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  • Shahrukh Ikhtear

  • The social impact of technology

    Those of us who have been keeping up with the tech scene in major countries like USA, know the frustration associated with the snail-pace at which our country adopts technology.
  • E-commerce Market in Bangladesh

    E-commerce: Is it truly safe?

    With the advent of fast internet connections in our country, the e-commerce sector has boomed. Every day, a huge number of transactions occur as businesses conduct their operations without even meeting their clients face to face. But is this method of conducting business truly safe and secured?
  • Marketing for the Future

    Among the many functions of business, marketing hosts the most misconceptions. Many business students assume that to be good at marketing, one needs to have creative acumen
  • Why you should play Monster Hunter: World

    If you're looking for some of the best emergent gameplay to be experienced on home consoles (as of writing this article), then look no further than Monster Hunter: World (MH:W). Still not convinced?
  • The Prestigious Legacy of Battle of Minds

    Battle of Minds (BOM) is a yearly event organised by BATB aiming to find potential recruits from a large pool of fresh graduates