete slum just within a century.
  • A retreat from multilateralism

    The two-day summit of the exclusive but informal club of G20 comprising of the big industrial and developing countries, held between July 7-8, ended with the issuance of a Communiqué, a ritualistic outcome of such events.
  • The rising stakes for ocean governance

    World oceans play the crucial role of a life support in poverty alleviation, food security, human health, and curbing climate change.
  • A reality check

    On June 1 President Trump declared his administration's intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement (PA).
  • Are women better guardians of natural resources?

    Women members of the mobilised groups proved as better 'husbands' of local resources, establishing a culture of their sustainable use, while conserving and improving the quality and quantity of local natural resources.