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  • The ultimate wedding check list

    Get your guest list ready for the holud, mehendi, and wedding. Decide on the venues based on the guest list. Draw up a list of preferred venues. Collect the names of contact persons and numbers for finalising the venues.

  • All aboard on a shopping spree

    Bangladesh, for the best shopping destinations You thought Bangladesh was only famous for its hospitality and food? Erroneous observation! There are so many other things that this beautiful country is celebrated for; shopping being one of the most prominent.

  • The sun kissed aura

    Makeup seems to be a go-to solution for any kind of desired look. Irrespective of the season, or time of the day, you can get the effect of the sun kissed glow with your favourite golden highlighter.

  • The thrill of horror novels

    The thrill of horror novels

    The other kind of people are those who live off this thrill; adrenaline pumping through their veins and making their pulse throb in their wrists and heart pound in their chest. These are the people who profess that the best genre till date is horror.

  • Celebrating Halloween the deshi way

    Celebrating Halloween the deshi way

    Since there is no concept of Halloween in our country, celebrating it is restricted to a select few. In most cases private parties are organised with the invitees dressed in their spookiest best.

  • Bro Code: One Stop Guide to being a Bro

    Consider this. It has been over a year your Bro has broken up with his girlfriend; she is single, young and just as beautiful as she was before.

  • A lady's guide to the Bro Code

    Ask a guy what the Bro Code is. Most guys would never reveal the actual Code. And if a dude goes straight into spilling the tea on the code, he's not a real Bro.

  • Cheerleader

    Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

    Fuelled by the commitment to end gender discrimination, the UN urges targeted investments and programmes to formulate correct data of young girls globally and address the distinct needs of the girls of the future.

  • Breaking the vicious cycle

    “No boy will ever like you, if you keep on gaining so much weight!”

  • The hunt for the right spice

    In this day and age, just about all the spices you need to cook up a storm are pre-packed as powders, in the form of a paste or freeze dried. What's there to even hunt? You can even get pre-mixes delivered to your door steps. All that is left is to cook up a meaty bonanza this Eid!

  • A cut apart

    As shows like Masterchef and Top Chef take over prime time television, us urban Bangladeshis have acquainted ourselves with words such as rib-eye, chuck etc.

  • The Curious Case of the Kurta

    Eid is fast approaching and of course, a new kurta is a must buy for all of us men. Well, let me tell you this, by doing so, you are laying down the seeds to adding versatility to your wardrobe whose fruit you will enjoy for the many years to come.

  • The perils of pornography

    The 21st century relies on one stop Internet access for being as fast and streamlined as possible. Paired with cheap all-access devices, 'fast' received a whole new make-over for the users. And with it, came the unfathomable spread of pornography.

  • A glossy way to makeup

    For those who are naturally endowed with oily skin, the above makeup technique to achieve the dewy look may actually be a bad idea.

  • A Touch of Class to Your Panjabi and Sherwani

    However, what we fail to realise that historically, such additions to these garments were essential and considered aristocratic.


    We may never be able to make it to Mars or Pluto but we can surely capture the ethereal beauty of these beautiful planets by dyeing our hair in jewel tones like blue...

  • Online shopping

    The great phenomenon, which is online shopping, has taken great strides in the world of e-commerce. It has essentially redefined

  • A sudden burst of light to illuminate the soul

    The song seems to echo in my heart nowadays, and it seems like truly the time for Dhakaiites to open their doors, as nature seems to be calling them to do so.

  • The world of underground music

    Loud music, cannabis and free love; these are the elements most associated with underground music. Whether they are the right picks or not, is a debate worth having.

  • The sweet sugar free life

    Soaring summer temperatures blind us into trances where we become attracted to indulge in seemingly harmless tall cones of luscious ice-cream.

  • Footloose this summer

    Imagine traversing the streets of Dhaka in the middle of the afternoon. You are carrying your umbrella and wearing your shades.

  • Much ado about the bhorta

    What does it take to be the quintessential Bengali? Some would say it is the celebrations that help us connect with our roots; most others would suggest the values and the etiquette and love for tradition.

  • Bold bangs

    It is a fact universally acknowledged that a new haircut breathes new life into one's appearance. Hair is literally the crowning glory of one's overall appearance, and hence a new hairstyle makes a world of difference.

  • The Essence of Patriotism– A Panoramic View

    Probably three quarters of the readers who are reading this now have, in their young school lives, had to undertake an essay on Patriotism.


    Naima Alam is a part time social advocacy campaigner and a full time faculty at a reputed local university, and she loves...


    The inspiration to follow this path starts off really simple- empty unused pieces of land here and there...

  • The Light Bearer of Hope

    Most Bangladeshi Facebook users are familiar with the name GMB Akash. Anyone who has seen his posts have surely been mesmerised by the way he captures the poignant tales behind the lives of the many survivor's existent in our city. The way he narrates each of his picture stories reveals his familiarity with the subject and his deep-rooted compassion for their problems.


    They are the people God has chosen for us; a close circle where love, trust and dependability prevails no matter what.

  • Art supply in Dhaka

    Whether we consider ourselves connoisseurs or not, it goes without saying that our lives are surrounded with art. From the paintings or décor items that hang on our living room walls, to the colour of the walls themselves, art is everywhere.

  • Books breathing life into us

    Visiting the 'Ekushey Book Fair' always instigates a sense of belongingness as does the entire month of February. Almost 65 years ago, in 1952 the language movement materialised in protest of not giving official status to 'Bangla' as a state language.