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  • Learning worldbuilding from video games

    The art of storytelling is not confined to novels. It can be found in a song, it can be there in a poem, and it most certainly can be in a video game. As a matter of fact the word “Can” doesn't do justice to the video games of the present.

  • Are you boss rushing or are you boss dragging?

    Studio MDHR's debut game Cuphead, first teased back in 2013, finally got released after high anticipation on September 29 and boy, does it deliver. The game can be defined as an indie “run and gun” fashioned in a retro motif similar

  • A Potential Masterpiece

    Piranha Bytes' new release, Elex, manages to disappoint but at the same time engross the players over an unforgettable experience. In spite of all the shortcomings, it manages to be one of the most immersive experiences one can ask for.

  • My obsession with Castlevania

    Circle of the Moon was my first introduction to Castlevania. The Gameboy was the rage back then and I was in on it too. All the games I played during that time were cutesy and kid-friendly, stuff like Pokémon and Bomberman.

  • A Unique MOBA Experience

    Even though it's no secret that the MOBA scene is currently oversaturated with uninspired and corny Dota 2 and League of Legends clones, there are still many viable alternatives to those who don't want to spend an entire hour for one match filled with flaming and toxicity.

  • Mods - The story of the meddlers

    The gaming community is known to be a devoted bunch. Almost every popular game has an active group of people who create a community around it. To the ones truly invested in the game, the original experience is not enough.

  • More of the same - But that's not a bad thing

    When Shadow of Mordor launched, everyone expected it to be one of those bad spin-off video games of a popular franchise. But everyone, including myself, was pleasantly surprised as it turned out to be one the best games of 2014.

  • Where Indie Developers Exceed the AAA Industry

    From niche hobbies to the multibillion dollar industry that video games are today, the journey has been long and eventful. The colossal market that video games have today makes it an ideal place for large corporations to invest in.


    If you happen to visit Sloclap's website you'll notice that there's nothing on it except for Absolver. The online melee action game that has created quite the buzz around the fighting game community is Sloclap's first major project.


    Video games are a standout amongst the arts for its ways of submerging you in its stories. No other medium succeeds in blurring the line between reality and fiction like video games do.

  • Innovative, Immersive (and Inexpensive)

    Based on a Celtic setting and developed by Ninja Theory – the team behind Heavenly Sword, DmC and Enslaved – Hellblade might seem like a generic hack-and-slash title but there is so much more to the game than meets the eye.

  • Don't get hyped for Age of Empires 4

    On 21 August 2017, Microsoft announced Age of Empires 4. There is a trailer on YouTube, but before you get excited let's break down what we know about the project so far.

  • Top 4 tips for winning in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    If you're still waiting for your first chicken dinner in PUBG even after a hundred games, use these 5 tips to plough through the competition.

  • Types of annoying people I met in online games

    These are the kind of people who take the game way too seriously, and when they play, their adrenaline goes into overdrive. Throwing fits of rage and blaming others are their conventions.

  • Prospects of Rainbow Six: Siege in Bangladesh

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six : Siege at first failed to generate much excitement and reviews were lukewarm, when it was launched in December 2015. Fast forward 20 months and Siege is one of the biggest first-person shooters around.

  • Graphics Card Buying Guide: 2017 Edition

    If you are a PC gamer, then you obviously understand the importance of a good graphics card in your system.

  • Why Cricket Games Don't Work

    If you ask Bangladeshi sports fans what their favourite sport is, they will be torn between Cricket and Football.

  • The rising eSport of Bangladesh

    On December 1 2015, Ubisoft launched Rainbow Six: Siege. Unlike any other online tactical FPS game available, Rainbow Six: Siege offers players their freedom of movement where they can squad up with four other players & compete in a close-quarters, destructible environment.

  • Fidget spinners of the past

    Fidget spinners became internet famous almost overnight and even managed to hit the Bangladeshi market within a short span of time.

  • A mansion has many rooms…and stories

    What Remains of Edith Finch is a game by Giant Sparrow about what death does to a family.