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  • A community beset by drugs

    I'm an inhabitant of West Dolairpar, Shyampur, Dhaka. Yaba, a dangerous drug, has hit our community so much that almost every family

  • Hawker free pavements

    It feels as if I have arrived at the city of Chittagong after a very long time. The age-old New Market area doesn't look the same now that

  • Rohingya crisis and remedies

    A news report published by The Daily Star on September 21, 2017, read “Trump urges 'strong, swift' UN action”. We appreciate the

  • Suu Kyi's misleading statement

    Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi recently made a public speech about the ongoing Rohingya crisis in her country. However, instead of providing hope, the speech has further frustrated the international community and human rights organisations.

  • Ensure security for Puja mandaps

    Durga Puja, this year, will be celebrated across 31,000 Puja mandaps in the country.

  • Expect no help from Trump

    I was moved by Prime Minsiter Sheikh Hasina's comment "Bangladesh is not a rich country ... but if we can feed 160 million people, another 500 or 700,000 people, we can do it." (Expect no help from Trump, The Daily Star, September 10, 2017)

  • Ease university admission process

    My friend's son is currently busy applying for admission to public universities both general and specialised.

  • Importance of self-defence

    Nowadays, women and children are increasingly being exposed to violence and harassment at home, schools, workplaces, etc. One way

  • Hats off to Bangladesh from India

    The whole world is watching the Rohingya crisis explode; however, it is unfortunate that no country except for Bangladesh has taken any substantive action or decision to address this problem.

  • Let Imrul bat at no. 1 position

    It all started with the 2016 T20 World Cup when Imrul Kayes lost his place in the national cricket team to an unknown Mohammed Mithun.

  • Tiny island in the midst of Kaptai Lake

    Kattali Bil is a newly emerged part in the midst of Kaptai Lake where local fishermen have built slums and a small market. The spectacular view of this tiny island attracts the sightseers who can travel to Rangamati from Langdu or other areas by boat.

  • Rice price hike must be addressed

    It is a matter of concern that the price of rice has been on the rise for months. Many fear that the price may increase again, with one kg

  • Myanmar govt should be taken to int'l court

    The Government of Myanmar, especially its army, should be taken to the International Criminal Court for its crimes against humanity in

  • Heart-touching article by Milia Ali

    Milia Ali's article titled “It's all in a word” published in The Daily Star was outstanding. She has truly upheld the social reality by saying

  • Suu Kyi must halt massacre of Rohingyas

    The Nobel Committee should invite Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Myanmar's de facto head of government, to come

  • Why Soumya Sarkar?

    In spite of disastrous performances in Dhaka and Chittagong test series against Australia, Soumya Sarkar has again been included in the

  • Verification system needed to curb forgery

    Recently, a national daily published a report that forged educational certificates were available in the open market. Certificates of the

  • Unfair practices in admission tests

    High-school leavers will sit for admission tests in various public universities starting this Friday. In recent years, the universities came under fire because of the news of different kinds of unfair practices taking place in the tests, such as leakage of question papers, etc.

  • Focus on Rohingya women's health

    It was good to see that international aid agencies have come forward to meet the humanitarian needs of the Rohingya refugees. However,

  • UN should take action to save Rohingyas

    The United Nations Security Council has imposed fresh sanctions on North Korea for its recent nuclear tests. If it could impose such

  • Corporal punishment in schools

    The Supreme Court's ban on corporal punishment of students in school is not thoroughly complied by the teachers around the country.

  • Rise above politics

    International communities are not doing enough for the Rohingya community, the tormented minority of Myanmar. The world community

  • More traffic police needed to control traffic jam

    Dhaka, along with many other cities in the country, is mired in traffic jams. On too many occasions, it has been observed that the drivers'

  • Stop dumping rubbish under Jatrabari flyover

    Jatrabari is a very important part of the capital for many reasons. It is the entrance of Dhaka for the people from the east. In 2013, Prime

  • India's silence on Rohingya persecution

    India's position on the Rohingya crisis has shocked us. It has exposed its true face by siding with the Myanmar government and indirectly

  • Buyer's credit facility is a commendable step

    Buyer's credit facility has been gaining popularity in the country. Under this credit facility, importers can take a short-term loan in foreign

  • Extra burden of electricity price hike

    The announcement made by a minister about a possible electricity bill hike comes as a shock to me. We are already finding it difficult to manage day-to-day affairs, with the prices of essential commodities increasing continuously in our unregulated market.

  • Reckless driving and unnecessary deaths

    Road accidents have become a daily affair on the highways across the country, and the recent incident in Tangail was just a part of it. It

  • Ban on hydraulic horn

    It is heartening to know that the Hon'ble High Court has banned the use of hydraulic horn. Sound pollution is a major problem in Dhaka.

  • UN must act urgently

    The Myanmar army has been committing crimes against humanity. Their brutality has crossed all limits. They have been mercilessly