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  • Amay Nahe Go Bhalobasho..

    Dearest, even if you won't love me

  • Reminiscing Shanchita

    As a child, I was not an ardent fan of the "Rebel Poet". I was made to memorise “Bidrohi” before I started going to school; and, I can

  • The One Who Shows the Way

    An unknown Darvish arrived in town that dawn. People rose euphoric, as if rising from the churning of the sea; they were everywhere-


    Though times have changed, in the several visits I made to the US over the last twenty years, one headache has remained constant –

  • Tales of Everlasting Endearment

    Women and children in masterly works of fiction tend to be endearing. From Bengal to Russia, the endearment lasts a lifetime;

  • Overseasoned

    Digging his grave in a mine,

  • Traversing Cohen

    I want to write a letter to a woman from a time now past.

  • Religion, Diaspora and the Politics of a Homing Desire

    Let me dedicate my inaugural musing in this page to the writers of the Bangladeshi diaspora spread all over the world; after all, I

  • Nineteen Thirty-Four

    A motorcar

  • Portrait of the poet as young woman

    Her hair

  • My Tent of Hymns

    Our house rules required us siblings to sit before our father every morning for a session on the literary classics.

  • Visva-Bharati: A Civil Public Space for All Ages

    All of us are products of our times – but while most of us are carried on time's shoulders only a few are able to carry time on theirs.

  • Rabindranath Tagore, Nagor,

    Tagore’s memories with Nagor

    From 1891-1901 Tagore was continuously in Bengal. He used to come in Naogaon’s Patisar to observe the estate’s condition till 1937. His grandfather Prince Dwarkanath Tagore bought this estate in 1830. Actually to look after that estate Tagore came to Patisar in 1891.

  • Rabindranath and the Question of Nationalism

    To read Rabindranath Tagore's lectures on Nationalism delivered in 1916 in Japan and in America is to feel that he positively detested it.

  • Bichitra: The Making of an Online Tagore Variorum

    This remarkable book records a unique feat. In sequenced essays, its many contributors led by their mastermind...

  • A Prisoner of Memories

    I do not really know. I never really thought I would or could write. The first piece I wrote was of course some old Grimm Brothers' fairy

  • Memories Are

    Dazzling diamond,

  • In Her Blue

    A copper coloured dog bit her

  • The Book of Air

    I was about to write my promised piece on Anna Karenina, when my editor suggested that perhaps it would be a good idea to mention

  • The legacy of Kangal Harinath

    A teacher of a small village was so overwhelmed by the atrocities of the landowners or zamindars of colonial India that he decided to write something in protest. A former employee of a British-owned indigo production factory, he was a first-hand witness of the cruelties against the workers who gave their sweat and blood to only be further exploited by the zamindars and the British Raj.

  • SPQH

    Celebration was in the air and the temperature was dipping fast. No-one seemed to care as children were out enjoying snowball fight

  • Nature

    Not by rules

  • Bob Dylan accepts Nobel Prize at last

    After months of uncertainty and controversy, Bob Dylan finally accepted the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature at a jovial, champagne-laced ceremony, the Swedish Academy announces.


    It was not all utopian: Jones expected his researches, like his law codes, to have practical benefits. While enjoying his Arcadia, he was

  • Poet Sazzad Quadir no more

    Noted poet and journalist Sazzad Qadir dies of old age complications at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital in Dhaka. He was 70.

  • Our Muktijuddho and the Americans

    Prof. Mahmudul Huque concludes his book From Autonomy to Independence: The United States, Pakistan and Emergence of

  • Poor Man Eating

    Were I a painter


    The Jalangiriver snakes across Bengal, as changeable as it is beautiful and impervious to the political divisions that would separate the eastern arm of its mother river Ganga from the western.

  • Bohemians and Others

    Polyphony of expressions, identity, skill and perspective are the dominant links that connect the books by Khademul Islam, Sayeeda T

  • Abul Mansur Ahmad: A Versatile Genius

    It was in a most turbulent period of the history of Bengal that Abul Mansur Ahmad fought hard against social prejudice and religious bigotry.