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  • Rasagolla

    Rosogolla pride West Bengal's

    When we talk about sweets, nothing can beat the spongy, syrupy Rosogolla. Served on almost every Bangladeshi occasion, the signature sweet has been an integral part of the Bangalee culture for ages.

  • Drinks and Desserts for Ramadan

    It is week one of Ramadan. On day seven, we have for you a selection of local and international recipes to try your hands in. Quench your thirst with some sweet tamarind juice. Craving sweets? Then we have just the solution for you with some mouth-wateringly delicious Umm Ali—an Egyptian dessert to take you on a culinary adventure.

  • Easy to make and bake Iftar

    Day three of Ramadan is already here and it is time to meet your sweet tooth cravings! Check out these easy-to-bake recipes that will leave you wanting for more!