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  • Exfoliate your brows

    Most of us include exfoliating our face as a part of our daily beauty routine. Exfoliation keeps our face free of dirt, dead skin cell, product build up, and promotes a healthy skin revival, especially for winter.

  • Insomnia

    Can't sleep?

    Up to 20 percent of adults may experience mild seasonal affective disorder, which can be caused by a disruption in the body's natural circadian rhythm, triggered by fewer daylight hours in winter, and may lead to disordered sleep patterns, according to a 2013 study in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

  • Condition wisely

    When it comes to choosing hair cleansing and care products, it should strike a balance between —50 percent of the commercial information; 50 percent of scientist's recommendations.

  • Winter skin care for your infant

    Winter skin care for your infant

    The winter chills are just beginning to creep in on us. And we are already reaching out for lotions and moisturisers like there is no tomorrow. But slathering on any and all products like these is most definitely not the way to go when it comes to our little ones.

  • secrets-of-health-Dr Ang Poon Liat

    ‘Secret to longevity lies in healing body’

    The secret to longevity lies in healing the body, says a Singaporean doctor.

  • 10 positive habits that can bring a change to your life

    These 10 positive habits can make a difference, changing our lives towards a better one.

  • US-dietary-fats

    US Dietary guidelines for 2015 to lift restriction on fats, except for saturated kind

    The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) is likely to recommend lifting its previous restrictions on most fats as a new report signals change may be afoot.

  • Dining like an emperor

    Who doesn't love spicy, filling and comfort food? Hakka Chinese offers all of that and much more.

  • Ring

    How to shop for your best friend

    It is a fact universally known that diamonds are a girl's best friend. That women love to adorn themselves with jewellery fashioned with them is another well known matter.

  • What type are you?

    One of the terms I LOATHE is 'cookie-cutter'. We're all unique snowflakes. Then why should our workout routines be the same?