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  • EID 2117

    There are a lot of things Rum1 hates in life, having to update his neural ID card, standing in line for the hoverjet to school, wearing his socks backwards...

  • City of Magic

    Risking his life Shakfat looked down at the street below him. It was a solid mass of cars, buses, giants, autorickshaws and a petni's bot gachh fitted with wheels.

  • How to Destroy a Child's Self-esteem

    We learn to handle negative comments when we become adults; at that stage negative comments don't seem to bother us that much.

  • How to Cope with Your Negative Feelings

    The self-conscious mind is not a comfortable place for most people. Negative feelings have a tendency of overwhelming the positivity we try holding on to dearly.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Writing Poetry

    There are tons of hobbies you can immerse yourself in as the vacation days approach. Writing poetry can be a rewarding hobby, especially if you enjoy writing or are looking to express yourself through a different medium. Here's what will hopefully help you on your journey to call yourself a poet!


    I am one of those people who will walk ten steps away as soon as someone lights a cigarette.


    From howling “Mama, duita shingara” to frantically skimming through bio notes at the last minute for next period's test to bunking math and jamming with a guitar and dudh cha by the staircase – cafeterias not only occupy an enormous space on our school/university grounds but also in our hearts (because who doesn't know that the way to our hearts are through our stomachs?).


    I still remember the day I broke the news to my parents about majoring in Environmental Science. With a couple of void stares, head shakes and general indifference, came the most commonly asked question Environmental Science students face, “So what will you eventually do, clean Cox's Bazar?”

  • A Guide for the Millennial Ghost

    Look, we understand that you're confused just now. Being treated like you're invisible is normal but people walking right through you isn't. Something is clearly wrong here and, as you suspect, it's you. You've become a ghost.

  • Sexism in classrooms

    When we speak of lively and thriving learning environments, we rarely factor in sexism as an issue that needs to be addressed.

  • A love letter to Dhanmondi

    I just stood there. Observing. A single light flickering, leaves illuminating underneath on a spring night with a familiar shade of red...

  • The GRE Test: Not as scary as you think

    Contrary to horror stories narrated by some standardised test veterans, the GRE isn't designed to rob you of your sleep and social life weeks before you sit for the test.

  • To Compete or Not to Compete

    At least once in your life as a university student, there comes a time (or several times for that matter) where you fall into serious self-doubt.


    Growing up, we come across certain people who inspire us, or simply, change the way we think. This week, we asked boys and young men to talk about females (real or fictional), who have left a mark in their lives.


    Besides nice kebabs and somewhat sweet sandwiches, the one other thing that convinced me not to jump out of windows back in school was the free period on Thursdays assigned for club activities.

  • Respected Principals, Please Take Note

    For years, my school's “Suggestion Box” has been void of a single suggestion and has instead become home to dust and cobwebs.

  • Knowing the Value of a Taka

    Growing up, we usually rely on our parents for almost everything. We look up to them for guidance, support and of course, we are financially dependent on them up to a certain period. So, when we sense that our parents are having financial problems, it's natural to feel worried.

  • A Noob's Guide to Bangla Literature

    A person's initiation to reading can happen in different ways, and often with different languages. In many cases, that dictates where a person's reading habit heads in the future.

  • How to Travel Like a Pro

    If there's any thread that connects all the people on this planet irrespective of their nationality, race or culture – it's their keen interest to travel the world.

  • Stories of Starvation

    The following letters are from individuals who have suffered from eating disorders or know someone who has. Mental illness is widely ignored, especially one like an eating disorder, although they can eventually become fatal. These stories hope to push individuals into asking for help or lending a hand to someone who may need it.

  • Getting started on post graduation

    Before we can move on to the “what,” “where” and “how” of getting started on postgraduate studies, we must look into the 'why.'

  • Playtimes of the Past

    Remember those days when we used to come back from school, eat lunch and run off to the streets/rooftops to meet our buddies and play fun games and sports? If you're a 90s' kid who grew up in Bangladesh, you'd surely know.

  • A Letter To 2017

    Glad to finally have you here. Your predecessor wasn't particularly kind to us during its stay, having more lows than ups.

  • How to train your dragon in Dhaka

    Especially in a city like Dhaka, it is quite dangerous to hang out with a dragon and train it. You might think it's a crazy idea to even try to train these fantastic beasts with terrifying looks but believe me when I say dragons are the most intelligent and loyal pets that you will ever find.

  • DUNMUN 2016: A Lesson in Diplomacy

    With 500 delegates, Dhaka University National Model United Nations (DUNMUN) held its fifth edition, from December 19-22, 2016.

  • MEDITEC 2016 - Combining doctors, engineers and computer scientists for better healthcare

    Long gone are the days when the healthcare sector of a country was solely managed by the medical practitioners. The requirements of a progressive world demand for technology and engineering to work in alliance within the medical precinct.


    Unilever Future Leaders' League (FLL) is an annual global live case competition that brings together potential leaders and empowers bright minds from all around the world. Through the tremendously popular and competitive Unilever BizMaestros, the champions were selected to represent Bangladesh in the upcoming edition of Unilever FLL in May 2017 in London.

  • Liberal Arts Education: Misconceptions and prospects

    Liberal Arts Colleges (LACs) in the US have been attracting young Bangladeshis seeking education abroad for quite some time.

  • Losing parents to mental conditions

    Not many kids actually come forward with their problems at home, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as their parents. Two of my close friends have somehow lost their parents to a world of their own – depression and Alzheimer's, and I found myself in the middle of their stories.

  • Mama Bari: Empowering Children through Education

    Imagine an ordinary man whose day begins like any other. He wakes up at quarter past seven, worn out from the previous day, preparing to grit his teeth through the next.