A life Less Ordinary! | The Daily Star
  • Farewell to Karachi!

    Karachi was a popular city with the young ones for a variety of reasons. First and foremost was the glitter and the glitterati of this city and the second was the vibrancy.

  • Life Beyond Dhaka!

    I had decided that I would not burden my readers by going in detail with my boring and mundane journey through life.

  • Remembering “Guru Bhai”

    One might be astonished as to why I referred to the late Vinod Khanna as “Guru Bhai”. Our acquaintance was through Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, my Guruji.

  • The growing up years!

    Dhaka was already getting crowded and there were a very few places where one could seek seclusion. So my visits to the outskirts of the town became frequent. During this time, while in town, I picked up friendship with some original Dhaka dwellers. These people, even today, are known as Dhakaiyas and are full of wit and humour.