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  • No More Back Pain

    Most of us spend hours at the office, sitting on a chair (that is perhaps not ergonomically designed), with our necks bent towards a
  • Of mindfulness

    The greatest present you can give is your presence!
  • The healthy and holy detox — Yoga during Ramadan

    It is a month of introspection, devotion and self-discipline. Comprising 30 days of abstinence, during Ramadan, it is important to keep your mind and body strong.
  • A new age lifestyle for health and happiness

    In the frenetic modern world, ingesting toxic air pollution, preservative-loaded food and the pressures of earning a living, now more than ever we need to draw on ancient wisdom to find a balance that nurtures health and happiness.
  • Sonic salutations to the sun

    Surya Namaskar has many benefits. Here are a few: weight loss, better blood circulation, strengthening of muscles and joints, improved flexibility and toning, improved digestion and respiration, improved sleep, reduced depression and anxiety, regularised menstrual cycle, reduced blood sugar level, detoxification of the body and calming of the mind.