• Not Egg-xactly Egg-static

    OCTOBER 11 is World Obesity Day. October 13 is World Egg Day. October 14 is Global Hand Washing Day (makes sense, gotta wash the hands after handling eggs—there's salmonella). October 16 is World Food Day. At this rate, I would expect October 17 to be World Diarrhea Day…

  • Now Everyone Can Fly

    At the check-in counter of Air Asia at Taipei Airport, I notice two things. One, the 7kg carry-on limit is for the TOTAL weight of both carry-on items and NOT for each, as I thought initially.

  • Who Deserves a Hat Trick?

    The only good thing about the Donald Trump tragedy is that comedians are in business. In fact they (the comedians) have become lazy as Trump himself is delivering the jokes on a silver platter.

  • The rhinocerine politician

    I guess we have to come to accept that Aung San Suu Kyi is no longer a little girl with a little doll called the Nobel Peace Prize. She has matured into a seasoned and rhinocerine politician.

  • Un Sung Fuh Ror

    Aung San Suu Kyi – what an impressive resume.

  • Fifty Shades of White

    Combine the seven colours of the rainbow and you get white light. That's not to say that combine all the rainbow flags and you get white.

  • Ask first, walk later

    After taking the vitals of my mother, the nurse at this hospital in Bangkok, Thailand asks me in a soothing melody: “Yoll mathall blood pleshull high flom walkeeng to this loom?”

  • Flying while daddy

    I‘m a frequent and solo flier without the privilege of pre-boarding as a business class passenger.

  • Murphy's Brother-in-Law

    The red marks on my three month old's face are definitely not mosquito bites. And mosquitoes are something we are REALLY scared of.

  • June Mayhem

    As the Lion goes in for the kill of the Kangaroo, the Tiger gets ready for the semi-finals. This is one day when every Bangladeshi is an

  • The curse of the Bonsai

    The horizontal axis of the graph surely extends from the right to the left, Middle Eastern style. That is the only explanation for

  • It Is The Time…

    It is the time when the head of the roadside restaurant is covered up during lunchtime as we only see the legs, knees downwards. Just

  • Semana Caliente

    A man in Bronx, New York, gets into his Honda just like another man in London who gets into his Hyundai. The Bronx man drives

  • Gold Finger

    You have a son and you worry about that boy. You have a daughter and you have to worry about every boy on the block, because not every parent is worrying about his/her boy.

  • Who is Daddy's Girl?

    Let's face it, if there is anyone we love the most, it's ourselves. It is probably the biggest waste of human cells to have a pair of ears –

  • United we stand, overbooked we fall

    My show hosts in Dallas, Texas treat me to a sumptuous biryani dinner. Being a wise man with an early morning flight the following

  • Big Sister is watching you

    I have to admit that after all these years of marriage, I still haven't given my wife the legendary football sized, ok, cricket ball sized, ok, ping pong ball sized, ok, marble sized, ok, pellet sized diamond ring.

  • Inverse to distance

    There will be so much winning that all will get tired of winning and beg, “Stop! We can't take this [the winning] anymore.” The heads will spin.

  • Lapbottom

    Biman, capitalise on it! “Fly directly to London, do not pass [through] the Middle East, do not collect a baggage tag for your laptop.”

  • The Lateral Samaritans

    Being a compassionate husband, I give my wife company during all her cravings throughout her pregnancy. As a result, both of us are competing when it comes to the size of our bellies. We almost get a buy-one-get-one-free ultra sonogram deal.

  • Handsome in Pink

    Saturday. The wife is 400 miles away attending her MBA classes at University of California Berkeley. I am at the Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego, California.

  • The ever obliging hostages

    The hiring manager at Takata Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan tells me, “We have seen tons of engineers, but none who has been in a Pepsi TV commercial.”

  • Guilty until proven innocent

    Though I insist on his giving me the full address and directions to his home, he says with confidence, “Come to the Bakshi Bazaar

  • No love lost

    February is like a traffic light – signalling us to slow down and stop. It starts with the green of picnics, then the orange of Pohela

  • Oh Summer Whine!

    I get a call to do a comedy show at an event. I am asked, "Do we have to pay you?" I answer, "No, in fact I will pay you.

  • The United States of Hysteria

    Sorry I'm not writing today on Rampal or the proposed Fat VAT (ok, Fat Tax). I have a feeling that the next 200 Humorously Yours

  • Tweeter-in-Chief

    USA finally comes to terms with test cricket – a long, drawn out game where it may not always matter who wins: Clinton vs. Trump. . .


    2016 – MMXVI. A year like no other before. And we've had an extra 24 hours to digest it, thanks to the leap year.

  • Knotty note

    Uber in Bangladesh kicks off. I nickname it Butterfly, for (officially) living a long life of three days before being shot down for providing a commercial service using private vehicles.

  • Article 22

    Ustaad Purbayan Chatterjee aptly says that the Bengal Classical Music Festival is the Woodstock of classical music.