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  • Wedding hashtags: #Loveisintheair

    Prior to social media, wedding pictures were limited to physical albums and decorative frames as interior decor. Nowadays, the wedding hashtag concept is possibly the best way to coalesce all the wedding posts by the guests in one train.

  • Warding off evil

    Warding off evil

    Be it a vampire, a ghoul, an evil spirit, a witch or black magic, for centuries we have been trying to protect ourselves against them. Ever since Pandora opened her box and unleashed all kinds of evil on human kind, we've been finding ways to rid ourselves from these creatures lurking in the dark.

  • Tall, handsome and deathly—the enduring allure of vampires

    Growing up, vampires were never quite the James Deans of the undead that they are today. Vampires that I would encounter were middle-aged, had an unwholesome pallor, the same coiffure as Alfalfa from The Little Rascals, and god-awful vaguely-European accents.

  • Teasome goodness

    As a Bangladeshi, it is necessary to mention that we are, by all means, the “cha” club. Any kind of tea is our best of friends. From the “tong er tea” to the “tea-breaks” to the “rainy-day tea,” we have tea for all kinds of mood.

  • A visit to the men's salon

    Entering a salon on the second floor of the BFC building on Dhanmondi Road #28 was more of an impulsive act, spurred on by friends and sparked by the migraine of a hot day in April.

  • Work or study stash

    As we master the art of 'adulting', there comes a point in our lives when we have to commit ourselves in a long term relationship with a desk. As depressing as it sounds, LS brings you a quick fix to bring you out of boredom while still keeping your productivity level high.

  • Off-field cricket quirks

    As a sports loving (or sports watching) nation, our one-ness with the game is unique in any way you see it. Starting from buying new TVs to arguing over fantasy teams and quoting (questionable) match statistics to decimating the living room over an LBW-- our love of sports has to be seen to be believed!

  • By any name

    Have you ever faced those embarrassing moments where your teacher could not pronounce your name right? Have you ever thought of correcting your boss when he called you by a wrong name? Did you ever feel like bashing your friend for spelling your name wrong on your birthday card?

  • The shop around the corner

    The last-minute crisis of running out of sugar or quenching a thirst for water on a hot summer day without much change in your pocket; sometimes we all need rescuing.

  • The joy of doing nothing

    In this busy old city where you can barely have time to sleep or have a heartfelt conversation with your school friend who you last spoke to one year back

  • Sehri vs. Sehri : Home-cooked vis-a-vis restaurant

    When I was a child, I used to wake up to the panic of my mother, jolting me from my deep, peaceful sleep with her screams, “Quick! 5 minutes left!”

  • Nibbles in Ramadan

    Ramadan in summer poses a time challenge of sorts. There are hardly nine hours of time between iftar and sehri, whereas Ramadan in

  • How do you like your tea?

    “Ai chini beshi dudh kom. Likar barai diyo kintu!" my colleague blurts out as she collapses on her chair, throwing the laptop and a pile of papers onto the desk.

  • Of aunts and uncles

    You watch your older brother take care of finances and dance at your sister's wedding. But if you thought their growing up only involves them, you could not be more wrong!

  • Facebook Live: Just another trend?

    Just when we were settling down with uploading stories on Snapchat, Facebook took a step further by promoting their social media with the option of going “live” on Facebook. The benefit? To broaden up opportunities and innovate the “global village.”

  • My childhood's taal-patar bashi

    Once upon a time there used to be 'melas', or local fairs, even in Dhaka. Baishakhi mela, Muharram mela, Eid mela, and Durga Puja mela were just a few of the variety of melas that we use to have.

  • Star Melodies to beckon Baishakh with folk music

    Star Melodies, the initiative of The Daily Star promoting Bangla music, will host a celebration of traditional folk songs of Bengal by

  • The Tea Holiday

    The third Tuesday of March is the mostly unmarked and unusually designated special day—Tea for Two Tuesday!

  • Tea for Two Tuesday

    “This is unbelievable,” I grunted. None of the 'licensed' yellow rickshaws were anywhere in sight from where I stood in Gulshan 1 after my classes had ended around 4pm that Tuesday.

  • Riddle me this

    Nasrin Sultana, 56 and mother of two, remembers a radio show she and her sisters most enthusiastically used to listen to in their childhood.

  • My language is the sweetest

    I heard that I would hear people speak Bengali in its shops, restaurants, roads and alleys. I was told that I would see women shopping in sari and shalwar kameez, and men discussing international politics over shingara and steaming cups of tea.

  • Dating disasters 102

    With February, we have stepped into those few days of the year when we see roses everywhere, with covert or overt declarations of undying love from those who believe in 'special days' coupled with the disdainful rants from some confident couples who declare that every day is in fact special to them.

  • The Wows and Woes of winter

    Badminton is a sport that highlights skill and dexterity over brute strength. Yet when is the last time you can recall going out in the field or the street to enjoy a good game with your racket and shuttlecock?

  • The man cave and woes of the woman

    Every woman dreads the day her man gets preoccupied with the idea of making a private den inside the love nest.

  • Lifestyle: The big-fat-grand picnic

    A Hollywood picnic is simple: a park, the leading-lady in a cute sundress, a picnic basket, and the youth in love.

  • Candy crush...almost!

    A candy is not only an element made of sugar and flavours that thrives in your body in the shape of flabs; rather it is the Severus Snape to your little Hogwarts that is called 'life'.

  • Eleven people a wedding cannot do without

    If you love noise, laughter, clink of gold bangles, gossip, full-flavoured food, makeup, music, insincere praises, and have a skin thick enough to endure caustic remarks about your age, weight, height and marital status, a 'deshi' wedding is 'the' place to be.

  • Our first project

    Have you ever taken on any project to improve or repair your home? If not, you could probably give it a try because DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are not only fun, they are self-satisfying, too. They also provide a rare opportunity for creativity, imagination and self-expression.

  • When simple pleasures became luxuries

    Right after I became a mother, my mother was with me the first few months, and my husband was and continues to be a huge support, yet there were many days when I felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities which came along with our bundle of joy.

  • The leaves came tumbling down

    A gold maple leaf parted with its mother and glided down in a dancing motion to join its brethren on the ground; they all congregated at the base of their mother's trunk, as if waiting for something big and important to unravel.