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  • Designs in drapery

    Curtains are the most popular form of window treatments in Bangladesh, but which sort of curtains are in vogue at the moment with the Dhaka dwellers? The key words are gorgeous yet classy, with a touch of modern sophistication.

  • Kitchen cabinets

    Those who live and breathe cooking shows and competitions by now have hit the harsh reality — the TV kitchens are leagues apart from the cooking spaces we have at home.

  • A Zen retreat

    When it comes to décor and home renovations projects, we often overlook this highly pivotal area of personal space. The bathroom is definitely a place to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Home rejuvenation

    The living room can undoubtedly be considered the most important room in our house.

  • Illuminating the reading table

    For the nature lover ready to embrace the raw earthy side of yourself, take a look at table lamps at Aarong where you will find wooden bases of many different heights and you can choose shades of different colours too to create your choice of lamp.

  • Bringing back the vintage

    Have you been considering refurbishing your home? Or are you shifting homes and want to bring about a new look? Consider going old school — the classiest and easiest decor theme to opt for your beloved abode.

  • The magic of multipurpose furniture

    Multipurpose furniture mostly relies on a folding mechanism, innovatively designed so that parts can be extended or stored, according to one's requirements.

  • Furnishing with flair

    The soul of any room lies in the details, and every detail is clothed in a specific material. Smooth or rough, hard or soft, polished or distressed, texture makes a room visually unique and invites you to linger.

  • Pick the right dinnerware

    The dinner table is the focal point of any special gathering. Whether it is for festivities or a formal occasion, the table setting is an art form that reflects the host's personality.

  • The story of clay pottery

    The history of Bangladeshi pottery as an art form is an old one, dating as far back as the Mohenjodaro and Harappa civilisation.

  • A Creative Play Zone

    Childhood is the loveliest time for a human being. It is the time of unending affection and care.

  • Ottoman architecture, architect Sinan

    Istanbul, the city that straddles the continents Europe and Asia, and one of the major cities of Turkey located in its Marmara region, is a phenomenal bridge between the eastern and the western. Istanbul was known as Constantinople or polis for a long time even after the Ottoman conquest in 1453.

  • Planning the Perfect Picnic

    Like the feeling of love, picnics appeal to all the senses. The serenity and intimacy offered are altogether unpredictable.

  • Boho Décor

    Bohemian style is not limited to your clothes and accessories. Take those colours, prints and textures that you love and display them all over your home to express your bohemian soul.

  • Dining Chic

    A well furnished dining space should not only be visually striking but also feel good to the touch. Imagine a dining room that is most comfortable, where people can enjoy, lingering over delicious meals and conversations.

  • Christmas's handmade greetings

    I have never had the chance of visiting Singapore during Christmas, until this time when faced with a medical emergency.

  • Colourful doors

    Although doors rarely provide much of a design bang, they do contribute substance to a room. Exterior doors require more heft then interior ones.

  • Smart living

    The living room is the main area which collects many different aromas from many different places. These conflicting scents create a whirlpool or vibrations, each one clashing with another. Aromas in the living room come from chemicals in furniture polish, window

  • A gender neutral bedroom

    Moving can be tough. Moving in with someone of the opposite gender can be an ordeal. Yet, with a little improvisation, it is possible to make Mars and Venus work together.

  • Creating privacy

    Home is where we can retreat from the stress of the world, snuggle up, and be ourselves.

  • Eid time rejuvenation

    Once again, it is that time of the year when our home needs a change in its outlook. Come Eid, our hearts are warmed with the festive season.

  • For a different coffee or side table

    Many of us spend hours here, flopped on cushions with a book on weekends, or whispering our woes in a friend's ear. With a steaming cup of aromatic coffee resting within easy reach, placed on none other than a favourite coffee or side table, we make the best out of our lazy Fridays.

  • The Art in Bathing

    It is only during the last century that bathing became a private affair. For centuries, bathing was an essential part of social life, and baths were an important meeting place, a social centre for relaxation and debate. The baths and the bathing ritual were an opportunity for both exercise or rest -- a recreation complex at its best.

  • Festive furnishings

    Furnishing or soft touch up is very important for interior décor. These are the key pieces, fabrics and accessories that make a space what it is, but style is what makes your space yours. Fill it with furniture and accents that engage the senses.

  • A touch of Eid glam for your table!

    Every year we gear up for Eid in the grandest manner possible. Those corners and nooks of our houses otherwise ignored throughout...

  • New life for living space

    A home can very easily become cluttered with furniture and items that sneak in unnoticed, so it is a good idea to try to look at each room with a fresh viewpoint.

  • Warmth of teak

    Furniture plays a major role in our home design. Fortunately there is a lot to choose from, ranging from modern, sleek designs to classic pieces. Our choices will depend on personal taste, but there needs to be other considerations as well.

  • Tropical outdoor sitting

    Tropical countries are full of green lushes and flowers that bloom across all the seasons.

  • Carpets: the essential ornaments for your floors

    The outlook of a space sometimes solely depends on the way it is decorated – properly placed accessories give the space a nice welcoming vibe.

  • Children's corner

    A bedroom is a place for relaxation, but for children it is more than just that.