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  • Cool down with cucumber packs and cumin seeds

    'Cool as a cucumber' is a phrase that is very true to the intrinsic value of a cucumber. It is one vegetable that is known to have a cooling effect on the body. It is packed with health benefits and is not only good to eat but also has multiple benefits when applied on the skin.

  • Handy tools for better health

    Medical treatment and healthcare in today's fast-paced world is costly.

  • Pointers for a stress free Eid

    A successful Eid party lives on in everyone's memory long after the last glass of punch has been sipped and the last bit of dessert eaten. But the fuss and frustration of planning can be a big party pooper.

  • Ready, Set, Makeup!

    New season means a fresh and trendy look that's completely different from any other year. Isn't that just exciting? Life never seems boring when you are up-to the minute chic and fashionable.

  • Coconut oil for shiny locks

    Ask any elderly lady the secret of their hair care, and they will swear by the humble coconut oil and its gazillion benefits. For thousands of years, we have witnessed Bengali beauties apply coconut oil as the prime ingredient for hair nourishment. But have we ever wondered why this favouritism?

  • Yoghurt: the super food

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for maintaining good health, helping you feel your best. The nutrients needed by children are the same as needed by adults, but the amounts vary.

  • Bowties 101

    Over time we have stereotyped bowties to the extent that it is solely associated with weddings and the groom, and quite rarely his entourage.

  • Basic hacks

    Most of the light bulbs we use today have either twist lock bases or screw bases.

  • Reduce your use of plastic

    You may find it hard to believe but a plastic bottle takes anywhere between 100 and 1000 plus years to degrade, with an average degradation time of 450 years!

  • For tea and coffee lovers

    No one quite understands the saying 'Old habits die hard' as much as tea or coffee addicts during Ramadan. Not only are they fighting their pangs of hunger, but also keeping a watch over their cravings!

  • Green tea the wonder drink!

    It is associated with myriad benefits. Numerous studies show how important green tea is for one's body and mind. So is this the healthiest beverage ever?

  • Treat your dry skin right

    Even if we love the chill of winter, we do not love what it can do to our skins. Our skins gets dry due to cold weather or lack of humidity..

  • 2017: Pairing comfort with fashion

    Pastels will become a more likely colour range. Such subtle colours will be seen on crewnecks during the start of this year for example. I myself am very excited for this predicted trend and will get my first crewneck sweater of such a soft colour.

  • Cleansing 101

    Every single one of us is unique. Our diets, lifestyles and yes, our skin too. This skin, which differs from person to person in matters of texture, dryness or sensitiveness all have one thing in common.

  • Dealing with dry facial skin

    Wet your face with some warm water. Take care to avoid hot water or anti-bacterial soaps as these rid the face of its natural oils.

  • Luscious Lips

    Initiated by Koreans, this is a lipstick trick that makes your lips look smaller, giving you a youthful and natural look.

  • Body brushing

    Body brushing or dry brushing is an old technique that has resurfaced, and is now being used and talked about heavily because of its benefits.

  • Winter in boho-chic

    Boho-Chic has been a recurring phenomenon in the fashion atmosphere. Call it "bobo", "gypsy", "festival chic", or even "cocktail grunge", the basics remain close to the natural unkempt look with lots of patterns and fringes.

  • Myth busters

    It almost seems like common sense, but that is not the case apparently! People get colds because of viral infections and there are no reasons to think that germs are more abundant in lower temperatures.

  • Kitchen Shades

    With a cuisine dominated by spices, imagine the hours and the money you would need to maintain the classic, all-white kitchen! And after all that hard work, chances are, there will still be a faint yellow curry stain after you have washed it for the umpteenth time that day! So,

  • The 3-step Au Natural Routine with the benefits of coconut

    The aisles of supermarkets are lined with a plethora of beauty products that promise skin health in various ways.

  • Parting ways with white walls

    Ever wondered why the South-Asian in us could not cope up with dreary white walls? We are jazzy folks, we need hues and colours in all aspects of our lives and there you go - walls cannot be left alone.

  • Winter sun protection

    Just because the weather is getting colder a lot of us have the tendency to skimp on sunscreen. It is colder, not as much sun outside, and

  • Winter skincare

    With the promise of steaming cups of tea on foggy mornings, pearly dews collecting on grass and of leaves turning yellow and

  • Smells like home

    Scents are the strongest ties to a memory, but when that scent is off an old shoe, undried paint, or rotting vegetables, it is not a memory someone wants to recall.

  • Face wash dos and don'ts

    Washing our face is perhaps the most important part of our daily beauty regimen. And it is not a woman thing at all! Women and men alike should take good care of their skin, especially their facial skin, because that is where dirt and dust accumulate the most due to constant exposure.

  • Hair care made simple

    Hair care made simple

    It may seem counterintuitive, but it is actually true! If you keep getting regular trims, the hair would actually grow longer.

  • Do's and don'ts of shampoo

    Do's and don'ts of shampoo

    Who does not love a head full of hair? We worry, panic and experience sleepless nights, with hair loss seizing our mental peace.

  • All things that chill

    Worried about the summer and need for added freezer storage, especially as Eid is almost here already?

  • On the go make-up kit

    Stuck in a gridlock, yet there are miles to go!