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  • Fairy Tales

    “and mother... Why tell me the story of a tiger,

  • Poetry

    From dawn's early luster to unfulfilled dusk hours

  • Anger and Ressentiment in Our Common Present

    The fast moving changes in the world in the past few years have forced us into deep introspection and sparked anxiety about the

  • Patrick Modiano's So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborho

    So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood is Patrick Modiano's first publication since 2014 when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in

  • Poetry

    Carts. Midnight. Crossing.

  • From The Pain of a Hollow Man (Rikter Bedan)

    Oh, Lord! Is this your way of freeing me from the possible entanglement of relationships? I pondered and wondered; my eyes filled with tears. The joy of such freedom is full of intense pain too.

  • Ocean of Sorrow

    When I picked up Ocean of Sorrow, I didn't know what to expect. My father had bought the book from Bangla Academy in our recent trip to Dhaka.

  • Longlist Announced For The Dsc Prize For South Asian Literature 2017

    The much anticipated longlist for the US $25,000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2017 was announced today by eminent feminist writer and publisher Ritu Menon, who is the chair of the jury panel for the distinguished prize.

  • On Art and the Artiste –

    Twenty years ago—back in 1997—I was a first-year undergraduate studying English literature at the University of Dhaka when

  • Sparring with Spirits!

    Poetry can be defined in a thousand ways, and yet its essence will continue to elude us. A poem might be someone's imagination