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  • Govt takes anti-environmental projects to stay in power: Fakhrul

    BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir alleges that the government has taken many anti-environmental projects just to stay in the office.

  • Plant trees, get rewarded by The Daily Star

    Rapid urbanization has resulted in a quickly degrading environment. As trees are being cut down faster than ever, the city continues to lose a vital lifeline.

  • Lighter vessel sinks in Bagerhat

    A lighter vessel carrying 800 tonnes of cement clinkers capsizes in Pashur River along the Sundarbans in Bagerhat.

  • Humans pose ever-bigger extinction risk to animals: review

    Facing the highest level of threat are more than 360 species of large mammals in Africa, Asia and South America -- the most biodiverse regions of the world, said a review published in the journal Nature Insight.

  • Solar smile for farmers

    Even two and a half years ago, worry over water for irrigation would cast a shadow on Uday's hope for a good harvest.

  • Ruin nature, ruin planet

    Prof Dwijen Sharma, an eminent naturalist, said it would not be possible to stop the conflict between nature and development as long as capitalism controls everything.

  • World unites to save oceans

    World leaders convene at UN headquarters next week for the first major bid to solve the toughest problems facing our oceans, from coral bleaching to plastic pollution, overfishing and rising seas due to climate change.

  • Choice organic

    The new farm technologies, introduced during the Green Revolution in the 60's, contributed a lot to boost production and feed the rising population in the country.

  • It's saving, nearly on all accounts

    It was around 10:45 on a sunny Saturday morning. Production was going on in full swing at Plummy Fashions Limited, a Narayanganj-based knitwear garment factory.

  • Same old story at Tangail Sal forest

    The traditional Sal forest in Tangail is disappearing fast due to non-stop felling of trees and encroachment of forestlands.

  • 5 devastating cyclones in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh, the delta country, has been in the line of a few devastating tropical cyclones. Here we take a look back at some of the worst tropical cyclones to have hit the country.

  • US may put emergency tariffs on solar imports

    The United States has notified the other 163 members of the World Trade Organization that it is considering putting emergency "safeguard" tariffs on imported solar cells, according to a WTO filing published on Monday.

  • Signal 7 at maritime ports as Cyclone Mora nears

    Maritime ports of Chittagong and Cox's Bazar have been advised to hoist danger signal number seven while Mongla and Payra ports signal number five as cyclonic storm “Mora” heads towards Bangladesh’s coasts.

  • Anisul-Islam-Mahmud

    Haor disaster: No water experts said the truth, minister alleges

    Water Resources Minister Anisul Islam Mahmud alleges that no water experts upheld the truth about the haor disaster. He also accused the mass media of not providing accurate information in this regard.

  • Irish beach reappears 33 years after vanishing into ocean

    A beach that was swept away more than 30 years ago from a remote island off the west coast of Ireland reappears after thousands of tons of sand were deposited on top of the rocky coastline.

  • The Krishnachuras are here, and they are lovely

    Red and orange are beckoning hearts at the streets at the eleventh hour of Baishakh, and the Krishnachuras are starting to bloom with all its vigour. It is nearing Jaishtha in Bangla calendar, the second month of summer; and it is now the bloom of spring chooses to unravel itself.

  • 700 people worked 70 days to revive an Indian ‘dead’ river

    Kuttemperoor river, after being subjected to years of severe pollution and illegal sand mining, had almost vanished into obscurity until last year.

  • cuba-landcrabs

    Watch these crabs make yearly journey from forest to sea

    Cuba's Bay of Pigs has been invaded again, this time not by US-backed anti-Castro forces, but by millions of red, yellow and black landcrabs.

  • Urban farming flourishes in New York

    The urban farm craze is finding fertile ground in New York, where 10 young entrepreneurs are learning to grow greens and herbs without soil, bathed in an indoor, psychedelic light.

  • Endangered rhino joins dating app Tinder

    Like many guys using the Tinder dating app, Sudan loves the outdoors and travels widely. The catch: he's the world's last male white northern rhino and desperately needs to mate.

  • ‘50 tonnes fish died in Sunamganj haors so far’

    As dead fishes and ducks continue to surface in the haors of Sunamganj, a fisheries department official says that 50 tonnes of fish have died so far.

  • Ocean garbage can power homes

    Mr Trash Wheel is a solar and water powered trash cleaner that keeps garbage from reaching the ocean and then converts it to energy, according to CNN.

  • 'Zero recovery' for corals in back-to-back Australia bleaching

    Coral bleached for two consecutive years at Australia's Great Barrier Reef has "zero prospect" of recovery, scientists warned Monday, as they confirmed the site has again been hit by warming sea temperatures.

  • Utility services at Hazaribagh tanneries being cut off

    In compliance with a High Court order, Department of Environment (DoE) today started its drive to cut off electricity and gas connections to the tanneries at Hazaribagh in Dhaka.

  • IPU-conference

    IPU meeting will be carbon neutral

    Some 700 parliamentarians from around the globe are flying into Dhaka to participate in the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting and that would mean a lot of carbon footprint. But organisers have vowed to make annual assembly a carbon neutral one.

  • SC fixes Apr 9 for passing order on tannery owners’ plea

    The Supreme Court fixes April 9 for passing an order on a petition filed by tannery owners seeking a stay on a High Court order that asked 154 tannery owners to pay Tk 30.85 crore to the government fund.

  • Trump scraps Obama climate policies

    President Donald Trump declared the end of a "war on coal" Tuesday, as he moved to curb rules that underpin American emissions targets and a major global climate accord.

  • Thailand's coin-eating turtle dies of blood poisoning

    A 25-year-old sea turtle in Thailand who swallowed nearly a thousand coins tossed by tourists seeking good luck died Tuesday, two weeks after having surgery to remove the coins from its stomach.

  • 2017 already marked by climate extremes: UN

    Extreme weather and climate conditions, including Arctic "heatwaves", are continuing this year, after 2016 topped the global temperature charts and saw shrinking sea ice and surging sea levels.

  • India gives Ganga, Jamuna ‘living entity’ status

    In a landmark ruling, a High Court in India has given the river Ganges and the Jamuna the status of the "first living entity of India".