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  • Monkeys and Monsters

    Jalal ud-Din Muhammad was the name Mughal Emperor Akbar was born with; it was also the name of a man clinging for life to a sewage pipe, hanging from the side of a five storey building in the middle of the night in a dingy neighbourhood inside the city that was first established in the name of Akbar's son.

  • Cat ❤ Chicken

    Some stories begin with a “He looked at the distant shore and a seagull appeared” while some start with “I walk an empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams”. This story, however, does not start with either of the sentences.

  • Perfect Bond

    She is a plant-hollow;

  • Mother Earth

    Her eyes are like lightning Fatal but wondrous.

  • Unchained

    A million minuscule droplets exploded from the sky, shattering as they hit the pavement. Rumi let the wind dance with her hair as she inhaled the damp odor of the earth.

  • Shepherd

    In the midst of storm, I have prayed to the Salt to calm his waters.

  • Flower Poem

    She breaks forth from the depths of the soil

  • Biased Memory

    Just a few hours left!

  • Reconstruction

    Close your eyes now, Feel the fire set in,

  • Juxtaposed

    "Excuse me, can you tell me the time?"

  • Defaced

    The class was empty. It was only me and him there. And I couldn't stop staring at him—at that face. Unrecognisable.

  • Jigsaw Piece

    I am a jigsaw piece.

  • Jar Man

    I still had so much love to offer you when you left. I wanted to give you it all, let you build snow globes with it—but you left earlier than I thought you would.

  • Bug

    There is a bug on my back

  • A family man through and through

    There were certain rules in this house. Every morning, while dad and the kids were still asleep, mom woke up around 6 and took it upon herself to pull back the drapes and swing open the windows.

  • Survival

    The water had seeped in during the night.

  • Paper Plane

    I ride on a paper plane

  • Honour and orphans

    He sat on the cracking cot – the memories were fluid and vivid, and somehow, even after such a long time, they had the authority to make him lose sleep at night.

  • Glass

    Like glass, I am fragile

  • She

    She nods, She's scared, She's got, A lot of things to share


    She stared at the green light. Hoping that she'll receive something in the notifications.


    Roses be black,


    One can possibly say that I am transfixed at the beauty of nature. Sure my eyes relish every inch of the scenic surrounding before me


    The poetry you wrote continued to pile up in your scribbled notebook, never to be read.

  • Sunshine

    Sunshine and wake me up

  • Love's Freed Slaves

    Hell has visitors. I have been told


    In this world where every man wore a mask,


    He pressed the numbers in, adding, subtracting and writing the result – seeing a surplus, he smiled. This month brought in more than the last, and the figures had been growing for some time now.


    “Conscientious,” came the announcement, amidst a little feedback and hush-hush from the audience.

  • An Incomplete Love Story

    The lotus bloomed slowly.