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  • Don't perpetuate question paper leaks

    It has been widely reported in the media that the question papers for this year's JSC exams too, were leaked on social media. The education minister has blamed some corrupt teachers for this leak.

  • Education that we need

    It is hardly a new thing that education and industry are among the most fundamental factors for a country to develop itself.

  • Hold student union elections

    Our universities used to be breeding grounds for brilliant leaders. Student politics was very relevant and powerful. Many emerged as

  • Robot in Dhaka restaurant

    Recently, an online report by The Daily Star caused a bit of a stir on social media. The report was about a restaurant in Mirpur that has

  • Ethnic cleansing indeed!

    There is a general consensus among human rights experts that the Rohingyas are the most persecuted community in the world. Many countries have expressed their concerns about what the UN called “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing” in Myanmar.

  • Non-cadre conundrum

    Despite being qualified to be a BCS cadre official, many candidates are appointed as non-cadre and even second-class officers due to a “shortage” of cadre posts. After the 36th BCS exams, for example, about 60 percent of the successful candidates were recommended for non-cadre or second-class officer positions.

  • Warring parents should prioritise their children

    Recently, The Daily Star published an article titled Universal Children's Day - Making a difference, which drew my attention. How often do

  • Awful level of congestion

    Last Friday, I visited one of my friends in the Dhakeshwari Temple area and stayed there for some time. Then I went to meet a relative in

  • Govt must do more to tackle inequality

    Recently released Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics data shows that our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the fiscal year 2016-2017 has registered a growth of 7.28 percent against the targeted GDP growth of 7.4. Meanwhile, our per capita income also increased to USD 1,610.

  • Commercial coffee farming

    A number of entrepreneurs have successfully tried their luck at cultivating coffee in Madhupur and Chittagong Hill Tracts. According to multiple media reports, they increased their investment to produce larger quantities of coffee after having run successful tests.

  • Ease traffic congestion for admission-seekers

    Many students will sit for an admission test at RUET on November 17, which will finish before noon. Soon after, some of them will travel to Sylhet to take another test at SUST the next day.

  • Oral saline factory in Jhenaidah

    In 2013, the prime minister inaugurated an oral saline factory in Jhenaidah, the construction of which cost nearly Tk 1 crore and took six years to complete. However, the factory remained shut ever since.

  • Milia Ali's insightful article

    Milia Ali's article titled “Crossing cultures through fashion” published in The Daily Star on November 12 was very insightful. In my opinion, by saying “It took me a long time to reject the idea that wearing traditional clothes is the only way of highlighting one's heritage.

  • Make public hospitals clean

    A few days ago, I went to a cardiac ward at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) to visit an 83-year-old patient. He is accustomed to using a commode at his home but there was none in the hospital.

  • Danger of taking medication without doctor's advice

    Many people in our country are not aware of the dangers of taking medication without a doctor's advice. If they have a fever, they go to

  • Stop child abuse

    We often see news reports about incidents of child abuse and harassment. A few days ago, a four-year-old named Pias was tortured in

  • Shameful incident in Rangpur

    It sounds all too familiar. Like Ramu and Nasirnagar, tensions flared up in Rangpur a few days ago amid allegations that a man belonging to the minority Hindu community “demeaned Islam” in his Facebook post.

  • Air pollution posing danger to health

    Bangladesh and Somalia are the top air pollution affected countries in the world, according to a recent report by the US-based medical

  • Are intersections causing congestion?

    Though we have a number of flyovers now, they have brought no remarkable results in lessening the sufferings of the commuters in

  • Relax quota system in BCS

    The results of the 37th BCS written exam are out. In total, 5,379 candidates passed the written exam. Of them, 2,943 candidates are in the general cadres, while 735 candidates belong to the technical cadres. The remaining 1,701 candidates may be chosen for both general and technical cadres.

  • Build foot-over bridge in Sadar Road, Barisal

    Sadar Road area is one of the busiest points in Barisal city. During the peak hours—4pm to 9pm—the area is severely congested. The street is very narrow and there is no foot-over bridge at the section.

  • Is Dina Wadia “Pakistan's daughter”?

    This refers to an article titled “Dina Wadia: Passing away of Jinnah's only child” published by The Daily Star. There is a Parsi connection in the lives of both the daughter and the father.

  • Women and online business

    Online business is booming in Bangladesh. Online shopping enables the buyer to order a product or service through the Internet. Google Trends shows that “online shopping” is the fourth most-searched phrase in Bangladesh.

  • Take food adulteration seriously

    A few days ago, this newspaper published a report which revealed that around 30 percent of the vegetables that we eat

  • Look out for Bangladeshis in Paradise Papers

    ICIJ, a global network of more than 200 journalists in 70 countries, has just leaked a trove of tax-haven financial records dubbed as the Paradise Papers—laying bare some of the financial secrets of the global elite.

  • Is social media good for democracy?

    Today, people across the world can stay constantly updated because of social media. They can easily share their thoughts and opinions

  • HC bans use of hydraulic horns

    The High Court on Wednesday banned the use of hydraulic or pneumatic horns across the country. Earlier, on August 23, the HC had

  • Allegations of anomalies in results

    Recently, a news report appeared in different news portals about an HSC candidate who, despite obtaining only 33 marks in English 1st

  • Youth is exercising their choice

    Young people often face a major dilemma when choosing courses to study that would lead up to their career after they have passed their

  • Can DU revive its lost glory?

    The shameful incident of a senior teacher at Dhaka University assaulting his colleague is yet another reminder of how ignoble the institution has become. Newspaper reports say that they both belong to the pro-ruling party teachers' forum at the university.