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  • Organic mango farmers overlooked for exports

    The sweet scent of mango is in the air once again. But, instead of rejoicing, Rajshahi's orchardists are feeling uneasy. And the cause
  • Going to Hatiya Island

    At first sight of our island, I confess
  • 'A' is for 'orange'

    A is for apple, b is for bear, c is for cat... English spelling is easy enough at the beginning. It clearly deteriorates thereafter. Yet one must have extra sympathy for Bangladeshi students of English because for them, sometimes 'a' is for orange.
  • Towards a new Cold War

    Did you ever get sick on a plane? Some years ago, in Sydney, I was told by someone in the know, “I have a friend who travels a lot and he never eats on planes.” In terms of poisoning, a plane offers advantages. The event will occur in international airspace. National laws prohibiting such activity may not apply and even if they do, will be impossible to enforce.
  • Khirsapati mangoes get GI status as Bangladeshi products

    Khirsapat mangoes to get GI status

    An internationally-recognised sign used on specialty products, geographical indication links products with their specific origin, be it a country, town