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  • The Goat from the Other Side of the River

    “Doctor,” I chalk on the charcoal board. I ponder for several long seconds until I put two crosses on it with the kind of exertion that


    Ah, Moon of my Delight who know'st no wane,

  • Prayer and Lament

    507 dead and 22,407 injured in political violence in Bangladesh in 2013

  • Patriot Acts

    Early the next morning, after Rafi finally turned off the TV and closed his eyes on the couch, a text message startled him out of sleep: “Get a big American flag, hang outside your door, Dad.” His father always signed off, even though his name would appear with his texts and calls. Rafi set down the phone and tried to sleep again. A second text intruded on it: “Take down Black Lives Matter sign. Please. For now. Dad.”

  • In Prison

    The room is locked from outside;

  • Rada Intensity

    We were out in the park, frolicking—all sixteen of us. Well, sort of! We were gamboling all right, but this was a part of the Alexander Technique exercise, something any casual observer in the park might not have understood.

  • Autumn Fragment

    November, where are the mists of yesteryear?

  • On A Street

    Nanga Pagla the sky‑clad one

  • A Welsh Poet Foresees His Death: Rakhine Province, 1944.

    As many hundreds of thousands of refugees stream out of Rakhine, leaving behind family killed and homes reduced to ashes, it may seem, and maybe is, peculiarly insensitive, untimely and Eurocentric to refer to the death of one Welsh poet in their homeland nearly 75 years ago.

  • Searching

    A pebble ran to a beach in search of a home

  • The Idea of Order in Bangladesh

    I don't mean law and order, in which we are woefully indigent, but artistic order, the kind created by art and literature. I mean the idea

  • With Sukhu Mia across Bangladesh

    Dogs usually live for some ten to thirteen years. Small sized breeds may live a little longer, but the bigger the size, the smaller the

  • Catmoir

    Cats are to be hated. And their whining, which some might lovingly define as meowing, is nothing but tiresome whimpering. At least

  • After successful publications of the graphic novel on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Bangla, the English version of the first part of the novel series "Mujib" is unveiled at the Dhaka Lit Fest at Bangla Academy in Dhaka.

    Graphic novel ‘Mujib’ launched in English at Dhaka Lit Fest

    After successful publications of the graphic novel on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Bangla, the English version of the first part of the novel series "Mujib" is unveiled at the Dhaka Lit Fest at Bangla Academy in Dhaka.

  • Dhaka on a sad day

    With pedal click the rickshaw's here

  • Port of Tranquility

    On a sun baked plateau, infused with the hue of stained blood and brown bread, caressed by the waves of the immortal spirit, which

  • An Afternoon at Katabon Pet Shop

    It took more than an hour for Rupa to reach her destination. After paying the fare she started walking past the pet shops in Katabon.

  • The story of a bat: Cricket in Rwanda

    On October 28th, Rwanda will celebrate the opening of its first real and certainly grassiest cricket ground in the capital, Kigali. Brain

  • History is Muse

    The muse offers herself in full glory;

  • The Listener of Stories

    My mother says I have always been a quick learner; I can remember her stories well. I can retell them in front of people, copying her

  • In Memoriam

    Some memories like unexploded grenades

  • Flashback

    The idea of this poem came to Shahidul in 2012, soon after his Sussex MA dissertation on Modernism, where Eliot was one of his

  • Pablo Neruda

    Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer: Experts

    A team of international scientists says that Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer or malnutrition, rejecting the official cause of death but not laying to rest one of the great mysteries of post-coup Chile.

  • Inside RADA for the First Time

    Bret and I entered a cavernous RADA room, and not a moment too soon! What seemed like a thousand pairs of eyes stared at us as we

  • Government Employees of Bangladesh Another 'Diasporic' Community

    “Take your belongings and head for the old dormitory. The dorm is a good one; it's located at the south-east of the college campus—

  • Poetry

    The language of self-deception—

  • Kazuo Ishiguro's Craft of Recreating Memory and Forgetfulness

    That Kazuo Ishiguro was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature this year is significant for various reasons. The declaration of Bob

  • Metamorphosis of an Artist as a Heroic Man

    The night of November 20th, 1993 was in many ways Kafkaesque for Rashid Karim, one of the major novelists of Bangladesh. The

  • Rebel Poet

    One day he will sing his song.

  • A Backward City I'm in Love with

    Honk, honk the automobile keeps sounding.