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  • Re-visiting the Liberation War Museum

    The Liberation War Museum bid adieu to its familiar premises in Segunbagicha this April. While one farewell took place another welcome was in store. The Museum, in all its solemnity, now has a new address at Dhaka's Agargaon. The original museum, established in March 22, 1996 was a two storeyed building with six galleries and had an outdoor theatre. The new museum now boasts of a 3,500 square metre gallery area along with spacious concourse halls and modern audio-visual equipment for a full perspective of the Liberation War and associated events.

  • Androgyny in a fair world

    So what is 'androgyny'? Is it a fancy term to highlight homosexuality or the lifestyle of a transgender? Simply put, it just refers to the coexistence of masculine and feminine characteristics.


    It is no secret that women love jewellery, and why not? When the very term is derived from the French 'Joaillerie' — joy and happiness! Jewellery has complemented women and their attires for over millennia; the scene in the Indian sub-continent had not been any different.

  • Of Beauty and Nature - The Bard’s Inspiration

    The tiaras of many a girl's childhood fancy, resplendent in perhaps a handful of glittering gems, will pale to what Nazrul envisioned in Mor Priya Hobe Esho Rani...

  • Breeze, Blues, and Joy

    A lazy evening on a rainy day can sometimes dampen the moods. It is very natural to feel groggy and depressed.


    Cherries and blossoms, pinks and pearls – are the usual spring and summer colour palettes, or so we think. Although the pairing of summer and black does sound kind of unconventional, it is still a staple in most of our daily wear, and a common colour in our closets. As absurd as it may seem it is possible to wear our favourite colour in the soaring temperatures too. Wearing black in the sun can be a tough job, but only if it is not done right.


    From wedges and platforms to stilettoes and blocks— I have worn them all. And after many ankle twisting incidents I realised that heels are not the most practical daily footwear.

  • Flamboyance and flamingoes

    The Dhaka our fathers grew up in was highly influenced by pop culture. Men would pull off body-hugging clothes, brightly coloured and often featuring loud prints — something practically impossible to see today. Time changes everything!


    If you always thought you could not get the formal look without the suit then you were absolutely wrong. Any dress in complete black or white can give you the desired 'official' look in a jiffy.

  • Shirts for the Bohemian in you

    The next pages are dedicated to the girls who love to break free from tradition, who are free-spirited, fascinating, captivating and engaging.

  • Vibrant summer and pants brighter than the sun

    For some this might be a complete 'no-no'! But with a little effort, anyone can pull off neon pants.


    What is nature without wood? Similarly introducing wooden furniture into your gardens is not a bad idea like some might expect, however some extra care needs to be taken.

  • A Coatee to Covet

    The female heart has an innate appreciation for beauty, and in its relentless pursuit novelty is always desired and sought after. Since time immemorial a woman's attire has been the most effective way of self expression.

  • Demons of the night: Sleep disorders

    After taking a trip to talk about the importance of sleep at Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, there was one thing that really caught our attention.

  • My sweet beloved

    Do we eat to live? Or is it live to eat? For many of us, the latter is true. And for a large number of these gastronomically inclined people, desserts reign supreme.

  • A Bengali tea party

    Planning for a tea party with your favourite acquaintances? And confused as how to go about dishing up that unique, yet easy-to-do recipe? Tea is very much part of our Bengali lifestyle without which occasions remain incomplete. So, sit back, get relaxed and have a cup of tea. Celebrate summer with a candlelit evening high tea, and serve season-inspired recipes your guests are sure to enjoy.

  • Rhapsody of Boishakh

    Baishakh Fashion 2017 & The Ballad of Baishakh

  • Go Modish With Source

    A big bunch of us Bangladeshis may identify ourselves as chic, preferring to stay updated with the latest global trends...

  • Basecamp calling

    A few kilometres out of Dhaka, right after the Gazipur Chowrasta in Gojariapara, and tucked beyond a patch of trees of the famed “Shalban” of the...

  • Celebrating Womanhood

    We are almost always endorsing some institution, organisation or business. But how many times do we give support to the leading ladies in our lives when they pretty much deserve shout-outs from rooftops?

  • Velvet Dreams

    Velvet was not only seen as a fancy garment preferred by the rich and the famous on important occasions but also as a religious vestment and an essential fabric for luxurious interior furnishings.

  • Soul Speak

    The 'Ekushey Boimela' always instigates positive emotions amongst us, as most would agree.

  • Opening up the chapter of our glory days

    Event management companies now offer various activities in these events and the children simply love costume parties, trick-or-treat and candy sharing, quite understandably so.

  • Fashion prediction 2017 for men

    The previous year saw street style come onto the scene with men wearing long tees and ripped jeans; white sneakers took an unprecedented turn as it was now worn with formal attire such as suits, and bombers became the go to jacket with almost all winter wear.

  • Men's Wear Defined

    Wearing baggy blue jeans for your entire life is very mundane. That's why worn-in denim with a spot of thigh showing around and few lines of fray seems to be quite different and in-style at the moment. It can be carried off best with bright coloured sweaters to contrast the distressed blues.

  • A fashion guide for Falgun

    Want to take it up a notch? Wear a beige coatee over a light blue or white panjabi. Do not forget to add a pocket square as this small accessory allows your entire look to stand out, and adds the extra bit of panache to your look.

  • Dating dynamics, you say?

    At that point in life, when you are with your loved one, nothing else matters. Night-long phone calls, 'monthiversaries' - a real deal for many couples - and gift-exchanging competitions between the two individuals are the core components that build the relationship during that period. However, this is for the days of youthful exuberance.

  • Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes

    Have you ever been in awe of Natalie Portman's refreshingly good looks and wondered how she manages it, All-The-Time!? This celebrity is so amazing that even the paparazzi have never been successful in catching her off her guard, blemished or awkward. So, what's her secret? Is it just a blessing of healthy, unblemished skin? Of course not! She is as human as all of us, with all the flaws. Possibly the secret is her subtlety in make-up and this makes all the difference.


    Although it may seem quite astonishing, a lot of individuals stand tall in their pride and passion of accumulating rare collectibles, antique if you may, and the hobby was not born yesterday. Rare antiques tell stories of the past and travel over centuries to garner collector interest.

  • Pile it on against winter chills

    One of the best parts we love about winter is being able to finally bring out all our coats and turtlenecks and start layering' em up!