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  • Animosity

    It was Friday and for as long as Rafid could remember, every Friday, he and baba went together to the society mosque for Jummah prayers at one.

  • An Interesting Offer

    The somber sky, illuminated with its salient, dusky hues - managed to send her to an undeniable trance. Left foot, right foot - her feet planted themselves with each step on the musky, glistening cobblestone pavement.


    Fleeing from their villages

  • Miles Per Hour

    Wind in my hair. Thoughts in my mind. Both running wild.

  • Was, Is, Will Be

    My name is Tepners and here I'd been standing with two rather strange bedfellows, origins of our appearance in this room unknown.

  • Sleepless

    Eyes are wonderful. At times, they remain wide open and welcome all the light that the universe has to offer. Also at times, they flutter shut only to consume the darkness that is necessary to sink into a pillow and float in a colorful void.

  • New Depths

    “So this is it, Chirag?” shouted the woman floating on a lifeboat at the man floating on another lifeboat.

  • The Wolves

    There were only two people in his life he failed to counsel.


    After the meteors robbed the earth of its glory, life decided to brew again with all its might. Organisms never gave in to destruction. The sun thought she would wipe away the ball of oceans and mountains that circled her.

  • Pixel Eternal

    My first memories of video games were in an arcade near our house. It had a stained floor, a noisy atmosphere and one too many people. It also had little worlds inside. Ones that were easy to get lost into.

  • Change

    An oddly decorated wooden recliner welcomed Shane as he sat down with a piping hot cup of tea in his hands, and a mind heavy with thoughts. The chair was African, a trinket his father bought on one of his travels, set beside a vast array of plants, ornaments and flowerpots his mother had arranged by the veranda.

  • Aurora, My Dear Lady

    We were hurling towards an ocean planet teeming with life.

  • Another Chance

    You might be overwhelmed by the atrocity and sufferings that exist in the world.

  • Late Night Conversations

    “Aren't fish bothered by being wet 24/7?”

  • Crows and Cons

    And so he did. Brushing off all the times his classmates called him certain things regarding his weight, Rafi made it, with a glorious manoeuvre that would put the acrobatics team to shame. It was nearly perfect.

  • Are We There Yet?

    "How long till we reach the farm?" asked Alvi, stifling a yawn.

  • The Palace of My Imagination

    The palace of my imagination

  • Ma, I Don't Like My Science Teacher

    Earlier today, his science teacher had been teaching the water cycle. Faisal was for the most part, disinterested in school, and had a hard time paying attention to the mundane lessons his teachers parroted all day. No surprises today then, when the rain outside had his mind hostage over talks of rain inside.

  • Set Course

    The waves crash against the side of the vessel listlessly. We spent 66 days at sea — 1584 hours. At first the hours had passed by in a blur. We were swamped, and I hardly had a moment to myself.

  • Phantasmagoria

    Phantasmagoria; what I dream of. To dream of your hands enveloped into mine, lying down onto cream scarlet petunias.

  • The Sword

    One of these days I'm going to forget to breathe. That would be the most logical step given the state of my forgetfulness. I should have been halfway to the Evertree Inn by now, yet here I was riding around the forest trying to find my saddlebag.

  • Delusions

    The first flap of its wings

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S 5ever

    It's 9 a.m. and even though I know I need to get up and get dressed for work, I just can't seem to gather the energy to get up. I've been feeling this way for quite some time now.

  • Wander Off

    Like the fallen autumn leaves in a stormy night,

  • Monkeys and Monsters

    Jalal ud-Din Muhammad was the name Mughal Emperor Akbar was born with; it was also the name of a man clinging for life to a sewage pipe, hanging from the side of a five storey building in the middle of the night in a dingy neighbourhood inside the city that was first established in the name of Akbar's son.

  • Cat ❤ Chicken

    Some stories begin with a “He looked at the distant shore and a seagull appeared” while some start with “I walk an empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams”. This story, however, does not start with either of the sentences.

  • Perfect Bond

    She is a plant-hollow;

  • Mother Earth

    Her eyes are like lightning Fatal but wondrous.

  • Unchained

    A million minuscule droplets exploded from the sky, shattering as they hit the pavement. Rumi let the wind dance with her hair as she inhaled the damp odor of the earth.

  • Shepherd

    In the midst of storm, I have prayed to the Salt to calm his waters.