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  • That sweet Dhaka air

    I tried breathing in Dhaka and honestly, if you haven't tried it yourself, I can't recommend it to you. It's a waste of your time—simply the worst.

  • Phulbari Movement of 2006: Where we stand now

    "This success is the first step towards victory. And all the credit must go to the brave people of Phulbari,” said Engineer Shekih Muhammand Shahidullah, Convener of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Ports, and Power, to the thousands gathered on the streets of Phulbari, Dinajpur

  • Declaring war against the Sundarbans?

    The GoB has given its go-ahead to 320 polluting industrial projects adjacent to the Sundarbans.

  • Did UNESCO really “endorse” Rampal coal plant?

    A draft resolution adopted as amended by the 41st Session of the UNESCO Heritage Committee contradicts the claim made by the foreign ministry that the Committee “endorsed” the construction of a coal-based power plant at Rampal near the Sundarbans.

  • What happens to our e-waste?

    What do you do with the damaged battery or chargers of your cell phone? Where do you keep your fused bulbs and abandoned switches? What about obsolete computer accessories?

  • Is the polythene ban an eye-wash?

    Fifteen years after the polythene bag ban, poly bags are still ruling our markets. But who are producing and distributing these non-biodegradable bags?

  • The historic movement to save Sundarbans

    For the first time in history, Bangladesh is experiencing a mass movement to save a forest – the largest mangrove in the world.