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  • Port of Tranquility

    On a sun baked plateau, infused with the hue of stained blood and...

  • History is Muse
    History is Muse

    The muse offers herself in full glory;

  • Flashback

    The idea of this poem came to Shahidul in 2012, soon after his...


    Battle? What does it mean? One sense against another? No, it's an intellectual tamasha in which six professors of English Literature

  • The Sense of Touch

    It was a pair of forceps that brought me into the world. The metallic tongs pulled me out of my mother's womb. I don't remember the

  • The Sixth Sense

    1. Both Sigmund Freud and Jung studied the unconscious but did not strongly emphasize the 'Sixth Sense' or the Intuitive one,

  • Romancing the Senses-Hearing

    Wikipedia lists the 5 senses thus: taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing, and they are all important, but it's sight that dominates the

  • Capsule

    Our conversations end mid-sentence.

  • Japanese-born British author wins Nobel Literature Prize

    British author Kazuo Ishiguro, best known for his novel "The Remains of the Day" and whose emotional uprooting from his native Japan has left an indelible stamp on his work, wins the 2017 Nobel Literature Prize.

  • The Fish of Kalshi

    “The whole area will be digital!” says Taimur Reza, the scrawny, bald-and-bearded proprietor of Taimur's betel leaf stand on the

  • The Eternal Song

    I celebrate myself—

  • Snippets

    Him: Off to India. What should


    Bret and I were marching resolutely towards our Holy Grail, waiting for us only a couple of hundred meters or so away, though still out

  • Gabo's Solitude

    Love for stories, rather fairy tales, begins from childhood. The stories of childhood travel by flights of fancy. As we grow up though,

  • Key holes

    We hide our wet lace behind a trellis of plants, our voices honeyed from jaded soap operas.

  • Metamorphosis

    Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock,

  • Decision Pending

    He was hell-bent on getting out of Purgatory. There was no good reason for him to be in this position but here he was. It really wasn't

  • Rice

    In the wooded marshland of Manbhoom, the mountain peaks stretched beyond the horizon. Spring was almost gone; palash trees in

  • The Principle of Resonance

    The Architect of designated Life

  • The Nature of the Linguistic Sign

    Signifier: Alas, that I am only what I am not.

  • What If?

    He said she was his Achilles' heel long before she had read Homer. "What's an Achilles' heel?" She asked with the innocence of a

  • The Craig's List

    The newly weds were still living with ramshackle old furniture and gadgets ~ different pieces collected over the years that my son had

  • In and Around Boston As an Actor-to-be

    Almost in front of the entrance to, and egress from, the Goodge Street subway station on Tottenham Court Road stood a coin-


    Let us say you dream of a woman,

  • To Be is to Be towards Death: Tagore's Last Poems

    While reading some of Tagore's last poems from Shesh Lekha—translated by Kaiser Haq and Fakrul Alam and printed in The Essential Tagore— I could not stop relating Tagore's views on death with the ontology of Being and nothingness.

  • Now that It's August Cry out in Sorrow

    Now that it's August, cry out in sorrow Bengalis!

  • August is the Cruellest Month

    Shamsur Rahman's “Song of Electra,” is a poem about a daughter lamenting her father's inopportune death. He is really none other than the father of our nation who was snatched from us one dark August night in 1975.

  • Silent but Near

    It is true that Rashid Karim Gholam Murshed, aka Rashid Karim, surrendered his physical life to death. But it is not true that he gave

  • Orange Man from Netrakona

    Besides daily errands, Aklima Begum had barely been outside her Dhanmondi apartment in months. At first there seemed no plan to it.

  • On Retiring

    Six professors of the Department of English of Dhaka University retired recently and were given a farewell on the occasion. The following poems were penned for this occasion.

  • Rabindranath’s 76th death anniversary being observed

    The 76th death anniversary of the Bard of Bengal Rabindranath Tagore is observed.

  • From Dhaka and Dirty Dialectics:

    But, Dhaka, I hear your sepoy in the attic say, as he fashions his life after the size and shape of a solitude more tenacious than my

  • Dhaka Landing

    Dhaka was still slumbering. The sun was yet to come up, and the silence spread over the pitched road was yet to be swallowed by the