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  • Paw opens mini clinic for pets in Lalmatia

    Paw Foundation for rescuing animals has now come up with a mini clinic for pets in Lalmatia to provide healthcare services to pets.

  • [WATCH] Brac’s nanosat to hit orbit in May

    Brac Onnesha, the first nano-satellite of Bangladesh, is going to hit in low earth orbit soon in May this year.

  • Rana Plaza victims demand trial of culprits

    At the fourth anniversary of the world’s biggest workplace disaster, Rana Plaza victims and labour activists re-echo demand for punishment of culprits responsible.

  • Everything Farmgate!

    They are of the same height, and yet Ibrahim always looks taller than Ali. Is it because of his confident demeanour in contrast of Ali's

  • Suchitra Sen’s Pabna house now open for all

    The house of legendary actress Suchitra Sen, located in Gopalpur Hem Sagor Lane of Pabna, is now open for all thanks to the Pabna district administration.

  • Good humans love animals: Story of PAW

    When the first wolf was fed by a human, it became the first dog. Since then this animal has been helping human as a loyal friend. They helped us in hunting and worked as the most trusted sentinel but in the modern civilisation that job has been replaced by super markets and CCTV cameras. And our most trusted friend got thrown out onto the street.

  • Double Blow in Haors: Paddy gone, now fish

    Fish in Hakaluki Haor have started dying since Sunday as half-ripe paddy submerged under flashfloods continues to rot and pollute its water.

  • BK DAS ROAD: An architectural treasure trove

    The B K Das Road at Farashganj is an architectural treasure trove of Old Dhaka. We have interviewed Dhaka itself about this beautiful

  • Straight From Kitchen Episode 20 | The Way Dhaka

    If life gave you potatoes and prawn, what would you do? Combine the two to create perfection of course! This week Straight From Kitchen goes to The Way to show you how to do just that!

  • Havoc in haor

    Farmers in the northeastern backswamp are all too familiar with flash floods. Rice paddies grown just once a year in this vast haor remain at the mercy of nature. But thousands of growers in this wetland ecosystem had never experienced flash floods striking this early as in this season, completely destroying paddies in over one lakh hectares of land.