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  • Shah Husain Imam

    Columnist, The Daily Star

  • If not Myanmar's, whose responsibility is it?

    Aung San Suu Kyi's opting out of the UN General Assembly session is a reflection of the same hiding syndrome that made the Rakhine state out of bounds for UN staff, aid agencies and the media for a long while.
  • Is there any end to the plight of Rohingyas?

    We think, the Indian prime minister has lost an opportunity to play an honest broker here. Given the prestige India enjoys with the Myanmar establishment—Suu Kyi saying “Myanmar looked up to India for (guidance) and support”—and Bangladesh's close ties with India, a process of engagement could be initiated by Modi.
  • Watch out for the Tigers!

    Bangladesh has done well for itself and world cricket by winning against Australia. Well, how it is emerging as a force of good for world cricket keeps you mulling over!
  • Rumble of a distant thunder?

    How much do the words of Winston Churchill, addressed to the former Soviet Union, ring out through the mists of the time of the Cold War: “Jaw-jaw is better than war-war.” The words of wisdom and statesmanship from a Second World War veteran are infinitely more relevant today in an age of nuclear proliferation, placing the button of annihilation at the hand of a desperado.
  • Kim Jong-un's methods in his madness

    A former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement to Hitler couldn't stop the Second World War from happening. This infamous reference point is raked up by the free rein the North Korea's predictably unpredictable leader Kim Jong-un has had, according to some analysts. Whether this is a bad or good analogy only time will reveal; and we needn't wait too long to find that out.