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  • Microsoft: New console, not enough games

    The past few years saw Microsoft trying their very best to head into the lead in the console wars against Playstation and Nintendo.
  • E3 Hardware Round-Up

    While the nomenclature of the 8th generation of Xbox consoles is a joke, the Xbox One X is most definitely nothing to
  • NFS: Payback Wish List

    The reveal trailer for Need for Speed: Payback dropped about two weeks ago and honestly, I am not impressed.
  • Upcoming E-sports Titles In Bangladesh

    The latest instalment in the cult-favourite Rainbow Six series returned as a shooter geared towards making splashes
  • Dark Souls on Steroids

    I never gave enough credit to Nioh. I merely relegated to the status of being a mere Dark Souls clone like the abysmal Ashes of the Fallen. When I got around to trying it, I was blown away.