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  • Surviving 6 hours of traffic

    Last Thursday, I got ready for yet another long drive and by a long drive I mean the regular commute to my bidirectional university, Dokkhin Uttor.

  • Defending her dreams at age 13

    There are different kinds of inequalities affecting the lives of children around the world. In fact, 1 in 10 children lives in a conflict zone, over 400 million live under poverty line, and 150 million have some form of disability.

  • From Habiganj to Rayerbazar Slum

    Excluded, ignored, underprivileged – whatever we say, it only leads to one meaning: being left behind. Even in the most hopeful time for our nation, when all children should have access to education and healthcare, there are many who have neither.

  • How to get on with life if your visa gets disapproved

    As depressing as it may be to see your dreams slip off your fingertips, you have to get things together and make some of the most crucial decisions that you have ever made.

  • Artsy milkshake refilled for the season

    In the melancholic humdrums of a hectic city, we are like rusty old machines gruellingly running from one job to the next.

  • A guide to bad decision-making

    Human beings are, in general, probably subconsciously masochistic.

  • How I met your best friend

    The first thing all of us have to worry about after saying “yes” to our significant others is how their best friends are going to take this.

  • An ode to eggs

    I have always had very particular tastes in food. I'm someone who has always loved korolla, but you cannot get me to eat something like jhinga, a vegetable that is universally acknowledged for being, well, not bitter.

  • Where books come to life

    Whether inked on crisp paperbacks or on our phones, today, we read books on different platforms, and of different genres. But what if these books came to life - sitting in front of us, reading to us the tales of their lives, willing to introduce us to their world of broken and mended dreams?

  • A loveletter to Nilkhet

    I've never been a person eloquent with words, so excuse me if my attempt at romanticism fails to grab your attention. And why shouldn't it? Is there any meaningful assortment of words which I can pull together that you haven't heard before?

  • How to deal with trust issues in a relationship

    Is your significant other doing you a heckin distress? Are you having trouble concentrating on your studies because they haven't returned your call yet nor have they replied to your text even though they were “active 5 minutes ago”? Stress no more, fam. I am here to help.

  • How the pages of a diary turn as years go by

    Going through my old belongings, I found a series of half-written princess notebooks that had once been christened as “My Diary”. And flipping through the pages, every pivotal turn that I had left way back in time look up at what I am now. Taking a few pages from the life of a typical girl, I saw how the stories unfold.

  • Types Of People In Bookstores

    You would think one might run out of ideas for “types of people” article but as soon as you let that thought cross your mind, another article pops up like Hydra's head.

  • Living with less

    Although I was sort of familiar with the word “minimalism”, it wasn't until I saw a video of a woman living out of a sleeping bag that I got intrigued by the idea of a minimalistic life.

  • The Groundwork of Overthinking

    Overthinking - taking something normal and then casually warping it into something much bigger than what you initially had.

  • Reasons why my diet never works and it's okay!

    It is that time of the month again when I have fallen facedown from my diet plans - that, too, on a chocolate chip pancake.

  • The problem with short semester breaks

    One of the biggest downsides of the structure of academic calendars of Bangladesh's private universities stems from its trimester system.

  • Stop, you don't need that scarf

    But it's a new hand embroidered designer cashmere one, that too in shamrock green? Oh dear, you need help. Read on.

  • Stages of an all nighter

    We go about our lives the same way Donald Trump tweets about sensitive things - like an unrestricted raven without a care for the world.

  • Making time for reading books

    When I try to retrace my steps to when it all began, I wander off to the days when I had just started out as an aspiring writer.

  • Caring for stray animals

    I think back to a few years ago, when animal welfare groups were almost unheard of on Facebook and helping an abandoned kitten find a home was no easy feat.

  • Beauty Blogging in 2117

    Callista picked up her Holographic Lip Projector and angrily thrust it into her overflowing bureau drawer.

  • Living out of a capsule wardrobe

    According to Google, originally a capsule wardrobe is defined as a “compact wardrobe made up of staple pieces in coordinating colours, usually in the realm of 30 items or fewer, including shoes and sometimes even accessories”.

  • When parents have control over the car music

    The music system of the car becomes our best friend when we hop in for a journey. Latest music and the kick of the beats make a journey more exhilarating.

  • A dessert lover's no sugar diet experiment

    I have embarked on the greatest journey of self-discovery to date. If I were given the opportunity to have free brownies for life in ...

  • Expectation vs Reality: After Exam Plans

    Aww, look at you scribbling down names of exotic places to visit and listing down movies you're going to watch when vacation starts, beside your inaccurate math calculations. That's real cute. Here's how it's really going to go down.

  • Musicals IRL

    The following is a description of a regular day in my life narrated as a musical for the sole purpose of appreciating all that is good.

  • Can you really spin your fidget away?

    I have never been much of a "collector" myself. I was never into Pokémon cards, and I remember, to a lot of my friends' dismay, putting down my ever-so-benign dad's offers of buying me one of those metal beyblades that all the cool kids back in the day had.

  • Shoot for the moon, at least you'll land among the stars

    Yeah, if you miscalculate the distance, that is. You might even hit your head on the moon; at least the impact may set your brain in place.

  • The art of making small talk

    All those debating and 'Best Delegate' crests you're stocking your shelves with are no match against twenty minutes in a room packed with faces you see twice a year.