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  • Shagufe Hossain

    The writer is the founder of Leaping Boundaries and a graduate student at McGill University.

  • The lost purpose of education

    The University of Dhaka has long prided itself as the premier educational institution of our country. Since its establishment in 1921, it has come to be known as the oldest modern university in Bangladesh, making significant intellectual contributions to the country providing education to over 30,000 students.
  • Insanely Stuck: How do traffic jams affect our state of mind?

    My five-year-old niece and I were practising drawing. She drew a sun and a moon and extended the rays of the sun a little further than necessary. I asked her what the rays were falling on and she drew a street.
  • A reality far from poetic

    There is something very beautiful about being in transition, being stuck in between. Whether it's in transit at an airport, a city that's somewhere between the east and the west, dawn or dusk, when the day is either deciding on a beginning or an end, or a woman in her adolescence, on the journey to transforming into a woman from a child.
  • Bodies as battlegrounds

    The goal in genocidal rape is not simply to hurt people or to have sex. The goal is Group Destruction. Sexual violence is not simply an auxiliary tool employed to advance this goal, but given the nature of rape and sexual torture, it is the ultimate weapon.
  • Humanitarian aid must be planned better

    “I am at Balukhali camp in Ukhia, the situation is far, far worse than what I have seen on the media, I just talked to a woman who is 9 months pregnant, no idea where her husband is, had not one thing to eat today."