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  • Businessman Aniruddha Kumar Roy

    Aniruddha returns

    Aniruddha Roy, a businessman who went missing nearly three months ago has returned home. However, it would help everyone to know the identity of his 'benefactors' who took the trouble of dropping him home in the very early hours of the morning.


    Decay of Hatirjheel project

    For several years now, the Hatirjheel project has been slowly declining in character from what was considered a classic example of environmental restoration to another urban wasteland.

  • Getting close to USD 1 billion export target

    Bangladeshi software developers are turning out to be quite adept at providing ICT-related services to cater to the growing export

  • Intra-party rivalry and people's woes

    Sometimes certain human activities defy logic, but dumping garbage on the street by one faction of a political party to foil the

  • UNGA resolution on Rohingya crisis

    It was long overdue, but we welcome the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, which condemned the military operations in Myanmar's Rakhine state against the Rohingya minority community.

  • No one felled the trees!

    Plundering trees from public farm

    It is alarming that a public authority is least bothered about protecting a vast forest farm it owns in Rajshahi and equally hesitant to punish those who are destroying it, in spite of the well-known fact that thousands of trees from the farm have been plundered illegally.

  • US position on Rohingya crisis

    The US Secretary of State's comment that whatever is happening to the Rohingyas in Myanmar is not “ethnic cleansing,” despite mounting evidence to the contrary, is surprising.

  • Food assistance for poor hampered

    This year, the ultra poor are going to have a hard time. The many safety net programmes that involve low-cost food distribution are in a state of doldrums for a number of reasons. First, we suffered devastating floods.

  • Low-speed vehicles on highways

    Sadly, it seems that we have readily resigned to the fact that the highways in the country are used for all the wrong purposes.

  • NCTB – a den of mismanagement

    Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), the graft watchdog, has done a study on the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NTCB) and had some damning things to say about the board.

  • Another fresh Rohingya exodus?

    The fact that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) failed to pass a resolution and handed out merely a statement condemning atrocities committed against the Rohingya people has apparently emboldened the Myanmar security forces.

  • Revision of DAP

    It is good news that the government is drawing up a 20-year plan from 2016 to 2035 for a “planned Dhaka city” after it failed to implement the current detailed area plan (DAP) in the face of opposition from realtors and influential people.

  • Poisoning of Uttara Lake a devilish propensity

    Matters like food security, wildlife preservation and conservation, marine conservation, etc., fall low on our priority list.

  • Influentials behind Thakurpara violence

    We cannot help but ask: Is this what our imams are supposed to do, spread bigotry and instigate violence on helpless people?

  • CJ's resignation

    This is the first time that a Chief Justice has tendered his resignation. That we feel is the most honourable course for him to take since he was left with no other option. But the antecedents to his departure have indeed left a bad taste in the mouth.

  • Myanmar's Rohingya policy damaging Bangladesh

    It is estimated by a leading think tank that Bangladesh would need Tk 7,126 crore to provide food, shelter and other support to the Rohingyas until June next year.

  • Comments of IGP!

    The Inspector General of Police's comments on November 10 about abductions and enforced disappearances leave us at a loss for words.

  • rangpur mahyem

    Mayhem in Rangpur

    We vehemently condemn the shameful attacks committed on the innocent Hindu villagers of Horkoli Thakurpara, Rangpur. The latest incident reminds us of the similar synchronised events that occurred in Ramu and Nasirnagar.

  • Oral saline factory fails to start

    We find it ironic that the ministry of health has not made any move to preserve either the building or the fixtures over this period of time and the structure has started to decay due to neglect.

  • Most of city's human waste untreated

    We are shocked to know from a report in this paper that 80 percent of Dhaka city's human waste goes directly into its water bodies, leaving the water contaminated and untreatable.

  • Rohingya refugees

    Repatriation of Rohingyas

    The communiqué issued by Aung San Suu Kyi in response to a UN Security Council statement is disappointing. It is yet another reminder that Myanmar's government is looking for excuses to delay the resolution of the crisis.

  • Teacher's disappearance

    The recent disappearance of a university teacher and the circumstances under which it occurred have once again thrust into the limelight the administration's inability to provide security to the citizens.

  • Chhatra League on the rampage, again!

    Asuspended faction of Chittagong University Bangladesh Chhatra League (CUBCL) went on the rampage and

  • Deaths at stone quarry

    On Tuesday, a quarry labourer died along with five children when he went to the Lovachhara river in Sylhet's Kanaighat

  • UN statement on Rohingyas

    The UN Security Council has once again dropped plans, in the face of likely Chinese veto, to adopt a resolution demanding an end to the violence against the Rohingyas.

  • Clash amongst DU teachers

    The recent incident of assault that took place at a meeting of a group of teachers at Dhaka University does not befit their profession.

  • Grave hazards

    With so many issues that dominate news headlines, the daily hazard that is caused by mismanagement of hospital waste is an issue that is often swept under the rug.

  • A year into the eviction of Gaibandha Santals

    On November 6, 2016, police opened fire on the Santal community in Gaibandha. Three Santal men were killed, and many more injured in the wake of an eviction operation to drive out the community from the Sahebganj-Bagda sugarcane farm land.

  • Upcoming mayoral elections

    The upcoming mayoral polls in six important city corporations will be the first major test for the current Election Commission (EC). Historically, our record of holding polls unmarred by dissension and violence has been poor resulting in the sapping of public confidence in our democratic system and institutions.

  • Aung San Suu Kyi

    Yes, responsibility lies with Myanmar

    What we heard from the acting US assistant secretary of state was the restatement of the obvious.