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  • Zahrah Haider

  • For crying out loud

    We all know that noise pollution is part of living in a metropolitan city.
  • What is the worth of an immigrant?

    But "immigrant" now feels like a dirty word, as if it is associated with all the wickedness in the world; as though they bring nothing else to the table.
  • It's time to talk about privilege

    Yes, the unequi-vocal consensus is that as far as privilege in the societal sphere goes, being white, or part of a majority, firmly positions a person at the top of the ladder.
  • Cultures, not costumes

    Its Halloween! October truly is the best month of the year to play dress-up and have fun. However, as we become more aware of social justice, it is important to know where to draw the line between simply wearing a costume, and appropriating a culture.
  • Call-out culture: doing more harm than good?

    It's no surprise that vigilantism has found its way onto the Internet, namely social media. There's an argument to be made that sometimes it does help to take matters into our own hands, for example when dealing with a problematic individual...