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  • Sunbirds

    Everyone knows about hummingbirds. These colourful creatures hover while drinking nectar from a flower with their long beak.
  • Runners

    Last summer a bout of chikungunia stopped my running. The best I could manage on a good day was a short walk in the park. Many
  • To Catch A Bird

    Several years ago I visited Uganda on the invitation of a friend posted in Kampala. It was the trip of a lifetime: we drove cross-
  • Muhuri Dam

    The Muhuri river originates in India's Tripura before flowing into Bangladesh, where it passes through Feni on its way to the Bay of
  • In Jibanananda Country

    Wandering through giant tambul, raintree and gab trees interspersed with coconut, shupari and mahogany, walking along the