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  • Light Winter Wear

    Light Winter Wear

    Thanks to global warming, sweater weather is not quite here yet. The slow arrival of winter means that quite often one is stuck between feeling chilly or too stuffy.

  • Of Weddings and Winter_01


    You looked like a vision of bridal beauty, the décor was exquisite, and the food was scrumptious.

  • A Classic Wedding_Sunerah

    A Classic Wedding

    Choosing the right outfit for one's wedding, in a nutshell, is complicated. Right after getting engaged the bride gets giddy with excitement over her impending wedding and puts all her plans in motion right away. Her outfit has got to be the most exquisite, most beautiful and one of a kind. Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, she begins the search with her entourage in tow. Little does she know what awaits her! While it is expected to be the most thrilling experience, sometimes it is really not so rosy.

  • Winter Bloom-01

    Winter Bloom

    Bright flowers usually bloom in spring, but does that mean we cannot discuss it in winter? On the contrary! Renowned fashion designer Maheen Khan's, London Fashion Week compilation proves otherwise; with a collection emphasizing just the bloom.

  • mughal opulence

    Our lustrous past

    His words may seem slightly exaggerated at the moment but the Mughal miniature paintings depicting royalty at the Victoria and Albert Museum in England depict nothing less of a clarification.

  • Horror movies through the ages

    The ultimate visual canvas is the silver screen. It should be of no surprise that the history of evolution of the horror genre on the big screen needs a course of its own! From black-and-white caped vampires (and their glamourous continuations in the later years) to chainsaw wielding maniacs to psychotic serial killers, fear now comes in every possible permutation and there is still more to come.


    When autumn arrives, we want to revel and dress up in all its colours, and exude life in all of nature’s bright shades.


    Now, here is a hard and fast rule, if you are wearing a black suit, do not wear brown shoes or belt with it. The contrast is too distinct, taking all the attention away from your face, all the way down to your shoes.

  • Fashion for the global audience

    Chandana R Dewan, taking part in the Bangladesh Fashion Week 2017, in London is representing the unique tribal fashion existent in Bangladesh.

  • Crossing boundaries through heritage textiles

    Fashion is not merely the clothes that a person wears — it is much more. It involves a strong connection to the roots of a nation, a link to its past, a vibrant present, as well as a scope for the future. With millions of workers dedicating their time in the commerce, it has a strong link to social obligation and communal responsibility.

  • Invoking the Spirit of Durga

    'Baro mashey tero parbon' — an expression that belongs solely to this dazzling delta and its people. These 'tero parbon'-s embrace all religious and seasonal festivals that are as old as the land itself. From joyful, colourful, welcoming processions to cheerful festivities centred on the lunar calendar, the nation has a long-standing pride of celebrating every occasion. This mirth and joy is seen in Durga Puja as a vibrant shade as it celebrates vanquishing evil in whatever form it can take.

  • The Cosmopolitan World We Live In

    This, however, is not easy. While it comes naturally to some people, especially those who are curious about the world and open to any sort of change, for many of us it means a major shift in perspective. But even for those who do not possess a natural cosmopolitan mindset, all hope is not lost. We can train ourselves to be one, by inculcating certain practices.

  • A beginning to the circle of life

    The miracle of birth will forever remain an inexplicable worldly experience; and while we traditionally associate the magical feeling solely to the mother, the father too has his own way of wandering through this un-tread path.

  • Mummy knows best?

    “Generally, just as any mother of any species, all are biologically hard wired to protect the child from birth. The difference is every other animal eventually lets their offspring be, but the humans continue to nurture and care for the offspring well into adulthood."

  • The Blanc Factor

    The ever-present heat wave and the non-stop downpour makes city dwelling hellish, killing the romance once and for all.

  • Bohochic versus Classics

    There is something we like about trends; they always come back with a new beat!

  • The rise of the superstar

    Fashion in Bangladesh is a unique blend of cultural influences and global trends.

  • Re-visiting the Liberation War Museum

    The Liberation War Museum bid adieu to its familiar premises in Segunbagicha this April. While one farewell took place another welcome was in store. The Museum, in all its solemnity, now has a new address at Dhaka's Agargaon. The original museum, established in March 22, 1996 was a two storeyed building with six galleries and had an outdoor theatre. The new museum now boasts of a 3,500 square metre gallery area along with spacious concourse halls and modern audio-visual equipment for a full perspective of the Liberation War and associated events.

  • Androgyny in a fair world

    So what is 'androgyny'? Is it a fancy term to highlight homosexuality or the lifestyle of a transgender? Simply put, it just refers to the coexistence of masculine and feminine characteristics.


    It is no secret that women love jewellery, and why not? When the very term is derived from the French 'Joaillerie' — joy and happiness! Jewellery has complemented women and their attires for over millennia; the scene in the Indian sub-continent had not been any different.

  • Of Beauty and Nature - The Bard’s Inspiration

    The tiaras of many a girl's childhood fancy, resplendent in perhaps a handful of glittering gems, will pale to what Nazrul envisioned in Mor Priya Hobe Esho Rani...

  • Breeze, Blues, and Joy

    A lazy evening on a rainy day can sometimes dampen the moods. It is very natural to feel groggy and depressed.


    Cherries and blossoms, pinks and pearls – are the usual spring and summer colour palettes, or so we think. Although the pairing of summer and black does sound kind of unconventional, it is still a staple in most of our daily wear, and a common colour in our closets. As absurd as it may seem it is possible to wear our favourite colour in the soaring temperatures too. Wearing black in the sun can be a tough job, but only if it is not done right.


    From wedges and platforms to stilettoes and blocks— I have worn them all. And after many ankle twisting incidents I realised that heels are not the most practical daily footwear.

  • Flamboyance and flamingoes

    The Dhaka our fathers grew up in was highly influenced by pop culture. Men would pull off body-hugging clothes, brightly coloured and often featuring loud prints — something practically impossible to see today. Time changes everything!


    If you always thought you could not get the formal look without the suit then you were absolutely wrong. Any dress in complete black or white can give you the desired 'official' look in a jiffy.

  • Shirts for the Bohemian in you

    The next pages are dedicated to the girls who love to break free from tradition, who are free-spirited, fascinating, captivating and engaging.

  • Vibrant summer and pants brighter than the sun

    For some this might be a complete 'no-no'! But with a little effort, anyone can pull off neon pants.


    What is nature without wood? Similarly introducing wooden furniture into your gardens is not a bad idea like some might expect, however some extra care needs to be taken.

  • A Coatee to Covet

    The female heart has an innate appreciation for beauty, and in its relentless pursuit novelty is always desired and sought after. Since time immemorial a woman's attire has been the most effective way of self expression.