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    The writer is Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development at the Independent University, Bangladesh. Email:

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    Loss and damage from climate change

    The recent succession of hurricanes in the Caribbean and floods in South Asia have taken the world over the tipping point in acknowledging that human induced climate change is not only real but is happening already.
  • Trump's flip-flop on climate change

    While he was still running to become President, Trump Tweeted that climate change was a Chinese hoax. Then after he was elected there was speculation that he might change his mind. This became especially acute when his daughter Ivanka held a high profile meeting with former Vice President Al Gore in which Trump also dropped in.
  • Equity, justice, fairness and climate change

    The principles of equity, justice and fairness are fundamental to understanding and addressing the challenges of global climate
  • Floods in South Asia and US: Is climate change the link?

    The bottom line seems to be that we have already entered the era of the anthropocene, in which, human activities have cumulatively resulted in changing global weather patterns as well other global phenomenon such forest fires and sea level rise.
  • Profiting from adaptation to climate change

    The private sector around the world is already making profits by delivering renewable energy which is fast becoming cost-competitive compared to fossil fuels.