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  • In the shadow of a larger-than-life father

    Interview with The Daily Star, 1992: On the occasion of Bangabandhu's 17th death anniversary, Sheikh Hasina talked to The Daily Star frankly about her childhood, about the way she learnt her politics and the lasting influence that her father, and crucially, her mother left on her

  • Tareque and Munier: You are always with us

    When I think of Tareque and Mishuk, I carry in my mind's eye the image of the two of them bent over a camera monitor reviewing the day's footage or seated together high on a crane surveying the next scene to be shot.

  • No country for indigenous women

    Indigenous women suffer discrimination on multiple fronts—as women and as minorities

  • S M Sultan: The vision of a coming society

    He chose to settle down in Narail, his home village, not to seek refuge in the bucolic distance, but to lend voice to the subaltern and to "talk back to the centre", vigilantly abrogating the colonial legacies that burden us to date.

  • 16th Amendment struck down: More than just a verdict

    The “verdict” was already known to all of us; the appellate division of the Supreme Court upheld the verdict of the High Court (HC) that the 16th Amendment of the Constitution is “illegal and unconstitutional.”

  • Dhaka needs a hydraulic vision

    Dhaka is a paradox. The more we build assuming we are “developing,” the more we dig ourselves into an urban mess: Transportation is a chaos. Travelling is a nightmare. Khals vanish, and roads turn to khals. Public space is non-existent. Housing is in disarray.

  • Compromising freedom of assembly

    The state of Bangladesh appears to be clamping down on its active citizens. Almost every month, we are coming across reports of police excesses against protesting students...

  • Take the SC's comments to heart

    We hope that instead of a knee-jerk reaction, the present ruling leadership will see the merit of the criticisms made and do their own homework so that all the vital organs of our constitution can work together and establish a functional state under law.

  • What is really killing the children of Tripura Para?

    Forgotten by healthcare workers for seven years, 10 children in Sitakunda died from a disease that takes a single shot to prevent.

  • The never-ending misery

    Shahana Begum was cooking for her family standing knee-deep in water at the kitchen of her house. The house in Adarsha Nagor of DND area has been inundated for over a month. Only the beds, raised two feet by bricks under its legs are dry. But after last week's heavy rains, the beds are only a few inches above the water level.

  • Suicide and irresponsible speech

    In the aftermath of someone's suicide it is inevitable that those left behind will comment.

  • News Analysis: Defaming the defamation law

    The defamation case filed against the Barguna UNO, though finally withdrawn by the complainant, has become the latest example of using the defamation law as a weapon to muzzle dissenting voices and criticism.

  • Extrajudicial Killing: Sordid admission, cryptic apology

    "There were quite a few cadres (armed goons) and hoodlums in Savar. Now the situation is still as water. No one dares to utter a word. I have put five persons to cross fire and have prepared the list of another 14."

  • The bus is indeed moving backwards

    A Facebook post shared by a man named Rushad Faridi caught my eye recently. He shared an article with an intriguing title, which he had written for Prothom Alo. But it wasn't the article that grabbed everyone's attention at first. It was the fact that Faridi, a professor in the economics department at Dhaka University, was placed on forced leave less than a week after the article was published on July 7.

  • Mayhem for money

    If you google Bangladesh Chhatra League, you will find numerous awful images of incidents involving the pro-Awami League student body. Google can aggregate those pictures as they were published in various sites, including that of news outlets. Such incidents have resulted in, according to media reports, over 125 deaths in the last eight years with the latest casualty being a BCL activist in Sylhet yesterday.

  • Final decision on Sundarbans tomorrow

    The ongoing World Heritage Committee (WHC) meeting in Krakow, Poland is reviewing the state of conservation of the Sundarbans, a world heritage site.

  • City stung by chikungunya

    As many as 566 people in the capital have been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne chikungunya disease, according to findings by the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research which conducted laboratory tests on patients from mid-April till the first week of July.

  • No headway in hiring boiler inspectors

    The government has apparently been negligent in recruiting people to inspect boilers at several thousand factories

  • Removal of SC Judges: Power not with JS

    The Jatiya Sangsad no longer has the power to remove Supreme Court judges for incapacity or misconduct as the government has finally lost the legal battle to defend the controversial 16th constitutional amendment that restored this authority of parliament.

  • Consoled by the Brahmaputra

    We left my mother's place early to finish packing. Driving through Gulshan Road 75, punctuated by irregular lights and leafy tall trees, we reached home after 8:00pm. I lay down with a headache. Minutes later, came the sound of firecrackers. An hour later came the SMS: "Holey Artisan Bakery is under siege; situation is NOT UNDER CONTROL."

  • Nobody to blame for the landslides

    As the landslides wreaked havoc over Chittagong division in the last two weeks, there was one thing that everyone was at a consensus about – this was a man-made disaster.

  • Digital repression in Digital Bangladesh

    The number of cases filed under section 57 of the ICT Act seems to be on the rise. This year has already seen more than 260 cases.

  • 'Unnoyoner' budget

    Understanding the budget during the era of development.

  • Rampal Power Plant: Myths debunked

    The critics of Rampal include environmentalists, scientists and experts. Yet, the defence for the power plant has remained the same. But, under scrutiny, how do these claims, meant to relieve us of our fears about the potential risks of the power plant, hold?


    Every afternoon, Saiful Islam walks at a leisurely pace and stops in front of each street vendor. Without a word, vendor hands him Tk 100 or more.

  • Six-year-old human hauler attendant!

    A photograph of a young boy hanging on to a human hauler he works as an attendant of, published on the front page of this newspaper on Wednesday, shows perfectly the unfortunate plight of millions of children in our country.

  • Only yes means yes

    As we try to make sense of consent, we have to recognise that consent is a nuanced issue. We have to unlearn what the media and mainstream entertainment have taught us about rape—that it has to be violent and involve physical coercion for it to be rape. We cannot underestimate the power of coercive control, or manipulation.

  • Fourth Anniversary Of The Rana Plaza Collapse: Where do we stand?

    The Daily Star talks to three experts - a researcher, a labour activist and a development professional - about the progress Bangladesh has made and the challenges it still faces.

  • Living with the ghost of Rana Plaza

    People tell her she is lucky to be alive, to have escaped the “clutches of death”. They tell her to “count her blessings” for making it out of the rubble that was once Rana Plaza, with her limbs intact. They remind her of all those who didn't share her fate.

  • Nababarsha in a different tenor

    Preparations for the Bengali New Year festivities are in full swing. The shops are abuzz with patrons looking for red and white attire...