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  • The drug problem in public service

    There have been a lot of allegations lately about drug usage among public servants. Prothom Alo reports that the government plans to give candidates drug test before recruiting them. The home minister has already issued a notice to investigate drug allegations against existing public servants. I commend the government for taking this issue seriously.

  • MCQ is a universal option

    MCQ is a universally recognised method of assessment practised worldwide. Only someone who studies seriously and truly understands all the topics of a particular subject can answer MCQs correctly. That's why a student has to study the whole book seriously.

  • Ilias Kanchan, a real-life hero

    Ilias Kanchan was recently awarded the prestigious Ekushey Padak for his social service. He has achieved fame not only for his successful film career but also for his social activities including the campaign for road safety. The recognition of his service will encourage others to follow his footsteps.

  • Citizenship for Lucy Helen

    The Daily Star has recently published a news report titled Sister Lucy to become Bangladeshi citizen. First, we appreciate the government for handing cost-free visa to Lucy Helen, who has worked tirelessly for the economically less fortunate people in Barisal. She also worked during our liberation war as a humanitarian worker.

  • Save Sundarbans from humans

    Bangladesh celebrated “Sundarbans Day” on February 14. The largest mangrove forest in the world, the Sundarbans provides sanctuary

  • Irrational quota system

    The Daily Star on February 15 published a very timely news report titled "Civil Bureaucracy: Quotas pushing it downhill." This is a subject

  • Decayed commemorative plaques

    February 12 this year marked the 13th death anniversary of Monem Munna, one of the finest footballers Bangladesh has ever seen. He played for Abahani for most of his career. In 2008, Dhaka City Corporation installed a commemorative plaque beside the bridge over Dhanmondi Road 8, and named the bridge after him.

  • Rising danger of cyclones

    The coastal belt of Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to natural hazards. In the last century, our country experienced some devastating cyclones, such as Barisal Cyclone (1965), Bhola Cyclone (1970) and the 1991 cyclone that struck Chittagong district—together causing the deaths of around 500,000 people. Major cyclones Sidr and Aila in 2007 and 2009 respectively also left the country battered. Last year, Cyclone Roanu hit the coastal belt. Strong

  • Goodbye Mort Walker

    One of the reasons I am a fan of The Daily Star is the cartoon strip of Mort Walker's Beetle Bailey that the paper thoughtfully publishes every day in its Opinion page. The fun, the banter, the prank and the daily fights between Beetle and Sarge have been my daily boost for years now. I took a liking to the humorous human aspects of the gun-bearing military people in Beetle Bailey. The

  • Avoid racially insensitive content

    Recently, a local television channel aired a telefilm called Chobir Proticchobi, which I later watched on YouTube.

  • Inflicting harm on your loved ones

    The number of smokers is increasing day by day. We want to prevent environmental pollution, but what about the pollution that occurs in

  • Sharing the responsibility

    Before the World War II, Hitler incited majority of Germans against the Jews although the latter was only one percent of the population.

  • Third country resettlement not an option

    A recent letter titled Resettle Rohingyas in a third country was published by this newspaper on February 8. In my opinion, the suggestion

  • Tackling cancer

    According to a study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), 122,000 people are affected by cancer every year in

  • Ragging must be stopped

    “Ragging” of freshmen at halls in Jahangirnagar University is a very common phenomenon. The new entrants are often forced to stay

  • Separate lane for VIPs unrealistic

    The proposal for constructing a separate lane for the VIPs in Dhaka has stirred debate. It is simply not possible to add a separate new

  • Public sector and LPG

    There's no denying that the government has made substantial progress in terms of reducing the energy gap of the country. In Dhaka,

  • Reinstate radiation test for imported food items

    The daily Prothom Alo reported on February 6 that after having received a request from the food ministry, the commerce ministry

  • Plight of a rape victim

    According to a report published recently by this newspaper, the police accused a rape victim's brother of being the perpetrator and

  • Residential halls for BSMRSTU students

    Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University (BSMRSTU) is attended by approximately 9000 students, a large

  • Jessore roads in a bad shape

    A number of important districts in the southern part of the country are connected to the capital through Jessore, which also provides

  • Make Dhaka free from dust pollution

    The city dwellers in Dhaka encouter numerous problems everyday including traffic jam, unsafe water and water scarcity, load shedding,

  • Harassment in the name of inspection

    A few days ago, I was returning from Khulna to Dhaka by bus. When I reached Gabtali, suddenly an ununiformed man claiming to be a

  • Resettle the Rohingya in third countries

    The Daily Star published an editorial titled UNSC should visit Rakhine on February 4. In my opinion, it is highly unlikely that Myanmar's

  • Stop question paper leak

    The Daily Star published a report titled SSC Exams: Question leak allegations surface again on February 2. Although Education Minister

  • Wi-Fi to Li-Fi

    Till now we have been using Wi-Fi as a means of wireless data communication within a fixed location. But the Wi-Fi has yet to gain

  • Dhaka's housing problem

    The Star Weekend published an article titled “Tenants: At the mercy of landlords” on January 26. Every year many students and jobseekers

  • Are we ready for the next flash floods?

    Last year, six districts of the north-eastern part of the country got affected by flash floods resulting from heavy rainfall and sudden gush

  • Safe blood transfusion

    Recently, some newspapers have reported that many public hospitals around the country operate the blood transfusion process without

  • Save Hatirjheel

    The deteriorating quality of water in Hatirjheel is quite alarming. This project was supposed to be an entertainment site for the