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  • A day in the life of a deshi conspiracy theorist

    The day starts with me suddenly waking up in puddle of my own drool on the table. The laptop screen is frozen. The title on the webpage reads “Alien sightings in Dhanmondi!” I still haven't managed to crack the last case about Hatirjheel being the gateway to Atlantis, but I have decided to give it a rest for the time being. The place discharges a foul stench of waste that lingers in the air like the thick, malicious smell of Mordor.

  • I need to be liked

    To some extent, don't we all?

  • Trying to be aesthetic

    Ever since I opened an Instagram account, I've been bombarded with posts from people that are much more artsy and themed than my posts can ever hope to be. I felt like it was suddenly a shortcoming to not be “aesthetic” so I went and did a little research on what you really need to do to achieve this.

  • How to act on a first date

    Finally asked that boy/girl out? Great! You're halfway on your way to disappointmentville where you will be constantly let down but you'll still have to keep pretending you're having a good time and this is what you want; when we all know what you really want is just a donut.

  • What TV ads say vs. what they really mean

    We've all seen Bangladeshi TV advertisements. It might be in brief bursts during Ittyadi, in longer bursts during cricket matches, or in never-ending streams during your favourite Eid-er natok.

  • Struggles of being a gamer with a potato PC

    Gaming is the ideal pastime for many of us. There's nothing better than losing hours of your day immersed in a fantasy world. However, for those unlucky enough to game with garbage hardware (a potato), the experience varies slightly.

  • The stages of reading fanfiction

    Fanfiction is a… difficult thing, to say the least, in terms of all the things you could feel while reading it. We've all been there (well, I HOPE we've all been there or this is woefully inaccurate)

  • Which Taylor Swift are you?

    Even though you're in your 20s, you will forever be that love struck 13 year old who writes vague statuses about love and heartbreaks on Facebook. All your 500+ word statuses are dedicated towards a mysterious crush and you even took up writing fiction because you think your heartache has opened a creative door in your brain.

  • How I pretended to like sports to fit in

    Okay, this was like seven years ago, you can't judge me now; you know my name not my story. Everyone did questionable things due to peer pressure in our teen years.

  • kola and ruti

    it began with an itch at the back of my neck

  • Making a Case for Cooking

    Are you a person? Are you a young person? Are you a male young person?

  • The Day I Decided to Give Zero *Fishes*

    Scrolling through my newsfeed everyday draws my attention to at least one meme stating in boldface “not a single fish given”. (Yes, I too reached for that other word but let's keep things PG-13, shall we?) Oh, you know what I'm talking about.

  • An Ode to Bengali Second Paper

    Bengali literature, which is as rich as literature could possibly get, has always been a favourite of mine. From the emotions of Tagore to the mysteries of Feluda, the ideas around which the works have revolved are commendable.

  • A guide to becoming a ludo pro

    In my experience, ludo matches are filled with screeching. This is a surefire way of causing confusion in the game and may allow you to prep for the next few tips I'm about to reveal to you.

  • The truth about Noakhaillas

    Being a Noakhailla, it is fun and/or stressful when the mention of our hometown causes mass hysteria in a room full of people. I'd like to clear the air once and for all, and get real – bust some myths and perpetuate some semi-truths.

  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

    One fine day, about 13 years ago, while surfing through channels my sibling came across this yellow cheese who lived inside a pineapple. Or at least I thought he was a cheese.

  • How the flyover changed my life

    Living in Moghbazar is hard, especially when your house is directly facing the main road. Every single day I used to wake up to the horns of a thousand vehicles.

  • The ultimate life hack!

    I have wasted half my life watching various life hack videos on YouTube. The other half was spent reading life hack articles in countless magazines. But can these videos or articles provide you solutions to all your problems? Not all the time.

  • Dear Darji

    For many years now, you have been the superhero and the supervillain (mostly villain) of my life. You are in fact more, you are the one who makes the capes those super beings don, for crying out loud.

  • Don't be an octopus, guys

    Somewhere along the way we all came to the realisation that we are Squidward Tentacles — the grumpy, unenthusiastic octopus no one liked as a child. The bitter adults/adolescents that we have grown up to be are nothing short of this detestable character.

  • How to deal with superstitious friends

    We all have that one friend who smirks in accomplishment after knocking twice on wood because they believe they have successfully escaped the wrath of the Devil by doing so.

  • 6 hours of K-pop

    Since my finals start from next week, I decided the best way to spend my weekend was this.

  • Top 5 fruits for mankind

    One of the few nice things about living in an insect-borne disease infested tropical region is the vast variety of fruits. Instead of talking about floods, heat waves and chikungunya, why don't we ignore the looming problems in our lives, think positively and celebrate the fruits nature has bestowed upon us. So, without further ado, let's start with the definitive and unquestionable top five fruits to have ever graced our mouths.

  • A boost to self-esteem from Dhallywood

    Bangla films have a strange reputation. But when you come to think of it, the questionable Dhallywood films have the uncanny ability to lighten up a bad mood. After all, we deserve bits of wild imagination and alternate universes sometimes.

  • Negative Review: Worst Experience Ever

    The other day, my “friend”, Porshi, and I went out to eat at this restaurant that apparently serves “yammy” steaks as stated by many other reviews.

  • How to get your neighbour auntie to like you

    Craving love is a natural human tendency. But sometimes love isn't just an outlet to add happiness to your life, it is of utmost necessity.

  • Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

    You see a redhead wearing hand me downs. What do you do?

  • Struggles of having no eyebrows

    A few years ago, a makeup-obsessed friend demanded I be the subject of her latest eye shadow experiment. It was a boring Saturday evening so I thought, why the heck not?

  • Living life on the edge

    I present to you few of the ways you can sprinkle some excitement over your tedious life and get those adrenal glands working.

  • What's in my (emotional) baggage

    Hello, guys! A lot of you guys have been requesting my summer essentials and oh god no's.