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Sonam Kapoor Stands For Female Oriented Movies GRAPEVINE

Sonam Kapoor Stands For Female Oriented Movies

Actor Sonam Kapoor feels that there is a need for more films that revolve around women, their lifestyle, success, predicaments and struggles.

Cate Blanchett to Chair Cannes Film Festival 2018 GRAPEVINE

Cate Blanchett to Chair Cannes Film Festival 2018

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett will be chairing this year's Cannes Film Festival, to be held on the French Riviera. This Australian movie star will become the 11th woman to chair a jury board.

Babita's Star-Studded New Year Party DESHI GRAPEVINE

Babita's Star-Studded New Year Party

Babita's New Year Party held at 31st December on her Gulshan home has recently been the talk of the town.
  • Srabanti Chatterjee

    Srabanti Chatterjee starring opposite Taskeen and Tahsan

    Renowned TV director Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz, who successfully ventured into productions for the silver screen, is set to make a smashing return with his impending film Jodi Ekdin.

  • Channel i presents - Lux Superstar is back!

    The launching event of the country's most awaited and glamorous platform, Channel i presents Lux Superstar, was held on 3rd January at the Grand Ballroom of Westin Dhaka.

  • Babita's Star-Studded New Year Party

    Babita's New Year Party held at 31st December on her Gulshan home has recently been the talk of the town.

  • Actress Mithila


    Rafiath Rashid Mithila started her career in 2002 as a model. However, since then she has done many notable projects as a singer, actress and model. She also works as a Program Manager, Education for BRAC International.



  • Star Showbiz 2017

    Star Showbiz in 2017 - Your Verdict!

    We, the Star Showbiz family would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed readers for your constant appreciation and support. Here are the most talked about issues of Star Showbiz in 2017, according to you. They are in no particular order, so feel free to pick your favorites and let us know your own ranking!

  • I Walk Down the Memory Lane with Love: Suchanda

    Kohinoor Akhter Suchanda, a name that echoes the golden days of Bangladeshi silver screen, has recently been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by two of her schools

  • we lost 2017

    The Souls We have Lost in 2017

    “Nayak Raj” Razzak was a legendary actor and Director of Bangladesh. He was one of the most influential actors of this country and was called to be the “Banglar Uttam Kumar” for this charismatic looks and

  • dhallywood hot news

    A Love Letter to 2017!

    In some ways, 2017 for the entertainment industry was like the previously newlywed bride that built a rapport with you over time. You have good understanding with each other, but at the same time have some tumultuous fallouts that, in the long run only help you to become a stronger couple. Similarly, the achievements that the industry had received far overshadowed the controversies that had surrounded it.

  • hollywood movies in 2017

    The Hits and Misses of Hollywood

    The star, the glamor, the success! Who doesn't dream of walking on the red carpet? Fame and fortune is every man's desire, but amassing celebrity status is no walk in the park.

  • a bittersweet life bollywood

    A Bittersweet 2017 for Bollywood

    2017 had been a momentous year for Bollywood. This year had seen both the best and the worst in terms of movies, career and relationships.

  • An extraordinary advent of winter!

    Today I have to digress from my usual column on recording the events of my life and venture on to something pleasanter and more contemporary.

  • dhallywood news 2017

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Jaya Ahsan was a true shining star in this year's Dhallywood, winning notable recognition both home and abroad. Bishorjon has been a particularly successful venture for her, netting her the “Best Actress”

  • Sabnam Faria

    Sabnam Faria (Actor)

    I will go on winter vacation this year. Since childhood, our father used to take us to vacations after our final exams. I have kept this tradition alive even now. This vacation is my way of giving time to my family. This time we are going to India. Goa, to be specific.

  • Taskeen Rahman (Actor)

    I want to spend my New Year's Eve with my family. Planning to turn my cell phone off, go for a long drive to find a mountain by the ocean and watch fireworks from a distance with music in my ears.

  • Jhoom Song Singer and Composer Minar Rahman

    Minar (Singer, Composer)

    A lot of my cousins have arrived from abroad, and I plan to spend some time with them on the 31st. I might get around to doing a show as well.

  • Jyoti Sinha (Theater activist)

    So far, my plan for New Year's Eve is a good old “adda” with my friends, and maybe also a picnic.

  • Mahde Hasan (Filmmaker)

    Being a participant of the first workshop of the first batch of Celebrating Life, Mahde Hasan has already made splashes in the international short film scene. This year, the young Bangladeshi filmmaker has won the first place prize in the “Movie of My Life” segment at Locarno Festival 2017, and had his films featured in other international film festivals as well.

  • Pooja Sengupta (Dance Artist, Choreographer)

    As I have a very hectic schedule, I want to relax and spend time with my family on that day. I will probably be at the year-end function at the Officer's Club.

  • Jessia Islam

    Jessia Islam (Model)

    I never have any particular plans for New Year's Eve beforehand. I will probably spend it with my family and friends.

  • Sumaiya Kabir

    Sumaiya Kabir (Rj Arunima)

    A Radio Jockey reaches the audience in a way no one else can: On the streets in a traffic jam, late at night in a melancholic mood or any time your eyes just aren't feeling up to consume mass media.

  • Shemonty Monjari (Singer)

    I have been living in London for the last year. My mother and younger brother are here in London. I have planned to celebrate Christmas with them and make every moment special.

  • Oyshee (Singer)

    This year, I plan to spend the New Year's Eve musically. I will probably be busy doing shows, let's see what happens!

  • Top 10 Bangla songs of 2017

    Let’s have a look back at the top 10 Bangla songs of 2017 based on YouTube view count.



  • A Successful Showcase of the Glory of Theatre Dhaka University

    The eight day long Dhaka University Central Annual Theatre Festival ended on Monday amidst celebration and enthusiasm at Teacher-Student Centre at the Dhaka University campus.

  • Five Most Sizzling international Tracks of 2017

    Shape of You approached massive sales and streaming numbers, holding its lead as 2017's biggest single on the cusp of breaking 3 million combined sales. It was UK's most streamed songs of all time.

  • Habib Wahid

    2017 in Bangla Music

    The audience was gifted with an album from the legendary Sabina Yasmin and her daughter Badhon called Abar Dujone. Ayub Bachchu startled the audience in the beginning of the year with his instrumental concert Sound of Silence,

  • Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

    Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

    The film starts with Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda), a small town educated girl falling in love with Satyendra, the man her parents fixed her marriage with.

  • Noukadubi

    Noukadubi (2011)

    Based on the story originally written by Rabindranath Tagore, Noukadubi is a near-to-perfect portrayal of the story of four lives being intertwined by fate.