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  • Why the endless bailouts of state-owned banks?

    The government has just announced a fresh bailout package to the tune of Tk 20 billion (approximately USD 250 million) so that they may meet some of their capital shortfalls.

  • Highway bus

    Highway robbery

    Highways are the major arteries of our economic backbone. Since the railway network was never really developed to transport bulk goods, we are inordinately dependent on highways to connect the capital city with the rest of the country to get goods transported.

  • Why is the project floundering?

    Things are not looking very rosy for one of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken by the government under the public-private partnership (PPP) model in 2011.

  • What about our “loss”?

    It's that time of year again when we talk about the rationality of power tariff hike. According to media reports, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) has forwarded a proposal to the Energy and Mineral Resources Division (EMRD) that there is need to hike the prices of petroleum products.

  • Bangladeshi passport

    When our freedom of movement is restricted

    We can understand our position in the index when we take into account how we performed against other nations.

  • Lagging behind in a tech-driven world

    What we must remember is that the path to transforming the production workplace will differ from nation to nation.

  • American U-turn in Afghanistan?

    President Trump is re-engaging in Afghanistan in a manner that basically reverses former President Obama's policies.

  • No good news in the Middle East

    The Islamic State (IS) and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (an al-Qaeda affiliate, known earlier as the Nusra Front) have effectively been ejected from Lebanese territory by the army there. The latest twist in Middle East politics is the recent Lebanese experience.

  • No need for water bodies!

    That was basically the message realtors had given Rajuk in early November in a views-sharing meeting. Realtors believe it is ludicrous for Rajuk to try and reclaim what has already been grabbed.

  • Good, if we get rid of our hiccups

    The United Nations unveiled its World Economic Situation and Prospects 2018 report on December 14.

  • save water

    Save water, save money

    Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. A much less talked about issue is water efficiency and sustainability at industrial level.

  • BBS under fire, again

    The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) is the body the government depends on for data on the various sectors of the economy to make policy decisions.

  • Hariri's bombshell resignation

    We live in interesting times to say the least. Last week Hariri launched a tirade against Iran and its principal ally, Hezbollah, for trying to destabilise the region.

  • Home textile industry in a fix

    One does not give much thought to the export market for home textiles and terry towels in this country.

  • Runaway cost of living

    People, particularly those who belong to the lower income groups, have been reeling under the weight of rising cost of living for some years now.

  • A graveyard for ships and men

    According to a report published by this paper on October 22, “Bangladesh was the top buyer of scrapped ships in the world in the third quarter of 2017, followed by India,” as stated by the Brussels-based Shipbreaking Platform.

  • It's all about the oil

    While the world's focus is now squarely on the United States' (US) spat with Iran and North Korea, there may be trouble brewing elsewhere and that is northern Iraq.

  • The rise of OBOR

    Bangladesh has formally joined the China-led One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative a day after the Trump administration joined India in its opposition to OBOR.

  • Foreign workers' tax evasion

    The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has declared its intention to go after both the companies hiring foreign nationals and individual foreign nationals working in the country on the issue of tax evasion.

  • New challenges in implementing the Indian LoC

    To put all this in perspective, when we talk about building roads, how viable is it to seek prior permission for each purchase of raw materials involving bricks, sand, rods, cement or other construction material?

  • Why another hike in power tariff?

    The general trend has been to pass on “losses” sustained by state-owned entities to retail and bulk consumers alike without so much as reducing a part of their profit or efficiency. Does the government care for rewarding efficient management and cost saving enterprises?

  • Are state-owned banks bottomless baskets?

    The issue of non-performing loans (NPLs) have now reached a phenomenal amount. As of June, defaulted loans amounted to Tk 63,365 crore, which is 10 percent of total outstanding loans (as per Bangladesh Bank data).

  • Haor project in a shambles?

    It was dogged by mismanagement from inception and has seen 11 project directors come and go, and now we know from media reports that lawyers in the most adversely affected district of Sunamganj sued 140 people, including BWDB officials and contractors for negligence and “irregularities” in construction of embankments that collapsed back in April.

  • A disaster in the making

    The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) stated at the end of July that an international tender will soon be floated for privatising port operations. This is a move in the right direction.

  • Troubled times for the leather industry

    One doesn't know what will become of the estimated four million raw hides and skins that will require to be preserved. The Ministry of Commerce has apparently paved the way for 0.5 million metric tonnes of salt to be imported but there is concern that it may not arrive in time.

  • The curse of yaba persists

    Methamphetamine, commonly known as “yaba,” has over the last decade taken a hold on our society as it went from a trendy, synthetic drug for the elite to mass consumption.

  • Worried about the future

    Arecent survey carried out by Prothom Alo on the youth's perception about the country and their future brought out some interesting facts about job prospects in Bangladesh. Although 74 percent of the respondents expressed overall satisfaction with the economic situation, 82 percent are unsure about securing a job in today's economy.

  • Boiler blast kills again!

    Will we ever see criminal proceedings against those who bear responsibility for not replacing faulty equipment or not hiring professionals to run critical machinery like boilers?

  • Proofing infrastructure against climate change

    We need multi-stakeholder involvement that includes the government, the business community, and bi-lateral and multi-lateral development agencies to undertake modelling studies on probable impact of climate-induced changes. It is not just about making commitments in the budget for maintenance work.

  • The reality after seven years

    We are in love with numbers. The government loves to show off the billions of dollars it has received in investment commitment from India and China.