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  • A Linguistic Examination of Twelve Stories

    As part of the Library of Bangladesh series, Dhaka Translation Center (DTC) has published a translation of twelve stories written by Hasan Azizul Haq, one of the most prolific writers of contemporary Bengali literature.

  • Thinking Beyond Boundaries: An Interview with Susie Tharu

    Susie Tharu and K. Lalita are well-known in India and beyond for their path breaking publication Women Writing in

  • Redrawing Gender Boundaries in Literary Terrains 18th and 19th May 2017.

    The connections between gender and literature have a long history. Looking only at English literature, we can trace

  • Places

    The intimate impersonality of my hotel room

  • Debendranath Tagore

    This year is the bicentennial of Debendranath Tagore (1817-1905), the eldest son of Prince Dwarkanath Tagore, who was also known

  • Homing into Darkness

    As I see it, Zia Haider Rahman debut novel In the Light of What We Know (2014) turns on a high voltage light bulb of knowledge to

  • Santahar

    No, I've never been to Santa Fe.

  • Inheritance

    “… they shall inherit the earth.”

  • Tagore and Rainy Days

    Emon dine tare bola jay! On a dreamy day of endless showers, a sunless day of dense clouds, one could share the kind of mystery with

  • A Wild Kingdom

    Shravan: the beginning of monsoon. For many days, the rain clouds had dispersed their burden. From the vicinity of Nada or Lobtulia, or from the vantage point of Grant Sahib's banyan tree, one could look in any direction and see only a verdant sea of fledgling reeds.


    Sudden panic sends colorful homebound crowds –

  • Valediction

    The day of our last parting, the rain refused to let up, pelting the window

  • Maach Khor

    “That one is empty. The ribs are those giant bones on a full grown ilish, ilish with eggs”, thought Gamcha Miya, staring at Harun's skeletal boy with a ballooned stomach.

  • Oi Ashe Oi Oti Bhairob Horoshe

    There, there they come— monsoonal clouds—

  • A Writer's Writer - Akhtaruzzaman Elias

    Seven or eight years ago, I went to a program dedicated to the memory of Akhtaruzzaman Elias, one of our finest writers. It was a

  • Arundhati Roy releases first novel in 20 years

    Arundhati Roy's eagerly-awaited second novel goes on sale, two decades after her prize-winning debut "The God of Small Things" propelled her to global fame and launched her career as an outspoken critic of injustice in her native India.

  • A Vampire in Gulshan

    It was 3 AM. He couldn't sleep (he took sleeping pills but they didn't work). He was thinking of Fatin. Thursday night they had partied

  • To a Gunman

    Like the mysterious rise of your enemy's language,

  • How Poets Sleep

    Our minds don't stop,

  • How Poets Sleep

    Our minds don't stop,

  • Confession

    I never carried a rose

  • Kazi Nazrul Islam and the October Revolution

    On 25 October 1917 in Russia – 7 November in India – the Bolsheviks led an armed insurrection against Petrograd. News of the

  • Thinking about Nazrul in Cuba: Love and Revolution

    I visited Havana, Cuba, in January this year. I was invited there to give a lecture on the significance of Fidel Castro and the reception of

  • Understanding Nazrul and His World

    How did Nazrul perceive the world literature of his time? Was he widely read, and did he interact with the literary ideas shaping

  • “Padmar Dheu Re . . .’’

    Kazi Nazrul Islam was enticed by the challenge of writing a (Song of Separation) in a Bhatiyali tune. River Padma is,

  • Amay Nahe Go Bhalobasho..

    Dearest, even if you won't love me

  • Reminiscing Shanchita

    As a child, I was not an ardent fan of the "Rebel Poet". I was made to memorise “Bidrohi” before I started going to school; and, I can

  • The One Who Shows the Way

    An unknown Darvish arrived in town that dawn. People rose euphoric, as if rising from the churning of the sea; they were everywhere-


    Though times have changed, in the several visits I made to the US over the last twenty years, one headache has remained constant –

  • Tales of Everlasting Endearment

    Women and children in masterly works of fiction tend to be endearing. From Bengal to Russia, the endearment lasts a lifetime;