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  • Saleemul Huq

    The writer is Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development at the Independent University, Bangladesh. Email:

  • Tackling the environmental challenges in Cox's Bazar

    Having just returned from a scoping mission to Cox's Bazar to see the environmental situation both inside and outside the Rohingya camps, I am going
  • How financing to tackle climate change can be mobilised

    At the recently concluded two-day international conference on climate finance in Dhaka, about a hundred national and 50 international experts, government officials, researchers and private sector representatives shared their experiences and knowledge about raising and spending money to tackle climate change around the world.
  • Looking beyond the horizon

    Bangladesh has a long tradition of preparing national development plans by the General Economics Division (GED) of the Planning Commission primarily through the adoption of five-year plans of which we are currently in the 7th Five Year Plan (7FYP) which runs till 2020.
  • Enhancing knowledge for research-backed policymaking

    Bangladesh plans to graduate out of the Least Developed Country (LDC) status soon. One of major element that is part and parcel of this graduation will be the generation and use of evidence and knowledge.
  • 2018 may be the tipping point for tackling climate change

    As we move into the new year it is perhaps appropriate to reflect on the significant actions and developments that occurred in 2017 in the arena of climate change, both globally and nationally, and do some crystal-ball-gazing into the future.