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  • Penetrative Tales on Social Aberrations

    As far as the history of modern Bengali literature is concerned, references to Abul Mansur Ahmed's name come up as an inevitable

  • Men-Women Relationship in Nineteenth Century Bengal

    The story begins like this. Dr. Bilkis Rahman read the autobiography of noted author Mir Mosharraf Hossain and discovered a rosy

  • Of Paths and Walkers

    “WHAT is great in the realm of art might not be equally acceptable in the realm of morality; similarly what morality finds laudable

  • New Books

    Payraband kahini is a book of Puthi Sahitto (a special genre of literature written in a mixed vocabulary drawn from Bangla, Arabic,

  • Poisoned Wells: A Tender Tale of Love and Death

    when the well is dry,we learn the worth of water”—Benjamin Franklin

  • Search for Self

    Jhumpa Lahiri, a well-known voice of diasporic literature and very popular among the contemporary writers of world

  • Aphorisms of Humayun Azad

    Aphorisms of Humayun Azad is the translation of Humayun Azad's groundbreaking book Prabachanguchchha. The

  • Where fact and fiction interact

    When fact meets fiction regarding a person, or place, or event in one story, the line between the two usually gets blurred, and, more often than not, it becomes difficult to ascertain when and where fact segues into fiction, and vice versa.

  • Tumi Bristimoyee

    Tumi Bristimoyee is a romantic novel by Shahalam Saju (Journalist and writer).

  • Hitting at our society's missing rectitude

    Most of us in our apparently tranquil society are driven by an overriding middle-classism: complacent inside personal existence with an all-going-awesome mindset.