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  • How the flyover changed my life

    Living in Moghbazar is hard, especially when your house is directly facing the main road. Every single day I used to wake up to the horns of a thousand vehicles.

  • The ultimate life hack!

    I have wasted half my life watching various life hack videos on YouTube. The other half was spent reading life hack articles in countless magazines. But can these videos or articles provide you solutions to all your problems? Not all the time.

  • Dear Darji

    For many years now, you have been the superhero and the supervillain (mostly villain) of my life. You are in fact more, you are the one who makes the capes those super beings don, for crying out loud.

  • Don't be an octopus, guys

    Somewhere along the way we all came to the realisation that we are Squidward Tentacles — the grumpy, unenthusiastic octopus no one liked as a child. The bitter adults/adolescents that we have grown up to be are nothing short of this detestable character.

  • How to deal with superstitious friends

    We all have that one friend who smirks in accomplishment after knocking twice on wood because they believe they have successfully escaped the wrath of the Devil by doing so.

  • 6 hours of K-pop

    Since my finals start from next week, I decided the best way to spend my weekend was this.

  • Top 5 fruits for mankind

    One of the few nice things about living in an insect-borne disease infested tropical region is the vast variety of fruits. Instead of talking about floods, heat waves and chikungunya, why don't we ignore the looming problems in our lives, think positively and celebrate the fruits nature has bestowed upon us. So, without further ado, let's start with the definitive and unquestionable top five fruits to have ever graced our mouths.

  • A boost to self-esteem from Dhallywood

    Bangla films have a strange reputation. But when you come to think of it, the questionable Dhallywood films have the uncanny ability to lighten up a bad mood. After all, we deserve bits of wild imagination and alternate universes sometimes.

  • Negative Review: Worst Experience Ever

    The other day, my “friend”, Porshi, and I went out to eat at this restaurant that apparently serves “yammy” steaks as stated by many other reviews.

  • How to get your neighbour auntie to like you

    Craving love is a natural human tendency. But sometimes love isn't just an outlet to add happiness to your life, it is of utmost necessity.

  • Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

    You see a redhead wearing hand me downs. What do you do?

  • Struggles of having no eyebrows

    A few years ago, a makeup-obsessed friend demanded I be the subject of her latest eye shadow experiment. It was a boring Saturday evening so I thought, why the heck not?

  • Living life on the edge

    I present to you few of the ways you can sprinkle some excitement over your tedious life and get those adrenal glands working.

  • What's in my (emotional) baggage

    Hello, guys! A lot of you guys have been requesting my summer essentials and oh god no's.

  • Overdosing on panjabis

    Imagine every year, twice a year, someone gave you a pair of socks. It's a good dream, isn't it? Socks are useful and you wear them.

  • What I learnt as a BBA student

    After high school, a degree in Business Administration is something most of us have considered.

  • The End of My Longest Long Distance Relationship

    This is an actual conversation I had with a friend in seventh grade.

  • The Chronicles of a Computer Lab

    You know why computer science majors have a better average sanity than most other engineering majors?

  • How I Put on My Face

    Time and time again we have all encountered this question: What's the secret to looking beautiful? Well, the answer to this question has not been revealed to me yet, but, today I will show you how I achieve my hot potato look every day.


    Honestly, there are some very practical and relevant motivational posts which we can relate to. But some are unrealistic and nonsensical. These ones paint an image of a false sense of reality amongst the youth.

  • Struggles of Being Unathletic

    When I was younger, I used to hide in the toilet in order to skip Physical Training class.

  • So You Think You Can't Dance?

    Different cultures have their own distinct coming-of-age rituals. In the island of Vanuatu, teenagers mark their step into adulthood by bungee jumping from a 98 feet tower.

  • Cruising solo at a wedding

    Nobody likes being the stray cat at a wedding who only takes selfies, since they're a stranger to everybody but perhaps the happy couple. However, with the mere thought of kacchi and unlimited free coffee, we eventually give in.

  • Types of students you see in a classroom

    Anyone who has ever been in a classroom is probably well aware of what a quagmire it can be.

  • Life in a meme deprived world

    I unlocked my phone to open the dialer, reminiscing the times when the aura radiating from my cellular was much more amiable.

  • Alternative Uses of Your University Degree

    You don't need Captain America's shield to protect you when the aliens attack if you have two master's degrees sitting at home. For added effect, blow the dust collecting on your degrees over your attacker's eyes to obscure their field of vision.

  • Putting University Lectures to Good Use

    University lectures are more than just classes: they signify our entrance into adulthood. However, the novelty of lectures soon wears

  • Why You Should Never Trust an Ilish Machh

    The merry occasion of Pahela Baishakh is upon us once again, bringing with it the delight of festivities and jubilation of starting anew.

  • Hosting a Bengali House Party

    Party, next Friday? Prep must start from at least a week before. Bengali house parties are disasters just waiting to happen

  • Types of Tourists you find in Cox's Bazar

    Cox's Bazar offers its visitors two things: a chill time with convenient access to the sea, and a million other visitors.