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  • Our Lifeline
    Our Lifeline

    Professor Anwarul Karim, a noted educationist and researcher, is...

  • Migrant Souls
    Migrant Souls

    Untold Stories of Migrants: Dreams & Realities is a book of...


    ON a work trip to Kabul in 2008 I was meeting the only friend I had...

  • Preludes to an avalanche of anger

    Perhaps, as a writer, Mahbub Aziz is a helpless lonely person, like many out there, in the face of the incurable human injustices around us.

  • Strumming nostalgia!

    SOMEONE once said: people who listen to music fervently, retain a sense of innocence in them till death. The proof is right here in

  • Bangajayi

    Bangajayi is a book of poetry by Md Shazzad Hossain, a textile engineer by profession.

  • Je Ful Kotha Koy o Banglar Lokajosahitto

    Je Ful Kotha Koy o Banglar Lokojo sahitto, is a collection of folklores compiled by Lutfun Naher Anam. This book consists of two parts -

  • Job-Makers in the making


  • In the face of death

    The Plague, a philosophical novel, written by Albert Camus is considered one of the greatest novels of 20th century. Camus was an

  • charlotte-bronte-jane-eyre

    A girl's passage from tears to happiness

    JANE Eyre is one of the finest novels by the English fictionist Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855). This novel tells us the story of an orphan

  • New Books

    Akshata Ayna

  • Penetrative Tales on Social Aberrations

    As far as the history of modern Bengali literature is concerned, references to Abul Mansur Ahmed's name come up as an inevitable

  • Men-Women Relationship in Nineteenth Century Bengal

    The story begins like this. Dr. Bilkis Rahman read the autobiography of noted author Mir Mosharraf Hossain and discovered a rosy

  • Of Paths and Walkers

    “WHAT is great in the realm of art might not be equally acceptable in the realm of morality; similarly what morality finds laudable

  • New Books

    Payraband kahini is a book of Puthi Sahitto (a special genre of literature written in a mixed vocabulary drawn from Bangla, Arabic,

  • Poisoned Wells: A Tender Tale of Love and Death

    when the well is dry,we learn the worth of water”—Benjamin Franklin

  • Search for Self

    Jhumpa Lahiri, a well-known voice of diasporic literature and very popular among the contemporary writers of world

  • Aphorisms of Humayun Azad

    Aphorisms of Humayun Azad is the translation of Humayun Azad's groundbreaking book Prabachanguchchha. The

  • Where fact and fiction interact

    When fact meets fiction regarding a person, or place, or event in one story, the line between the two usually gets blurred, and, more often than not, it becomes difficult to ascertain when and where fact segues into fiction, and vice versa.

  • Tumi Bristimoyee

    Tumi Bristimoyee is a romantic novel by Shahalam Saju (Journalist and writer).

  • Hitting at our society's missing rectitude

    Most of us in our apparently tranquil society are driven by an overriding middle-classism: complacent inside personal existence with an all-going-awesome mindset.

  • Ornament of Human Race

    Manob Bongsher Alonker (Ornament of Human Race: A Long Poem) is a book of poetry by Dr. Mahfuz Parvez and it is published by Balaka Publication.

  • Seeing femme fatale with a humane lens

    Paulo Coelho's latest bestseller 'The Spy' is different from his characteristic genre of spiritual quests and journeys. In a sense, 'The Spy' is the story of a woman's journey, but more than that, it is the story of legendary Mata Hari retold as "history told from below", by a woman with a feminist voice.

  • A poem annotated by the poet

    Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian novelist and poet,is known around the world for his novel “Lolita”, the story of a sordid affair between a middle-aged college professor and a 14 year old nymphet.

  • Passion for Bengali, admiration for a father!

    Acollection of essays where a son recollects the impact of his father on his life, thought, ideology and vision in life – Megh o Babar Kichu Kotha may appear to be just that at a cursory look.

  • “Dirghosthayee Soksova”

    “Dirghosthayee Soksova” is a book of poetry of Emran Mahfuz (Journalist, writer and researcher), published by Oitijjhya Publication.

  • An engrossing perspective on the Chittagong Hill Tracts

    Almost as soon as Bangladesh emerged as a sovereign independent country, a protracted armed struggle began in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), based on, in Tamina H. Chowdhury's construct, “the claim that the hill people of the Tracts were ethnically distinct from the majority 'Bengali' population of Bangladesh, and therefore needed special protection to preserve their traditions and customs.”

  • Boimela Picks: 'When Money Stops Talking and Starts Working!'

    Getting back to consciousness after three days in a hospital in New York, multimillionaire Delwar Hossain looks for his son Tanjil with a mysterious smile on his face. As Tanjil enters the cabin, he knows right away that there is something behind that smile.

  • Boimela Picks: 'A Study Tour through the Life of a Middleclass Boy.'

    Being a poet myself, I know how difficult it is to fit an entire story in a few words and two lines. Not only did Kingkor Ehsan do exactly that in the novel, but also created the poems, broke them into pieces and turned them to stories again.

  • Journey on the trail of love

    Tazrian is a young writer endowed with the gift of imagination. She has revealed her creativity and adeptness in writing short stories that surely will make readers discern her distinctive style.

  • Avimani Tomar Daknam

    Avimani Tomar Daknam is a book of poetry written by Sajeeb Shahriar and published by Sabda Sailee.

  • Women of the World: The Rise of the Female Diplomat

    Women of the World tells this story of personal and professional struggle against the dramatic backdrop of war, super-power rivalry and global transformation over the last century and a half.

  • Romance, togetherness and parting

    Shamim Ahmed's previously published books of poems are Ek Fota Brishti Hotey Jodi (Shuddhashar), Je Prohor Kuashar Kachhe Rini (Shuddhashar) and Nimishei Nishiddho Tumi (Chaitanya. One can get these books by placing order with