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  • Good old ginger

    Ginger, or the ginger root, which is the underground stem of the Zingiber Officinale plant, has been widely regarded as one of the super foods that can cure almost every ailment known to man. Is this a fact…or a myth?

  • Give peas a chance

    One of my earliest childhood recollections of Dhaka winters include peas. I can still remember that big, white, tin plate — one that was usually taken out after a big grocery haul — with blue flowers drawn on it.

  • Go nuts with almonds

    We all experience cravings and often end up snacking on unhealthy food. Almonds are not only a great snack, but also the most nutrition packed nuts of them all.

  • Healthy food for healthy hair

    Healthy food for healthy hair

    Several factors influence hair growth — genetics, age, hormones, and nutrients. Hair strands are basically made of protein and because of this, unless we consume foods high in nutritional content

  • cold food

    Fight the cold with food

    As the temperature continues to drop it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain a healthy diet, though we can try to enrich our menu with some winter friendly foods.

  • Flavours of Middle East

    Season the fish fillets with salt, pepper, garlic and lemon juice and mustard. Keep in the chiller for 20 minutes, and mix flour in the bowl with little salt and pepper and water (it will have a slightly thick consistency when poured into a piping bag).

  • Garlic the Great!

    Garlic the Great!

    “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.

  • The Pomegranate: Seeds of Youth

    The pomegranate fruit has been prized in the Middle East for thousands of years for its huge array of benefits, not to mention the beauty of the jewel like kernels. And although it is a fruit we commonly consume here, we have not been very mindful of its immense nutritional value. It is time that we take the pomegranate seriously

  • Date back to the Ice Age

    “Life is an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.”

  • A foodie's trekking guide to Banani and Gulshan

    Shawkat barely managed to clock in on time on Sunday. If only there was a way to take care of breakfast before coming to office. Brunch would not be bad either — he can make do with something hearty at around 11:30 AM.

  • Royal member of the paratha family

    Even as we know this, comprehending what this means is at times beyond us, and we can understand that from the foods we love.

  • Steaks Galore @ Four Points Sheraton

    Amid all the curries and spices this Eid, take a break from the norm and try these steak recipes that are fresh and full of flavour. These grilled recipes are sure to be appreciated and wow your guests this Eid.


    Don't we all love Eid Ul Azha? The perfect time for indulgence into savoury beef items and flavourful mutton cuisine!

  • 7 reasons why we love Saat Masjid Road

    Saat Masjid Road is always evolving! If you journey merely 3 years back and compare the road to what it is today, you will find a myriad

  • Straight From Kitchen -Casually International

    Straight From Kitchen:Casually International

    This recipe has been prepared by Gerard Wallace. Duck &Foie Gras Cheeseburger Strudel w/avocado chilli dip

  • The Korean Beef and Rice

    Chef: Seunghee Kim Designation: Managing Director Bulgogi Fried Noodle Ingredients: 100gms sliced beef 1 tsp soy sauce

  • Bistro menu introduced at Prego The Westin Dhaka

    Looking out for a place that's cosy, elegant and serves good food, especially mouth-watering desserts?

  • The Magic of Pan-Asian Cuisine

    Lotus E'tang is an upscale restaurant at the prestigious location of Gulshan South Avenue. It has recently begun operations featuring a wide range of Pan-Asian cuisine.

  • Grilling Some North American Classics

    These recipes have been prepared by Mitun Paul, Head Chef and Continental Chef, Spitfire.

  • Out of the freezer

    The post-korbani shift from meat to a diet comprising fish and veggies is slowly drawing to an end, and the eager diners in the house, gathering around the dinner table, seemingly seek meat.

  • Kitchen Potpourri

    Kitchen Potpourri

    Wash and clean fish and remove skin with knife. Then cut fish on the bone into half inch thick slices. Marinate the fish slice with lemon juice and salt. Wash the marinated fish once again and dry with a soft cloth.

  • All meat - Everything

    For steaks, mix flour, salt, and pepper in a shallow bowl. Coat the meat with the flour mixture, and shake off the excess.

  • Meals of memory

    Wash and clean fish and remove skin with knife. Remove bones from fish, and grind the flesh with the help pestle (shilpata). Mix fish and boil potato with cumin powder and salt.

  • Biriyani, India, Iran, Food, Indian food,

    From Iran to India: The journey and evolution of biriyani

    Biriyani is the quintessential celebratory dish in India and an aromatic delicacy that dazzles as a sublime one-dish meal, writes historian and food expert Pushpesh Pant.

  • The vegetarian Iftar

    Some know and the rest are probably reaching for their phones, or opening a browser window to Google the term. Honestly, it's just as it sounds. A day (that's Monday) without meat!

  • High energy fixes for Ramadan

    It is day two of Ramadan and the summer heat has already worn you out. But fear not, Lifestyle has the perfect high energy solution for you. Check out these easy-to-do recipes that will refresh you and leave you wanting for more!

  • Gourmet Ramadan

    Keeping in mind the long hours of fasting we will experience this year, the food on our platters should be hydrating and packed with nutrition and healthy in all aspects. To get you started, Star Lifestyle will present for its readers one recipe a day that would be an ideal addition to your iftar/sehri dishes.

  • Bangladesh is a food bonanza, says chef Kiran Jethwa

    Celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa traverses the length of Bangladesh, one of the top fish producing nations, and discovers that the country’s fishing industry is as diverse as it can be dangerous.

  • Sour green-mango delights to beat summer blast

    The tangy scent or even the sound of the delightfully sour mangoes ‘kacha aam’ is all it takes to make the mouth water. This is one heavenly fruit, you would want to eat to the point of stomach ache. To us Bengalis, Kacha aam is the gift-of-gods!

  • Daily Star Foodiez Choice Awards 2015: who won what

    The Daily Star Foodiez choice awards 2015 winners have been announced. Did your favourite make the list?