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  • City of Magic

    Risking his life Shakfat looked down at the street below him. It was a solid mass of cars, buses, giants, autorickshaws and a petni's bot gachh fitted with wheels.
  • Everything you don't know is a lie

    Using the powers of malicious stupidity you can avoid all of these confusing, upsetting thoughts and events that force you to criticise and develop yourself. All you have to do is convince yourself that everything that challenges your views is a lie.
  • What robots tell us about ourselves

    When writing about robots, it's almost a reflex to begin by referring to them as an enduring science fiction trope – momentarily
  • Zen and the Art of Kung Fu Angels

    "Pree Ashma. Yis-Asram, the Blooded One. Yis-Prama, Hansa and Prat Pavam, who temper my heart. Yisun Atru Vyam. Forgive me for this violence I am about to inflict.”

    If you're anything like me – alive and on social media – you've seen your fair share of people dissatisfied with modern life and the people who live it.