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  • Surviving Load-shedding Season

    Ah, load shedding season. Either electricity is having its “time of the month” or has fallen victim to bipolar disorder. Either way, we are the victims and must thrive to survive.


    Money and all other worldly wealth are nothing but temporary illusions, my friend. Our goal in life should be eternal salvation and fleeting above all worldly needs.


    When Eid comes around every year and everyone is busy reminding themselves of the happiness and celebration that comes with these festivities..

  • The Essential Men's Guide to Gawsia

    Gawsia /noun/: a hellish maze, designed by the Devil himself that every man has to traverse unwillingly at least once with their mom, sister or significant other.

  • Online Shopping Horror Stories

    Gone are the days of bargaining exclusively by threat to mamas, “Ei daam e dile den naile jai”.

  • How to react to strangers having private conversations in public

    Personally I have encountered countless situations where I couldn't help but overhear strangers talk about their personal lives in public.

  • How to get enough sleep: Ramadan Edition

    Most of us don't get enough sleep in general. Some of us have too much work to deal with and some of us binge watch all our torrent downloads and regret it the next day.

  • No, High School wasn't All that Great

    Nostalgia goggles have always been my least favourite accessories.

  • What actually happens in semester breaks

    Semester breaks are like New Year's resolutions - you always keep high expectations of them working out as planned knowing very well that it almost always ends in disappointment.

  • Daily social media things in real life

    The frequent power failures, the blistering heat and the fear of the trending chikungunya had forced me to finally rethink my life and sit down with a pen and paper to reevaluate my priorities.

  • Rekindling Old Hobbies

    A common excuse that slips out of our mouth every now and then is “life happened”. Somewhere along the way we all lose sight of ourselves, about who we used to be, about what we liked.

  • I love animals, but...

    If you think the world can be divided into only animal lovers, haters, and sad indifferent people, then you are very wrong.

  • How to Get a Life

    Warning: Getting a life may involve stepping outside your house for a change. With all the countless hours spent in the dark playing video games or watching Star Wars, the sudden gust of light as you step out into the sun may damage your delicate retina.

  • ASMR: Videos that put you to sleep, in a good way!

    If you've ever felt a tingly sensation going down your spine, you've experienced the trigger ASMR videos on YouTube aim to induce.

  • You can't beat the heat but you can surely try

    There was a time when the thought of summer brought forth memories of ice cream and lazy afternoons spent sipping iced drinks.

  • Consequences of Too Many Hobbies

    Hobbies are definitely fun, no matter how many times your parents say, “Tui student, tor jibone pora chara kisu dorkar nai.”

  • A Very Reasonable at-home Workout Guide

    Dearest fellow human, I know you very well.

  • The Disappearing Bookstore Culture in Dhaka

    A bookstore is a cultural hub. It is a melting pot of old, new, foreign, and local books.

  • A Guide to Having Your Parents on Facebook

    It was a fine summer day when I noticed a certain red '1' flashing on my Facebook dashboard.

  • Not Getting Along with Your SO's Family

    No relationship is perfect and sometimes it's the 'other family' that makes things difficult.

  • Types of Thesis Supervisors

    If you're one of those poor souls who have a mandatory thesis to tackle, I feel you.

  • Elevator Etiquettes

    Seriously, don't be the reason elevators bring people down.

  • High School Nostalgia

    Let's face it, high school can be a nightmare with the pressure of studies (must've been different if you barely studied).


    “Hey, look. That girl's wearing a choker; she must be easy,” croons 19 year old Bokri, a student of a reputed school.


    You know what angers me more than corruption and ignorance that's slowly killing the human race? People disregarding launches being superior to every other transport built by man.

  • Chasing Happiness

    Happiness is a surprisingly fickle thing. As you grow older, it tends to get rarer because you finally realise the world isn't always a dazzling place you never knew and is more of a nightmare you hoped it wasn't.

  • To Bridesmaid or Not to Bridesmaid

    From a distance, weddings seem fun, effortless and full of well-cooked potatoes in large plates of biriyani.


    There's this funny thing people do where they attempt to put themselves forward as intellectually superior but instead come off as silly and sad.

  • How to befriend animals that hate you

    And you thought befriending people was difficult.

  • Bullet Journaling For the Lazy and the Busy

    I started bullet journaling in September 2016. I haven't given up this hobby yet. Hence it's safe to say that it's worth clinging on to because God knows I am lazier than a sloth.