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  • Zoheb Mashiur

  • Dunkirk isn't just a “war film”. It's great cinema.

    Dunkirk is a brilliant film about war, though it is not a “war film” in the traditional sense of the term. War movies are often for rah-rah patriots, but the Battle of Dunkirk was not a victory or a glorious last stand. It was a retreat.
  • Shepherd

    In the midst of storm, I have prayed to the Salt to calm his waters.
  • A mansion has many rooms…and stories

    What Remains of Edith Finch is a game by Giant Sparrow about what death does to a family.
  • Suicide and irresponsible speech

    In the aftermath of someone's suicide it is inevitable that those left behind will comment.
  • City of Magic

    Risking his life Shakfat looked down at the street below him. It was a solid mass of cars, buses, giants, autorickshaws and a petni's bot gachh fitted with wheels.