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  • Babies' brains at risk from toxic pollution: UN

    As New Delhi and other major cities hit new toxic smog peaks, the United Nations sounds the alarm over the damage that pollution is doing to babies' developing brains.

  • Dhaka dust

    Take steps to control road dust in winter: Activists

    Green activists ask the authorities concerned to take monitoring initiatives to check dust pollution in Dhaka city as its air quality is set to fall with the onset of dry season.

  • Water: Garments’ invisible price

    Bangladesh boasts as the world’s number two garment exporter. Every third European has a t-shirt made in Bangladesh on his back. Every fifth American wears jeans manufactured in Bangladesh. But this is not a story of how many million pieces we export. This is a story of the invisible price we pay every time a jeans rolls out of a factory in Bangladesh. The western buyers little know how much water, that precious resource, was used to wash and dye his shirt. The figures are mind boggling.

  • hydraulic-horns

    Govt asked to stop use of pneumatic horn in Dhaka

    The High Court directs the government to take necessary steps in 48 hours to stop the use of pneumatic horns in vehicles in Dhaka city to prevent sound pollution. The court asked the government to confiscate the instruments used for hydraulic horns in next seven days.

  • coal-fired power plants-in-asia

    4 Asian countries have world’s most coal plant projects

    China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam have the world’s four biggest coal-fired power plants in pipeline. Together, they represent 82 percent of the 718 units globally under construction.

  • Lighter vessel sinks in Bagerhat

    A lighter vessel carrying 800 tonnes of cement clinkers capsizes in Pashur River along the Sundarbans in Bagerhat.

  • Tobacco kills 7 million a year, wreaks environmental havoc: WHO

    Smoking and other tobacco use kills more than seven million people each year, the World Health Organization says, also warning of the dire environmental impact of tobacco production, distribution and waste.

  • Chinese firms offer pollution solution with bottled air

    Even as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pledges to ensure that blue skies never become a luxury, a state-backed firm is doing brisk business selling 48 yuan ($6.95) cans of fresh air bottled in a forest in western China.

  • The Sundarbans

    Coal vessel sinks near Sundarbans, all rescued

    Lighter vessel, carrying 1,000 tonnes of coal sinks west of Zulfikar Channel on the way in to Passur River – some 10 kilometres into the estuary of Bay. All 13 aboard the vessel have been rescued.

  • Fengyun-4

    China’s new weather satellite can study lightning, pollutants

    China launches a new-generation weather satellite that can improve weather forecasting as well as help study lightning and air pollutants, including PM2.5.

  • delhi-pollution

    Pollution may force Delhi residents to pack up and go

    Air quality has fallen to levels not seen in two decades amid calls for authorities to take urgent action.

  • urban air pollution, blood pressure, environment, health

    Air pollution can affect blood pressure: study

    Long-term exposure to urban air pollution incrementally increases the risk of high blood pressure, according to a study.

  • South Asian rights body calls for halt to Rampal plant

    South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR), a regional human rights group, calls for suspension of Rampal plant’s construction in the Sundarbans and urged for an impartial impact assessment.

  • Fast-growth fish risks overlooked

    A study of global fish populations suggests fast-growth fish species are more vulnerable to population collapses than previously thought.