FABLE FACTORY | The Daily Star
  • The Other Writer

    A gust of wind rattled the panes of the window to his left. A fork of lightning appeared across the sky, closely followed by an intense clap of thunder.


    “Conscientious,” came the announcement, amidst a little feedback and hush-hush from the audience.

  • An Incomplete Love Story

    The lotus bloomed slowly.


    The waves hit the shore as the breeze carried the spray onto my face. The sound of the waves breaking, and the rustling of the leaves caressed my ears.


    You're alive, Your eyes are walking with you

  • Poison

    A vial, Concoction of crimson, lilac, sickly green.


    Side by side on a rooftop, Just two kids baring our souls.

  • Transparent Words

    As I stood in front of the derelict building, all I could think of was how much this place had changed since last year.

  • Wait of the Furious

    The turbocharged Vista braked in front of the beggar. The Lambo doors swooshed up to reveal a sando genji bulging over a pair of baggy jeans.

  • Time is of the Essence

    Manchester just called, Says there was an attack, I console her

  • One step closer

    The framed pictures hung from the wall, filled with smiles – all of the faces captured the mark of happiness.

  • The Secret Garden

    My little garden talks to me, About his green grasses and yellow daffodils.

  • Write Me a Letter

    Scented parchment and quills


    In this new dawn


    They were chasing us like bullets shot from a gun. My horse, Cleferica and I galloped on as I clutched onto her smooth, pearly white

  • An epitaph of winter

    The ghost of autumn

  • It's nothing really

    “Could you please stop staring at me?”

  • Panacea

    In a land born at the cost of lives,


    I lay awake with blood-shot eyes


    We've been friends for a long time and when I went to her house last night to borrow her chemistry notes so I could copy them, I won't say I didn't foresee what was about to happen.


    It was drizzling outside. A distant brontide playing rhythmically to my favourite 'Iron and Wine' in my room.

  • The Interview

    Baba has one of those loud, bellowing voices that can move an entire house.

  • Her Legacy

    The old widow left behind a myriad of legacy,

  • Melancholic Catastrophe

    Last night when I was dreaming of how it used to be

  • Warrior Princess

    Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. There was a girl by the same name and she was very similar to her namesake.

  • An Escape To Infinity

    It was twenty-five minutes past midnight but I could wait no longer. Maisha, my younger sister, was fast asleep beside me.

  • Coloured Edges

    There was too much colour in you, I think. And even though I have never been fond of paintings, you were the kind of picture I wish I had created myself.


    The managing editor's real name is Vikram and there are rumours that the corpse of the last person to have addressed him by it was found in a canal.

  • Maybe or, Maybe Not

    Mysterious secrets, Each of them turned 20

  • An Unprecedented Consciousness

    They lived in their dreams.