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  • Khadi Festival 2017

    The Ohé Way of Things @ Khadi Festival

    When anything creative is initiated 'just like that,' good things are definitely bound to follow. Nelun Harasgama, a reputed Srilankan fashion designer invited as a participant to Khadi Festival 2017, discusses her brand.

  • To the bone: addressing orthopaedic disorders

    Orthopaedics, as a clinical discipline, is often misunderstood, and had this not been the case, this particular health problem would not have been so common in our society.

  • Let's talk about hair fall

    Heat, rain and humidity— and anyone will cringe at the thought of getting frizzy, puffed up hair. The incessant rains are not helping your mane, while umbrellas are not enough to keep the poof at bay. The more unmanageable your hair, the more hair fall you experience.

  • Her return to the mortal abode

    Puja is a time when you pledge yourself to the glory of the Hindu gods; a time dedicated to spiritual devotion and cultural exclusivity. This is a time when you are at your cultural best; approximating the traditions and norms set by society.

  • The coming of Durga

    A long drive outside the city would have you gaping at the miles and miles of silvery feathery kashful.

  • When all else fails, call your mum

    Simmering pots of water, confusing forms of cinnamon and quantifying salt to perfection — beginner's luck only fares so well against these culinary challenges in the kitchen.

  • Grocery: an essential guide for the busy bees

    Only those who have lived abroad on their own can understand the anguish of having to cook their own meals after a day of hard work, or at university. No matter how daunting the task, there is no one to share the responsibility, or even help!

  • Fruity and Floral

    A lady is often known by her scent, and what else would provide you a better way to create your own aura but perfumes? Fragrances, which were smoky, light, fruity or floral; the variation of essence kept changing through time.

  • Decoding Perfumes

    Just as the creation of melodious music requires a combination of notes to align in perfect harmony, perfumes too need separate pieces or notes that combine to create the divine scents that we love so much.

  • A passion for Theatre

    I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. — Oscar Wilde

  • Neighbour: friend or foe?

    This is the prevailing scene for most of us living in apartment buildings in Dhaka. With mushrooming high-rises and a lack of proper urban design

  • Living with (or without) neighbours

    The hard truth embedded in urban living — neighbours are no longer how our parents described them.

  • Eid on my mind

    Eid! Isn't it the most exciting topic, especially during the month of Ramadan?

  • Uber and Pathao

    Every once in a while, we all are faced with dreadful times, where we need to quickly make way to a meeting, an exam, a gathering, but are at a loss of transport.

  • Facebook transitioning online businesses

    But let's back up a little. How do you even start your journey as a young aspiring entrepreneur? Well, for starters, you would need a lightning bolt of inspiration and a daydream.

  • So you wanna be a comedian?

    Glaring limelight, a standing ovation with the audience on their feet and the exhilarating rush at the chorus of unified applause at the end of a successful show - a comedian's stellar rapport is not an overnight success.

  • Art spaces in Dhanmondi

    When asked about the purpose of art, Pablo Picasso was perhaps the one who said it best - Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

  • Me and my city

    Swimming through an endless sea of passersby, I gleefully muttered to myself, “Dear Dhaka, it's good to be home again!”

  • Leaving home for good

    Tahmina Sadiq, 34, stepped into her ninth year as a Bangladeshi expatriate in the United States. Although Sadiq is a Bangladeshi by birth and spent most of her life in Dhaka, she says she battles debilitating food borne illnesses on her annual or biennial visits to her home city.

  • Demons of the night

    It all started out with checking under your bed for monsters after tiring yourself with a grisly ghost story at bedtime.

  • Affordable hangout at home: where budget meets friends

    We are not talking about virtual hangouts here; that confusion should be cleared out! It is also not about the hangouts people have these days at restaurants or party centres after two weeks of preparations.

  • Caring for the elderly

    “What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?” – the proverbial riddle put before Oedipus by the Sphinx. The answer is all but obvious – humans!

  • Leukaemia is curable

    Blood cancer is possibly the most feared word in a physician's vernacular – an ominous, life threatening disease with no cure.

  • Far-far-away in the lands of Suo Rani and Duo Rani

    The relationship with one never seems to be complete without the other.

  • From Independence to Liberation

    The oppression of the West Pakistanis, culminating in the heinous atrocities of Operation Searchlight, proved to be too much and the whole countryside erupted in flames.

  • Leading ladies

    Art masterpieces are always the tell-tale consequence of passion, so are exclusives art collections. Nadia Samdani proves these words to be overtly true by being recognised as one of the most coveted art collectors in the world.

  • Guide to Buying and Maintaining Cars

    Recently, I was reading an article about a man who put in a handsome amount of money to buy a car which was identical to the car he was forced to sell back in college to pay off his tuition fee.

  • Fantastic Recreational Activities and Where to Find Them

    Over the past few years, Dhaka's food scene has erupted with success, with tons of food stores entering the market and prospering.

  • Fantastic workout outfits and where to find them

    Preparation is the key to starting and more importantly maintaining a good habit, especially if that habit is doing exercise. Building a good habit is a lot like starting a war with the sluggish part of your personality. If you are not prepared, you will lose.

  • Pre-workout must-knows

    From guiding you on using the right equipment in gyms to helping you out with exercises, a fitness trainer can really help you reach your health goals. But before we get to that, there are a few other things to know.