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  • Scientific Outlook in Education for Social Progress

    Literature is full of delicate perceptions that help fill up voids existing in our minds. Its purpose is more than pleasure; it promotes

  • 1971: A New Horizon in History

    “I could hear the incredible voice of Sheikh Muzibur Rahman, 'Make your homes forts. Fight with whatever comes handy. Our struggle will

  • If Only Job Charnock Knew!

    If only Job Charnock was prescient enough to know that some three hundred years after his death a thriller would be written based on

  • Unprincess Manjula Padmanabhan

    Manjula Padmanabhan's Unprincess is as feisty as its back cover suggests it to be. This petit book is a collection of three short stories,

  • Karagarer Rojnamcha: A Jail Diary with a Difference

    Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's entire life bears testimony to his lasting love and passion for Bangladesh and Bengalis.

  • Still Young at Heart and Eloquent

    At 80, which he reached on May 19, Hasnat Abdul Hye can look back, and certainly feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and joy for a productive life, where he has not only been a leading bureaucrat of the country, but also a prolific author of distinction.

  • Portraits of Bengali Life in a Bygone Era

    Light, heavy, or both? History offers the reader a choice among all three, or a combination of them.

  • Aphorisms of Humayun Azad

    Mohammad Shafiqul Islam's book of translation, Aphorisms of Humayun Azad appears to be almost as pithy and barbed as the famous

  • Islam in Performance: Contemporary Plays from South Asia

    As its title suggests, this is a collection of plays from South Asia which deal with the social and political performance of Islam in the

  • Their Lives Written with Blood

    Published as early as 1978, Rizia Rahman's Rokter Okshor is an acclaimed fictionalization of prostitution in post-Liberation War

  • Weaved through history

    Publisher: Picador Publications Date of Publication: July 2016. Price: 6.99 GBP

  • The Power of Humour

    Fun, pun, humor and satire are what characterize most of Syed Manzoorul Islam's works and his newly published Bichitra Swader Galpa(2017)ceases to be an exception.

  • Our Lifeline

    Professor Anwarul Karim, a noted educationist and researcher, is best known to the people within and outside the country as a very

  • Extreme Food - What to Eat When Your Life Depends on it...

    "There's no getting away from it; i've eaten some pretty extreme things in my time - live tarantulas, raw goat testicles, elephant dung,

  • Times Food Guide Kolkata 2014

    The Times of India Guides are targeted at both Local Residents, and Domestic and International Tourists.

  • Migrant Souls

    Untold Stories of Migrants: Dreams & Realities is a book of immense contemporary relevance. The theme of the book—the experience

  • A tour de force

    The success of a novelist lies in unfolding the complexities and different hues of our lives. Hansdsa Sowvendra Shekhar seems to be

  • Kathmandu

    One of the greatest cities of the Himalaya, Kathmandu, Nepal, is a unique blend of thousand-year-old cultural practices and accelerated urban development. In this book, Thomas Bell recounts his experiences from his many years in the city—exploring in the process the rich history of Kathmandu and its many instances of self-reinvention.


    ON a work trip to Kabul in 2008 I was meeting the only friend I had who lived in the city.

  • Preludes to an avalanche of anger

    Perhaps, as a writer, Mahbub Aziz is a helpless lonely person, like many out there, in the face of the incurable human injustices around us.

  • Strumming nostalgia!

    SOMEONE once said: people who listen to music fervently, retain a sense of innocence in them till death. The proof is right here in

  • Bangajayi

    Bangajayi is a book of poetry by Md Shazzad Hossain, a textile engineer by profession.

  • Je Ful Kotha Koy o Banglar Lokajosahitto

    Je Ful Kotha Koy o Banglar Lokojo sahitto, is a collection of folklores compiled by Lutfun Naher Anam. This book consists of two parts -

  • Job-Makers in the making


  • In the face of death

    The Plague, a philosophical novel, written by Albert Camus is considered one of the greatest novels of 20th century. Camus was an

  • charlotte-bronte-jane-eyre

    A girl's passage from tears to happiness

    JANE Eyre is one of the finest novels by the English fictionist Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855). This novel tells us the story of an orphan

  • New Books

    Akshata Ayna

  • Penetrative Tales on Social Aberrations

    As far as the history of modern Bengali literature is concerned, references to Abul Mansur Ahmed's name come up as an inevitable

  • Men-Women Relationship in Nineteenth Century Bengal

    The story begins like this. Dr. Bilkis Rahman read the autobiography of noted author Mir Mosharraf Hossain and discovered a rosy

  • Of Paths and Walkers

    “WHAT is great in the realm of art might not be equally acceptable in the realm of morality; similarly what morality finds laudable