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  • Taqbir Huda

    The writer is a trainee-advocate at Chancery Chambers in Bangladesh and a legal volunteer at the Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights (BSEHR - Manabadhikar).

  • Why is marital rape still legal in Bangladesh?

    We need to acknowledge that the reluctance in our country to criminalise marital rape is rooted in the medieval notion that upon signing the marriage contract, a wife perpetually and irrevocably consents to sexual intercourse with her husband whenever he so demands.
  • Why child domestic workers are prime victims

    The photo of a battered young maid with black eyes swollen to the extreme shook the conscience of those who saw it circulating on social media the past week (“Tortured domestic help moved to Dhaka CMH”, The Daily Star, July 4, 2017). The child was identified as 11-year-old Sabina Akhter from Tangail district, who was working as a maid in an army officer's house for the last six months in the capital's Mirpur DOHS area.
  • Why victim-blaming must end

    If the recent Banani rape case has brought anything to light, it is that a sizable portion of our population suffers from a severe victim-
  • The problem with the Child Marriage Act

    Child marriage law in Bangladesh has recently come under wide scrutiny from national and international human rights activists and organisations.
  • Birangonas: The liberators left unliberated

    Even though Jatio Muktijuddha Council promises that “all the Birangonas will be recognised in due course of time,'' the fact remains that most of them have already died and those who are still alive may not live to see it, given the state of bureaucracy.