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  • Keeping acne in check

    Although it may not seem to pose as a serious problem, left untreated, acne often leaves long-lasting scars on your facial skin. Acne can develop at any age and for multiple of reasons — food allergies, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, poor detoxification, chemically induced reactions — even stress!

  • Nurturing creativity in children

    Tahiya is a grade four student of Viqarunnisa Noon School. Aside from her weekdays spent in school, her weekends are preoccupied with singing lessons and drawing classes as well as debating club activities. Her parents are determined on keeping her young mind

  • Indulgence for the monsoons

    The time of the year when the monsoon rains throw caution to the wind and petrichor takes over our olfactory senses is here, and our bitter-sweet journey is accompanied by our favourite snacks! Be it the calming drizzle of the rain on the window pane

  • A Geek's guide to date night outfits

    Sweating profusely? Feeling squeamish –shouting at anyone daring to disturb your peace? Calm down! It is not the last day of your life.

  • Hobbies for the child

    Ask any modern, gadget-toting youngster — What do you like to do? The answer will involve his or her tablet/phone and some sort of game involving crushing zombies or matching candies with a side of watching fun videos over YouTube.

  • Saviour on a rainy day

    Summer is almost over and as the calendar labels June to August as a rainy season, we all know how hot and rainy it will get at the same time.

  • Pesky mosquitoes and ways to get rid of them

    If you focus enough, you would realise you are not the only one planning a feast.

  • Do you Aloe Vera much?

    Popularly known as “the plant of immortality” Aloe Vera justifies its reputation quite perfectly.

  • Sock it up

    For the rules that need to be broken right about now, we might as well start with the one about socks.

  • Forever suave - Eid attires for the elderly

    In an effort to attract the hip, young crowd, an important portion of the general population is often overlooked.

  • When thoughts count the most

    A small gift is always cherished. Eid is certainly for prayers, and the tradition of gift giving evokes tales as old as time.

  • Exploring sherbet

    Somebody one day way back looked at a glass of water and thought- “I can make this better.”

  • Summer fashion for men

    What do fashion gurus have to say about the Summer 2017 fashion scene? A perfect look for 'the versatile man' of course!

  • A gift for every year

    Every year there is a panic week right before a wedding anniversary. It intensifies to nuclear mode if one half of the celebrating couple “forgets” the day in question.

  • Kale- a taste of garden fresh green

    ‘Kale' is not widely known in our country. It is a member of the cabbage family. My growing experience of kale over two years suggests

  • A Day at the Oldest Market in Town - 'New' Market

    In the city of Dhaka, finding someone who has not yet set foot in New Market is a task that is close to impossible.

  • Let your lips do the talking!

    What do you notice when talking to a woman for the first time? Statistics say it's usually the lips. The most essential human connection is established via lips, so it is no wonder that lips play a vital role in one's appearance.

  • Colour me free

    The large window next to the bed allows the early morning sun rays shine onto your hair and that is when you notice the first sight of fading colour...

  • Home Décor for Baishakh

    Bidding farewell to the previous year and ushering in the New Year's renewed hope festivities of true grandeur and zeal; Pahela Baishakh is surely hailed with great gusto.

  • Twists and turns with the blouse

    This new trend is surely chic, helping to add a major casual element to the usual.

  • Loafers for Every Purpose

    Are you looking to buy a pair of minimalistic shoe which can be worn with almost any outfit?

  • Bathroom oasis

    We live in a time where everything is intended to be luxe, where we love to display our creativity in every nook and corner of our homes...

  • Stepping into the 'kitchen' classroom

    ‘The way to one's heart is through the stomach' - although negligibly reworded, the proverb remains true in its practical sense. The act of cooking is without doubt one of the oldest forms of expressing oneself.

  • Taking care of dyed hair

    With the recent boom in popularity of highlights and colourful tresses, hair dyeing has become very trendy.

  • Kingpins of the Kitchen

    For centuries, the kitchen has been considered as one of the most important rooms in a house and cooking as a significant form of 'art'.

  • Why my Barbecue is better than yours: tips you need for the next season

    Winter is officially over and this season's barbecue tallies are in. Time to face the reality - most you of just managed to cling to a burnt meat bonanza while others crashed and burned.

  • Spice up your Valentine's

    It's Valentine's Day and just like every other year you have planned out a romantic lunch or dinner with your partner.

  • Introducing your baby to eggs

    With high protein content and numerous essential vitamins, eggs are a reasonable way to improve your baby's diet.

  • The Eggcellent Adventure

    Through rhymes and songs, quite a lot of childhood memories revolve around the daily routine of Hatti-matim-tim's life, or even the disastrous account of poor Humpty Dumpty's fall.

  • Flowers for Falgun

    Oh what a beautiful time of the year it is! The air is crisp and fresh, flower shrubs and plants withered by the ravages of winter are taking on a new lease of life and there is an added spring in one's step.