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  • Mumble Rap - Either you love it or hate it

    Just recently, a certain young rapper's name and fame had blown up all over the internet, because of a song that uses a certain phrase 53 times.

  • Synthwave

    Synthwave - Robot sounds from the past

    Synthwave uses modern production techniques to bring you sounds from analogue synthesisers, electronic drums and bass lines, and artificial reverb. Oh yes, a lot of reverb.

  • Six hours of Lana Del Rey

    Am I going to discover myself in Lana Del Rey's fandom for a lifetime after six hours? Or will these six hours be the death of me?

  • How to avoid plagiarism in music

    Modern music has the tendency to sound like it's been influenced by older styles of music. It is improbable that you will come up with something unique. However, to downright plagiarise music is a crime.

  • Shining through the glaring faults

    With great releases this year from artists like Gorillaz, Blackfield, Pond, and so on, Foster the People's latest release “Sacred Hearts Club” brought with it a whole lot of expectations to live up to.

  • In The End

    2003 was the year which marked the start of all my troubles at school. I didn't belong with the bullies, or the studious ones.

  • SHOUT Remembers Chester Bennington

    My favourite is Numb. Mostly because it tells us that there will always be societal and familial pressure, but we've got to rise above it.

  • A millennial's tribute to Rabindra Sangeet

    Scientists are still trying to invent time machines. But it has been here for a while now, hidden in plain sight.

  • How to deal with music shaming

    Music Shaming: the act of criticizing someone's music taste just because it doesn't resonate with your own.

  • All aboard the Steampunk Train

    Ever heard of steampunk bands? Me neither, until very recently. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that is set in a historical period, usually featuring steam powered machines.

  • Living with a K-fan

    It all started one auspicious evening when my younger sister stumbled upon KBS World. She was feeling rather blue.


    There isn't much that hasn't been said about Pink Floyd. And yet, it's a story that still begs to be told again and again.

  • Music Albums to Look Forward to in 2017

    2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for music. Many iconic bands seem to be on the verge of releasing new material in the coming months, including a lot of bands that have left us waiting at the edge of our seats for ages.

  • 6 More Artists to Vibe With

    Breakout artists release several tracks before that one life changing single is out and they can brag - “started from the bottom, now we here”.

  • Get Ready to Vibe with these 6 Artists

    Not all amazing songs get to be on the billboard or charts.

  • A Jazzy Evening with Mohai's Trio

    Mohai's Trio – a jazz group based in Dhaka – presented their music publicly for the first time at an event titled “Jazz in Charukola” ...

  • Taher Shah: The Angel we have but don't deserve

    Angel is the newest song from Pakistani sensation Taher Shah.

  • 5 International Bands You Haven't Heard Of But Should Listen To

    It's widely believed that music has no language, and discovering new music is a wonderful thing.

  • Beginner's Guide to Hip-hop

    Hip-hop, like any other musical genre, is complex and multi-faceted and has much more to offer than the flavour of the month Eminem song you can't get out of your head. Here are a few albums to start delving deeper intothe world of hip-hop:

  • Defining Electronic Music

    What is electronic music? Why is it that some people call it EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and others call it “techno?”

  • B. B. King

    The Thrill is Gone

    In the year 2015, it's almost impossible to imagine a time when the only place a white man and a black man could be together without ending up in a fistfight was a blues bar.

  • Reprogramming Your Friends

    Reprogramming Your Friends to Like the Same Music You Do

    Getting your friend to like the same song that you've been obsessing over for the last week isn't easy. So, in this article, we shall look at the 5 stages of your attempt to brainwash your friend, including what you've been doing wrong and suggest improvements and tweaks to your battle strategy.


    Requirements for Recruitment. The first thing you need is five fresh teen boys, preferably British. 1. A hot rebellious one. He's usually the heartthrob. 2. A moody sensitive one. 3. Someone who'll do nothing but stand in the background and go “yeah, baby” occasionally. 4. A thug. 5. A fat one who'll pretend to be the “talent” of the bunch. (None of them should be able to play any musical instrument.)