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  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

    Prepping for the SAT subject tests

    Most of the Ivy League institutions, along with some other high calibre universities recommend or require the SAT Subject Tests. For example, Cornell University requires the test in two subjects for most Arts and Science majors.

  • The art of taking class notes

    Taking hand-written notes is a lost art in the current digital era. Thankfully, owing to our “digital” country's reluctance in converting our classroom into a digital ecosystem, the art is not yet obsolete in this part of the world.

  • Self-learning business through YouTube videos-01

    Self-learning business through YouTube videos

    YouTube is one platform that provides education and information through the means of entertainment. If you're like me, you're most likely to put off a semester worth of syllabus until the night before exam and then regret doing so, only to repeat the whole agonising process all over again.

  • Economics CGPA

    How to raise your Economics CGPA. For real.

    From the moment I had stepped into the chapters of a university, life has firmly fastened itself to the tracks of a rollercoaster and not just any regular rollercoaster, but the sort that causes a boom and a recession.

  • Thoughts of a soon-to-be graduate

    I remember when being a 90's kid used to be cool.

  • Scrum for comfortable collaboration

    Scrum is a very popular software development method used by software engineers that prioritises project planning and team management.

  • NU postpones Aug 26-29 exams

    National University has postponed fourth-year honours examinations of 2016 and degree pass and certificate examinations of 2015 (old syllabus) scheduled from August 26 to August 29 due to flood.

  • Teaching through Tech

    Smallfoot, a youth-driven initiative for educating underprivileged children, inaugurated its new social project titled "Smallfoot-Teach through Tech" on August 12, 2017. "Teach through Tech" is a technological education programme that aims to provide children from slums with training on necessary skills based on their passion.

  • For the love of imagination

    Under the joint initiative of United International University (UIU) and The Daily Star (TDS), the latest workshop of Imagine Write Creatively was held at Sir John Wilson School on August 7, 2017.

  • Redundancy And How It's Redundant

    One of the main issues that writers should seek to eliminate is redundancy. How many times have you written something like this?

  • 6 things to note for your first year at law school

    As I await my graduation from Law school, which is supposed to happen within 2 months, I look back at the memorable journey which started with me having no idea what in the world a “plaintiff” was.

  • Debate vs MUN

    Two of the most common forms of co-curricular competitions at school and university alike – debate and MUN – might seem more or less similar from the outside.

  • An Academic Pilgrimage to Bhutan

    A few weeks back, I had the tremendous good fortune to participate in an international academic conference.

  • How do you show a story?

    On a fine, sunny (too sunny for my liking) Thursday (April 27), I made my way to Bashundhara in order to observe the latest installment of Imagine


    You go home after a long day at your educational institution, eagerly anticipating nap time.

  • ULAB organises Inter-University Students’ Conference and Cultural Competition

    The Department of English at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organises its two-day Inter-University Students’ Conference and Cultural Competition for the third time.

  • The Writer's Territory

    After an awful drag of writer's block stretching months, I opted to cover the event Imagine Write Creatively at Scholastica, Mirpur on March 22 for a kick of writing inspiration.


    Arman Khan has a busy day ahead of him. As he dresses himself, he contemplates his first social media post of the day.

  • Dealing with Freeloaders

    Whenever you hear “group project” don't you remember the agonising experience of working in that one group project that you didn't...

  • Star honours 1,901 high achievers in O, A-level exams

    The nation's high achievers in O- and A-level examinations including 56 who ranked among the world's top scorers in their subjects were honoured in an award ceremony by The Daily Star today.

  • The Unspoken Significance of Coaching

    Contrary to popular belief, coachings (private classes outside of schools and colleges) aren't just a medium to improve students' grades or ensure admission to the university their parents want them to study in.

  • Surviving First Semester in an Engineering School

    If you have already considered pursuing a career in engineering, I'm guessing you are either entirely bonkers, or you are really proud of the way your mother says “Amar meye engineer hobe!” to the auntie next door, or you're genuinely interested in a career that lets you make and break things from scratch.

  • 7 Things All Teachers Should Know

    There is no cut and dried method of teaching that will guarantee a 100 percent chance of success.

  • Must Reads for Economics Nerds

    Economics is a very demanding subject filled with theories, graphs and loads of math. If you love the subject despite this (or because of this), and need a change from your regular textbook, here are some pleasure reads to satisfy the economist in you.

  • Tutor to Mentor

    Tutoring is generally a well-paid job with a certain degree of flexibility, which explains its popularity among students.

  • ACT or SAT

    We all know how important standardised test scores are. They enable admissions officers to compare you with other applicants, and often act as a filter for opening applications in the first place.

  • Thesis Semester Prep

    Approaching the end of an undergraduate degree can be an exciting time but nothing dampens those feelings faster than an impending thesis.

  • School children in Singapore

    Singapore students top in maths, science and reading

    Singapore's 15-year-olds take top place, outperforming their peers from 71 other countries, showing that the deliberate curricular shifts over the years to emphasise higher-order critical thinking skills have worked in moving students beyond mastering content knowledge to become problem solvers.

  • BRAC University,students,cast votes,Dhaka,to elect,executive body of co-curricular activity clubs,campus,Dhaka

    BRACU students elect executive bodies of 13 clubs

    BRAC University students cast votes to select the members of the executive body of co-curricular activity clubs at its campus in Dhaka during the Fall Semester in 2016.

  • Career Planning For Misfits

    I face these questions from students at Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center's (BYLC) Office of Professional Development (OPD), which provides BYLC graduates with top class career guidance, through a world class curriculum and experienced trainers.